Magnesium Breakthrough

The Best Magnesium Supplement

You’ve heard about magnesium ad nauseam. Yeah, yeah, it improves sleep (1). We get it, it enhances performance (2). I know, it can lower high blood pressure (3). Most striking, though, a magnesium deficiency has been…

Dorsiflexion for Posture Domination

Your calves do so much for you. Think about how much they bear the brunt of your weight. Are you thinking about how much you’re doing for you?  “It’s not what your calves can do…

Heavy single-leg training

The Case For Single-Leg Training

Kangaroos are fucking cool. I mean, they can stand on their tail. And then kick you. While standing on their tail. Here’s a very cool video of kangaroos  I took this video at Caversham Wildlife…

Workout Recovery: It’s Actually Very Simple.

Yes, your workout is the foundation, but it’s the quality of your recovery process that will determine how quickly (and safely) you’ll reach your goals.