I Want To Be YOUR Trainer—You In?

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A new coaching method, highly anticipated and finally released!

Hey there!

It’s not every weekend I get to have this incredible feeling that I get after working on a project for an extended period of time and reaching the culmination of all one’s efforts.

I know I have been leaking info about a reveal gradually and teasing it ever so subtly (like the big tease I am), but now I am ready to finally pull back the curtain and do my best Steve Jobs impression as I yet again reinvent the fitness client and coach relationship.

Put another way, I want to get you in the best damn shape of your entire damn life, and I want to do it in a way befitting the technological glory that is 2015. Yes, I want to be YOUR trainer. Like, yesterday. 

That’s what I do: I make people look awesome and they look awesome doing it. But I also make people feel awesome and this fully revamped and remodeled coaching program is something to feel awesome about.

This has the potential to change your life, and most certainly my life in fitness for the foreseeable future. That’s why I filmed a near 20 minute video of myself demoing the software for you!

This is me, being you, that will be with me, for you! How about THAT Kung Fu, Keanu?

You can check out the video right here:

I want this to happen for you, and us to do it together in the best and most modern version possible. Which is why I am insanely excited to let you know that I have 50 spots opening in my program starting this week.

It really is nuts how excited I am; seriously, I am just as pumped to work with you (and the other 49 who sign up!) as I was the very first time I offered online coaching over 10 years ago. Back then, I was writing workouts into an AOL email account. These days, I’m uploading coaching documents into custom software that are often over 25 pages long—completely detailing every aspect of training, nutrition, and supplementation you can think of, and even include an extensive video library of all of the exercises you’ll use.

Look at it, it’s really awesome how much the program has grown and changed over the past few years.

But one thing that HASN’T changed is the incredible results my clients get—they make changes in their bodies, minds and lives that you have to see to believe. And I would like to do the same for you.

So, if you’re interested in working with me, one of the top coaches in the world, a New York Times bestselling author, and advisor to just about every company you can think of…WAIT.


Even if you want to work with me right now, I want you to wait a moment—because I want to give you some insight into EXACTLY the kind of changes you can make.

For example, here’s my client Ian. Well, Ian isn’t a client anymore. After he made an incredible transformation (which was included in my book), he became an intern, and is doing great.


Ian Estabrook – #alphastatus in just 4 months.

Ian was an incredible client, and he made incredible progress. In just 16 weeks, Ian lost 18 pounds of fat while gaining 5.5 pounds of muscle. PLUS, he added something like 40 pounds to his squat. (That was a while ago — these days, he’s front squatting more than Ian!)

An as astounding as that sounds, those results ARE typical–my clients make progress like that all the time.

But more importantly, Ian changed every aspect of his life: he’s s doing better in school. His social is way more active—the increased confidence has allowed him to meet new people, bringing new friends and a lot of dates into his life.

In Ian words, “I just feel like the best version of myself.”

That’s pretty awesome, huh?

I have to tell you, the most satisfying thing in the world is helping people take control like that. And that’s why I’m freakin’ amped to work with 20 awesome peeps.

For the ladies, you have some competition if you want to be in the running for “best transformation of all time” – let me introduce you to my client Poli…


Good golly, Ms. Poli. Pretty impressive changes to the boo-tay.

Clients like Poli are always interesting to work with–people who are already in “good” shape but want to get into “great” shape are, counter-intuitively, very often the most doubtful.

You see, with clients who have been actively pursuing a better better are always kind of experiencing that I‘ve tried everything” feeling. And when you feel like you’ve tried everything, it’s not hard to see how you’d be skeptical that a coach could help.

But, if you ARE one of these people, you probably need a coach more than most…so I highly recommend that you try to get into the coaching program.

You see, I LOVE when I get my hands on these people, because I can really work some magic. As you can see from Poli’s pics, she got rid of her love handles, firmed up her tummy (abs even peaking through!) and COMPLETELY changed the look of her posterior.

Seriously–most women have an incredible amount of trouble losing fat in the hips, thighs and butt…until they try the right training and nutritional protocols for their exact body; which is what I provide in my coaching.

It works. It just works. Here’s what Poli had to say about the experience:

“Thank you for helping me create a physique that I didn’t know was even possible to achieve! Especially in such a short amount of time, at my age, with a minimum amount of supplementation and without much complication. Everybody talks about how slimmer look and how beautiful my arms and back look!”

Now, looking at pictures of Ian and Poli, you might be tempted to think that the coaching program works best for “young” people. Well, that is just straight up not true. At all.

In fact, a lot of times, my clients who like to call themselves “old” completely out perform the young bucks!

One of my favorite examples is a guy named Tony. Great guy, great client, great story.

As an early 40th birthday present to himself, Tony signed up for my coaching program, timing it so that he’d finish just before his b-day.

How’d it work out for him?


Tony before, and just halfway through the program…

I would venture to say it went prreeeeettttyyyy well. The dude lost over 20 pounds of pure fat, and cut his body fat in half going from 22% to just under 11%.

As you can see, he basically got a brand new body for his birthday. In fact, at 40, Tony is in the best shape of his entire life. Period.


…aaaand Tony now.
Total change: -28 pounds of fat, +7 pounds of LBM. Word,

Of course, Tony is just one example of my “older” clients who have made phenomenal transformations.  I’ve had guys lose 40 pounds in 6 months, and women lose 28 pounds in just THREE months. Crazy!

And now, I want help you make the kind of crazy transformation that I’ve helped others make.

You see, now that I have some people graduating from the previous coaching program and want to bring in the new with an incredible fanfare, I want to help 50 brand new people achieve the kind of Super Star Status like Ian, Poli, and Tony have achieved.

In fact, not only am I accepting 50 new applicants…I’m also offering a ridiculous incentive.

Basically, I’m giving a steep discount on the price coaching program…in fact, a discount of that adds up to getting FREE MONTH.

Now, those of you who have been subscribers for a while know that I keep a pretty small roster—in fact, I try not to work with more than 25 clients at any given time; but with the added efficiency of streamlining information and removing time sinks I am confident I can work more people into an incredible opportunity.

…which means taking on 50 awesome people to help them with their goals. I’m super excited to take on some new people, because, truly, I can’t think of better ways to spend my time than working with motivated clients who are ready to really get serious and finally get the results they’ve been working for.

Because the coaching program is so time expensive for me, I only want to work with people who are going to put in some time and effort to get what they want, be it a better body, a more fulfilling job, or a better life.

So, I don’t take everyone…just the people who apply quickly—those who take fast and decisive action.

Which is why you can’t just “sign up” — you need to apply.

===> Become A Premier Coaching Client <=== 

You’re applying because you get a lot…being a coaching client means the get you all of the following things:

  • Customized training and nutrition plans (based on the equipment you have, how much time you can devote to training, what you eat)
  • Exclusive and unlimited access to brand new software completely tailored for me and my clients
  • Programs tailored to YOUR body (based on your current weight, body fat, goals, experience)
  • New programs every month, based on previous succeses, making sure you get the most out of every month
  • Constant support from in app chat.

So here’s how it works: after you fill out the application, I’ll get back to you with some more info; if you seem like a good fit for the program made it in, I’ll let you know ASAP. If I’m not able to take you (because of time, or I took on others, or other reasons), I’ll let you know as soon as I’m able, as well.

From there, you fill out my custom assessment form directly into the app–which in turn will build and save your profile! I will use this information to design you a completely individualized program; 100% tailored to you, this program will address EVERY ASPECT of your fitness: your diet, your training, your flexibility…the whole damn package.

Remember, even if you use great programs, the single best way to maximize results is with totally individualized attention and care.

If you’re truly ready to take it to the next level, I’ll be with you every single step of the way to make sure each and every aspect of your fitness program is expressly and specifically designed to accelerate your results beyond what any cookie cutter plan could possibly approach.

Anyway, click any of the links…

like this one ==> click me for awesome stuff (and shenanigans) <== 

…for more info.

Simply follow the link, fill out the application, and (hopefully) by this time next week, you’ll be looking at your brand new, custom designed program.

Okay, that’s all for today. I’m off to design some client programs. Yours could be next.

Oh…and if you’re skeptical that something like coaching can save your life, you need to check out this blog post about how it did just that for my client Julian.

 Let’s do this. 


Have YOU ever worked with with a coach before?

What were your results? Any great (or terrible!) experiences you want to share? 

FORMER RFS CLIENTS: Would love for you to chime in and give some insight about your experiences with the program — AND before you ask, YES, you’ll be able to use the new app as well =)

If we get just 50 COMMENTS on this blog post, I’m going to give away a coaching scholarship to ONE random person who fills out the application before Friday at midnight. That means a FULL ride through the ENTIRE program.



About the Author

John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime. When not doing that, he serves as the Chief Bro King of the Roman Empire and Executive Editor here on RFS. You can read his articles here, and rants on Facebook.

  • Álvaro

    It’s easy. Train with a coach and you: train harder, eat healthier, achieve your target in a shorter period.
    Tanhks form Spain!

  • Good stuff!

  • Christian

    I’ve worked with a strength coach in the college setting. The exercise selection usually is a one size fits all with slight variations due to tested strength levels. Currently I am 21 and relatively new to the weightlifting scene but I have decent strength levels. I want to get into better shape and motivate others by what they see. I’m 5’11” sitting at 84.5 kg. Strength gains for me help with my sport and any gains can push me to further develop myself into a better athlete as well as a better person.

  • Ashok

    In Switzerland most of the coaches I met seems to be oblivious of anything happening in the field of fitness. I once got a chance to workout in an online coaching program, but my bad luck I got my knee injury started obstructing my training.
    I tried fitness training with couple of your books, I gained strength but I have some stubborn fat issues which I think need a coach.
    I always wanted to be trained by star coach Roman, but my student salary budget couldn’t afford it. Thats why I am here applying for free coaching.

  • Jez

    Hi Roman,
    I’ve always had coaches one way or another, either as a competitive athlete or just to keep me on track after my sporting endeavours ceased.
    As a personal trainer myself, I expect programmes to be decent and not cookie cutter, which stand out a mile.
    The best coaches I’ve had monitor and adapt everything based on actual progress. The worst assume progress and ignore feedback.
    I’ve applied for the programme as I’m a long term follower and have never had a coach anything like you (in any way), and I’ve tried a lot of approaches that have moved me forward, but disproportionately to the amount of effort involved.
    So yep, sign me up. The free scholarship would be nice, but I turn 40 in 6 months and could do with looking badass by then.

  • Awesomeness!

  • Brandon

    I’ve never worked one-on-one with a coach but have followed some professionally designed programs. I want to add 10-15 pounds of muscle to my skinny-fat frame.

  • Cameron


    In a few simple pages of the FREE report he gave out, Roman changed the way I thought about dieting and losing fat.

    * No Breakfast

    * Low Meal Frequency

    * Manipulating hormones instead of straight calorie counting.

    I did coaching with Joel Marion, and although I did lose some weight, it was a miserable experience until I instituted Roman’s stuff.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Joel at all. I was half assing his program. I wasn’t really ready for his coaching. But once I started skipping breakfast, eating only 3 meals a day, and doing a once a week 36 hour fast, sticking to my eating plan became easy peasy.

    Then, when I started doing Roman’s Density Workouts on Cheat Days, I started kicking plateaus in the ass.

    But after a while the fat loss grew slower and slower. Eventually plateaus lasted longer and longer.

    This is why I applied for coaching with Roman.

    Just as I got accepted, I had a setback in my health (heart) and had to give training a rest.

    And now that I am back in action, because of huge medical bills, a scholarship is about the only way I am going to be able to work with Roman at this point.

    Ironically, now that working with a coach is pretty much not possible at this time, I have become more dedicated and consistent than ever in my training and nutrition.

    I am at 401 and I have 150 to lose. Whether I get picked for the scholarship or not, my journey continues on. Thanks for the opportunity.


  • Costa

    Hey Roman,
    I have worked previously with Mike Robertson to help sort out my shoulder issues which has worked a treat. He had coached me for 3 months. And of course am now currently working with you! The journey has been tough, especially this last month in particular with travels, yet it is fullfilling. Now that I have returned and slowly getting rid of this jet lag I am putting myself right into it. I have seen great results so far and enjoy this style of training. I am continuingly gaining muscle mass whilst being lean and would like this to continue.
    Let the journey continue…

  • Ryan

    Never worked with a coach before. Had some fantastic training partners in the past but never a true coach. What I would look to get out of the program is to lose over 60 pounds of bodyfat, maintain my muscle and hopefully build some, take back control of my life in terms of self-esteem and confidence and become Alpha

  • biglou

    I never had a coach before and I think it would be great to work with you to build my muscle potential.

  • Caleb Leadingham

    Hi John!
    I’m super pumped to hear about this scholarship opportunity with you!
    I had the awesome opportunity to hire you for two months last when I made some awesome fat loss progress but unfortunately hurt my back outside of the gym and we had to postpone the program. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to buy your Engineering the Alpha book (friggin sweet) and absolutely loved it!
    But now…I want to gain as much size as possible! I was super stoked to see this as one of your “ideal client” goals in your recent email. I understand this is a late request ( by 2 1/2 hours) but I gotta try!

  • Just Ike

    1) I have never worked with a fitness coach. 2) I would like to add lean muscle, especially to my legs and chest. While maintaining and improving flexibility.

  • Janet

    I am really interested! I love your book and I am curious how the program will look for women.
    I had no coaching before and live in a small town in germany where the trainers are far away from the level of coaching you offer!
    My goals are defined muscels, strength and get cut combined with hormonal balance

  • Ádám Sallai

    That’s really cool and i looking forward to get applied

  • Jamie Elliott

    I am working with a personal trainer now and not getting the results I would like. My goals are just loosing the body fat, getting more lean and fit and improved overall health and energy

  • Jamie Elliott

    Im a 54yo woman and I have worked with a trainer for 2 months and not seeing the results I was hoping for. I am wanting to decrease my body fat and have more energy and just overall get more fit. I am determined and dedicated to working hard

  • Jennifer Williams

    I’ve just applied, fingers crossed!

  • tanisdawnevelyn

    Yes, I have worked with a coach before–Jason Ferruggia and Jen Ferruggia for their Bikini Body Workouts test program. I got in unreal shape and couldn’t have been happier. It’s been a few months since it ended and I have not been as strict with myself in the diet arena but am still training hard and am still pretty lean. I found I absolutely love having a coach and would be thrilled to see what direction my body would go in with another coach, especially to put on muscle!! –Tanis Parenteau

  • Andy Young

    I am 31 and in decent shape. I am in phase 3 of engineering the alpha and I love it. I would really like to work with Roman on a more personal level. It would be awesome to get to a level that I never thought possible. I already have with engineering the alpha program but would like to get to the next step with a personalized ass kicking.

  • sam

    I live and work in Japan so I have never had a coach!

  • Christy Pourciau

    Hi Roman,

    Sooo… when I initially came across your coaching opportunity I thought ehhhh what the hell – worth a shot. I will apply and see what happens. Didnt think anything of it but when I read further I thought oh em gee this is exactly what I need.

    I have the discipline. I eat clean 80-90% of the time already but I have a hard time pretending like I know what I’m doing on the machines. And I am deathly afraid of walking in to my expensive gym/resort/meatmarket like I own the place and do something other than cardio.

    If my 5’4, petite frame walked over to what i call the estrogen lacking sausage fest’s side of the gym, EVEN with my 2013 Tough Mudder Finisher tshirt on, they would be mad that I’m taking up “their” weight benches with my puny little dumbbells. And then… they would throw darts at me with just their eyes and when I leave …. club me in the parking lot.

    Or so I imagine it playing out that way.

    So an online coaching opportunity is perfect!! I can get in phenomenal shape with Roman VIRTUALLY behind me every step of the way. SUH-WEET! Tell me what to eat, the workout du jour, supps I may or may not be already taking and I will knock this one out of the park!! BOOMSKI BABY!!

    The closest of I’ve come to having a coach is the “personal trainer” that is so conveniently assigned to you when you agree to sign up at said gym/resort/meat market. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to you, when you sign up you are already paying for her services with your diamond/onyx (what does that even mean anyways?) club membership. So you might as well utilize her ehhhmm ‘professional’ services!!

    So I meet with her the first time and find out she’s 21 years old, doesn’t even know what a kettlebell is after I mentioned that I was interested in learning the moves to use them. To which she replies “its just a fad anyways”. That night she friends me on facebook and says we should hang out some time. Then later she proceeds to post a comment about how tired she is of seeing duck lips on girls on her page. (Mind you, her facebook, I mean bookface, – #urwelcomeRoman – profile picture is a provocative selfie of her sporting duck lips).

    So, the results I’ve gotten are by doing my own research, trying and failing a number of times, restrategizing by figuring out what works for me and tweaking my daily routine as I go.

    Five, long, years later I’m now where I want to be weight wise but now I want the muscular body where I am no longer asked “sooo uhhhh…do you work out?”

    I would love to compete in a figure or bikini competition based on just a vegetarian diet with little supplementation as possible.

    And you, YEAH YOU, you can stop judging right now, cuz NO – I’m not a treehugging ‘save all the animals’ and ‘if only we could have world peace’ and all drive Prius’s to decrease our carbon footprint kind of girl. I just know there’s a demographic out there looking for that kind of thing and I’d be willing to give it a shot.

    P.S. I’m already signed up and already an RFS client as of yesterday so you know my money is where my mouth is. So by picking me for the scholarship you know my commitment is already there.

    So feel free (HINT HINT) and choose me. Oh and don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses cuz I WON’T be here all night…. but they will.

    Cuddles AND snuggles,

  • Casey Knipp

    I recently decided to get back into shape so I could give myself, my children, and my wife the best of me possible. When I started my mission about 7 months ago I was 220 lbs. Thru exercise and eating right I am now down to 180. I have not worked with a professional trainer. I am self motivated and am looking to get into the best shape of my life! Thank you for the opportunity for this scholarship.
    Casey Knipp

  • Matthew

    I’ve worked with a gymnastics coach before, but it has been for skill work, not strength training. My results in that area (gymnastics skills) have been awesome, and if I could get the same kind of results in the area of strength I’d be ecstatic.

  • Christin Jeffers

    1 -I’ve never worked with a coach before. 2- I’m approaching 30 and I want to be in the best shape of my life and put on some serious muscle!

  • Kim

    I have not worked with a coach before unless you consider a TKD instructor a coach. I want to add a lot of muscle back on which should in turn burn off some extra fluff.

  • Heather Rosenberr

    Hello :) I am a female who is looking to lose some fat and add more muscle. I have never worked with a coach before. I am looking for a more tailored program. I work out consistently, but am not seeing the results that I would like. There is so much information out there on what exercises are the best but it is hard to put it all together. Slow state cardio vs HIIT, how long to work out, what to eat before and after…too much info! I would love to have a guide to follow and the support to keep me going! I really hope I get the opportunity to work with you!!

  • Casey Knipp

    I have not had the privilege of working with a professional trainer before but would really like to have the opportunity. I have been married for 18 years now and am the father of two wonderful kids which are very active. Like a lot of others, I have not taken very good care of myself and have gotten very out of shape. I am now on a mission to get into the best shape of my life for myself, my wife and my kids. I refuse to sit on the sidelines of life any longer!

    Casey Knipp

  • Jason Brown

    I’m roughly ~50 to 75 pounds overweight and have been working out 5 days a week for the last year and have made gains in muscle, but in reality I still look fat. I would love to have a personal trainer push me and give me a program that worked for me.

  • I have never had a coach and am excited for the opportunity to work with you. I think I just need some accountability and a swift kick in the ass to get me going. I think you can do that.

  • Faiz Khan

    I worked with Roman for a few months this year, and it was a great experience for me. I saw a lot of changes in my body as well as my mentality towards fitness. After a while I couldn’t keep up with the coaching because of financial trouble, but I would love to get back on the program and keep on progressing towards having the body of my dreams.

  • Taryn Wahl

    I worked with a powerlifting coach for six months and then he moved away. I just started working a very physical construction job and want to gain lots of strength and muscle. I also need help with nutrition because working so much leaves me very tired at the end of the day.

  • Preston

    I’ve never been coached before, but I have been training pretty consistently over the past few years. I’ve never really gotten the results that I’ve wanted, mainly due to getting off tracked, I think it’s because I haven’t had someone there to motivate and support me.

    I’ve been following you now for about 4-5 years now and I’ve always admired your physique, but more importantly your work and you yourself as a person (obviously I don’t know you personally, but I have a good sense of what kind of person you are). I can 100% honestly say you are in my top 3 of favorite fitness related people and it would be a dream come true to be coached by you. I know that I will be able to accomplish my goals with you there guiding me throughout the whole process. I’m more motivated then ever to do whatever it takes to reach my goals. Thanks for the opportunity and hope to hear from you soon!

    (sorry for the double post)

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve sort of worked with a coach before – had some sessions with a personal trainer at the university rec center. He was a big Crossfit dude and had me do those workouts every session. Had fun with them and tried Crossfit at a facility after I used all my sessions with him, but learned that I couldn’t see the results through that program like I wanted. I wasn’t getting much stronger from where I started, hurt a lot more than with typical weight lifting / cardio stuff, and also became fluffy. Dropped the mania and have tried to adopt various other programs with weights and feeling a lot better with some results but need help developing a clear cut plan. I tend to jump around not really knowing what I need to stick with and feeling lost. Which is why I would like help!
    I want to gain muscle, get stronger, lift heavy things and need a way to get there. Personal preference, I don’t want to be a frail thin lady. I want strength, and I’m not afraid to get there.

  • Arthur Hall

    And yes, I have worked with a coach before!^^^

  • ae

    I’ve never truly worked with a coach or established a firm program. I received a 4 day strength program 8 years ago that seems outdated, but still use it every once and a while. I workout fairly often but haven’t really had a direction or tracked progress. I think I just need someone to customize my training and provide a goal-setting direction

  • Arthur Hall

    Goodness, I would love to workout with one of your programs! I am straight out of High School! I have gone from 235 pounds to 195 pounds but now I’m ready to make it look like a solid 195 pounds! Help me out!!!!

  • Kathryn

    I have never worked with a coach 1-on-1, only through non-personalized programs through Ben Pakulski and Eric Cressey, which I had amazing results from just doing their workouts while I did my own nutrition. I would love to have a coach do a personalized plan for me so I don’t have to plan my own and get some additional support!
    I’ve also modified & followed plans when my husband used coaches to prep for bodybuilding competitions. My husband’s first coaches were awful, but now I know what to look for in a coach. The first two coaches destroyed his metabolism and put him in the ICU so I know to look for someone who focuses on the client and not a one-size-fits all approach (because they refuse to see past their own niche). I do my research now and look for information on the coach’s blog and who their circle of professionals are to see if they are passionate and knowledgeable or just take on tons of clients for money or ego.

  • Jeffry Schultz

    Sep 26 2013 9:04AM

    RE: Coaching Spot

    Hi, my name is Jeff, Im 32,185 LBS @ 15%, 5′ 10″. Here my two answers to your questions:

    1) I have worked with a trainer, (Besides the Marine Corps) twice. Once at the YMCA when I first started working out 18 years ago, Once at my last Job with the football trainer for a few weeks.

    2) Three things: 1) Hit the place. That’s the place where my mind is actually calm, and my body is actually strong. My mind has been ravaged by fear for 30 years. Fear has destroyed my ability to focus, to concentrate and to work out slow twitch muscles. I have been working out for 18 years, with very small results. In essence to find masculine confidence somewhere inside of myself. 2) Go through puberty, (seriously, I think I missed that) cause of my mind. 3) For once in my life actually hit 200 LBS, meaning add 15-25 LBS of muscle. (Im 185 LBS @ 15%, 5′ 10″)

    Thanks Man,


  • Rebecca W

    Howdy hot-stuff! I applied with you over the summer (in June — I am the goofball who couldn’t resist salty potatoes, got the flu and pneumonia and broke my toe and therefore didn’t work out for 5 months…not because of the potatoes but the other stuff and I moved to a new town to top it all off)… but I actually could not go forward with the training because it was/is cost-prohibiitive. I would LOVE to have you as my trainer and when I saw that you were offering this I knew I had to check-in with you again! I worked out with a trainer about a year ago for 2 months; 3x a week, but had to stop because life happens and some things came up and I could no longer afford him. I was dedicated, and trained 3x a week with him and 3x a week on my own and made insane progress. In 2 months, I lost 27 pounds and gained a heck of a lot of muscle, so much so that my trainer was stoked because he could see striations in my arms, shoulders and chest! The trouble with my trainer (who I LOVED working out with and just as a person) was that he didn’t really teach me how to train independently; I take blame for not asking…much of what we did needed him as a spotter because we lifted heavy, which I enjoyed. The 3 days that I worked out on my own was all cardio that he assigned me to do which I did religiously. I am a great student and what I really want out of your program is to learn how to train on my own but I also want to get back the muscle that I lost and more, but ultimately I want to achieve the body that I once believed was not attainable, but now know is absolutely possible! I think muscles are like tattoos. Once you have one (or in the case of muscles see them on your body) you want more! Okay, fine…bad analogy. But I will say I am obsessed with having a muscular body! I think one of my favorite things to stare at in the mirror (at the height of my training) were my back muscles! Back muscles are sexy and I want them back! (Okay that was a little lame – but it’s true) If I had the money I would pay to train with you in a hot second, but I am a stay at home mother who homeschool’s (scary thought after looking at my embarrassing grammar) and am on an insanely tight budget, but I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and am dying to have the hot body that I know you can help me obtain! Randomly select me please! :) You will not be disappointed!

  • Laurent Kurtzemann

    Hi John,
    I’m Laurent and I’m french so forgive me if I do language mistakes…
    I’ve never worked with a coach before. I’m interested in the strength base program. I may not be your tipical client since I’m an ultra runner… However, I’ve included weigths in my training for about five years now and it really helped me a lot, particularly to stay injury free. I’ve played with the 5/3/1 program for the last three years, by my own. I had some good results (for an ultra runner) but every year is the same: I really gain strength in the running off season, only to lose it during in-season (generally in summer, when I compete and can’t spend as much time in the gym). While during the last years I raced long ultras (24 hours or more, mainly in the mountains), this year I do not plan to race such long distances. The races I plan do not exceed 13 or 14 hours, and I will do 1 or 2, with one being a bike race. I want to be coached by you because I’m sure you can help me building strength and keeping my gains in the in-season. Since body weight is important for me, I don’t want to gain too much weight. My competition weight is about 83-84kg at 7-8% body fat. (I’m curently 85-86kg for 10-11% I guess). I’m also sure you can help me avoiding overtraining. I’m my own coach for years now and I need a change. I’ve also signed for the Precision Nutrition Certification Program and began studying the course this week.
    So, I think I can be a real challenge for you and I would love to be your student!
    Thanks for your help and interest

  • Jochen

    1) i have never worked with a couch before
    2) i feel pretty good and i guess i look awesome ;) but i want to see what a high level coach could improve and i would love to get stronger while keeping my body weight unchanged (did i mention i already love my look? ;)

    sorry- didn´t want to reply

  • Jochen

    1) i have never worked with a couch before
    2) i feel pretty good and i guess i look awesome ;) but i want to see what a high level coach could improve and i would love to get stronger while keeping my body weight unchanged (did i mention i already love my look? ;)

  • Saurabh Gupta

    From your email–PS I want the scholarship !!

  • A. Shab

    1) I’ve just recently worked with a coach and it was a great decision. Having that accountability and having someone take the guess work out of my program has kept me on track and focused. I’ve never been more dedicated to my health
    and fitness.

    2) I have done several of your workout programs before, such as Final Phase Fat Loss, and love your approach. I’m looking to stay focused on my goal of getting
    in the best shape of my life through this program and adding 10 more pounds of
    muscle over the next year after I cut my body fat down to around 9-10%.

  • Mark Sanchez

    Hey Jon,

    I had heard of you through the Adam Carolla podcast and right after I heard your interview, I bought the audiobook of Engineering the alpha. After 12 weeks of following intermittent fasting, a variation of the work outs mixed with some elements of crossfit and strength training, keeping my diet on point and getting at least 6 hours of sleep, I managed to lose about 44lbs and gain a lot of muscle weight. Not sure how much because I didn’t measure or anything but judging from when I used to slimmer with out strength training and being 20lbs above that and having clothes fit better and being stronger, I could definitely tell that I have.

    I have sort of been coached. Not really structurally but I have a friend who strength trains and competes in crossfit games. He taught me about proper form, super sets and HIIT workouts. We work out together at least twice a week but the rest of the days I put in are by myself and I try do engage in the work outs that I got from the PDF in the Engineering the Alpha book.

    Right now I’m fluctuating between 284 & 286. I would like to continue to lose fat and get in the best shape of my life. I have no doubt that continuing on the path that I’m on it will happen but if I could be a part of your coaching program I’m sure it will enhance what I’m already doing.

    Thought it be worth a shot and also thought it be cool to share my story with you.

    Thanks a lot brother and good luck to everyone in here :)

  • HepatitvsJ

    I’ve never worked with a coach before.
    My goal from the coaching program is to lose the body fat and lean out. Whether that means 190lbs (-100 lbs) or 220 (-70 lbs)I’m not sure. I’ve been using Vin Diesel as a role model for my first goal.

  • Ryan

    I have never worked with a coach but I have lost 40lbs on my own, I am hoping to lose 50 more pounds and I am hoping to learn the kinds of things that will get me to the Roman level of fitness, there is a huge difference between being able to lose weight and being fit and I want to figure all of that out

  • Maria Lalet

    Hello Roman,

    I workout 5-6 times a week, I lift weights, boxing, gravity classes etc. I workout doing various circuits. Whether you use me or not, I will probably continue what I’m doing, but changing, every few weeks. Am I spinning my wheels? YES.

    However, I’m a hard worker, and my goal is to lose 10 lbs and obtain lean muscle.
    I have worked with a trainer but only 10 sessions. Maybe I need some clues. Online works good for me with my busy schedule.
    My diet: Well I’ve been doing the Warrior diet for 4 months. It doesn’t really work for me. I just started eating 6 meals a day.

    I hope I can get the opportunity.

    I would be highly grateful.

  • Rhys Sheehan

    1) I’ve never had a coach before, I just read a lot and see what works for me.
    2) Of course I would like to lose fat and build muscle, but honestly I would like to build on my discipline and motivation. The gym is my medication for my health problems, and I try to take what I learn from there and apply it to the rest of my life.

  • Joseph Marranca

    Yes I have worked with a coach before. It was a horrible experience. I signed up about a year ago and we did mostly all core work. I worked with the trainer at least twice a week keeping up with the plan we had laid out. I remember eating every couple of hours as per their diet plan and I actually increased body fat from %12 to %15. I was highly disappointed with my results.

    What I would like to get out of coaching with you is similar to what I had written in my email to you a few weeks ago. I am looking to get better guidance in nutrition and to drop from %15 body fat to %8. I am an independent pro-wrestler looking to make it to the WWE. I feel that if I have an alpha body, then I have a better chance of getting signed when I go try out next year in Tampa.

  • Eric Buratty

    (1) I worked with a few coaches when Olympic weightlifting was my focus over the course of 2011-2012. Besides that, I’ve been my own coach more than anything else, as I’vr continued to learn what works best for me and my body.

    (2) Since I have such high expectations of myself, I’d expect to get that much more from anyone I’d consider for further support/guidance from a fitness standpoint. In particular, I’d primarily be interested in acquiring a customized workout plan/template to help me achieve my relative strength goals instead of searching through the vast amount of free information available online . . . Free is good but not when there are so many opposing views on what’s “right” and what’s “wrong.”

  • Mell

    I have worked out with gym based PT’s before who seemed to either (a) offer the same program to everyone; (b) never mixed it up – same old same old weeks on end; or (c) wanted to spend the time that I was paying them for chatting to others! URRG! I have been training consistently on my own for a few years now and getting some limited results but not enough – I need help if I really want to transform my body – and I so do! I need direction, guidance and a plan from someone who knows what they are on about and can help me get to point where I can rock the damn stage in a figure comp -yep, that’s my goal. I want to take it up to the younger ones (I am 41) and eclipse them!

  • Megan

    I would love to win a scholarship for your progam! I have had a personal trainer in the past to get me started in exercise but not a coach, per se. I’m a woman and interested in fat loss (like everyone else) but I have no weight to lose….so that means I need to add muscle :)
    I already applied for the program before I saw your post about the scholarship so hopefully that shows my sincerity. crossing my fingers :)

  • Sam Skivo

    I have never worked with a coach, but would love the opportunity! I am not in a place to finance any sort of help, which sucks, and I don’t really have anyone to push me. I recently tried crossfit, and for two years prior to that, I was doing body pump 1-2 times a week. I as mostly self taught beyond that, and have a hard time figuring out the nutrition part of it :/ I struggle with consistency, and knowing what I need to do! I have about 100# to lose, but I don’t want to slave away on an elliptical or treadmill, i’d rather be lifting heavy things! (Can i tell you how excited I was when I did a 180# sqaut?!?!) I think coaching would help me because I need someone I can ask questions, and know that I am getting the right answer!

  • Rafa

    Hi Roman. Why would I want to be your trainee? Because I’ve been training consistently for 4 years, and I am tired of not getting the results I want. I’ve never had any coach, apart from gym “instructors” who look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and who give me weird looks just because I like to do deadlifts.

    What do I want to get from the coaching program? Finally, a chiseled muscular body. To lose the extra fat I carry and gain a lot of muscle. To gain the confidence I’ve never had with my body since I was a chubby kid. And also, to put my life back on track.

    If I don’t get the chance to work with you, I still like to say thank you for all the great tips and congratulate you on you ETA book, which is great!

    See you!

  • Jay

    Hey Roman! I’m interested in the Scholarship
    1.) I’ve never have a coach before
    2.) I’m a skinny guy who want to gain weight and physical strength

  • Samuel

    I had a coach once before. I originally sought him out to ensure I was prepared for the RKC kettlebell certification. He helped quite a bit with the kettlebells, and we got along great. At first. After I was certified he asked me to help out with group classes in exchange for free training. This was great for me. But it was obvious that, not being paid, his attention started to wane. He would give me cookie cutter templates, not even pay much attention to how I was going on the program, not ever talk to me about my goals or my progress or do any form of assessment. We became good friends, but the coach-client relationship completely disintegrated. At one point I specifically asked him if he could help me out with my shoulder mobility which was atrocious. He got another employee to do an FMS screen on me, and I ended up working on rotary stability. Never did have any improvement with my shoulders. Eventually at one point we had a personal disagreement, he kicked me out, and we haven’t spoken since.

    I have been leery of putting my training in the hands of other people since then since I probably went about 6 months with only a small amount of progress, but lately I’ve noticed that I am floundering around a bit on my own and heading in the same direction. So this might be what I need.

  • Shelby Sommer

    1) I have never worked with a fitness coach before (unless you count Tony Horton). 2) I want to get down to 10% body fat, get a six pack, and in general get more awesome!

  • Jason Dean

    Roman, been following you ever since the release of yours and Adam’s ETA book. 1- I have never worked with a coach before; just word of mouth and what little bits of info I can get from and fitness magazines. 2- What I would like to get out of the coaching program at least 10-15 pounds of lean muscle mass added to my body (being a tall slender dude already) and the ability and knowledge on how to perform proper etiquette in the gym as well as technique through a variety of compound and isolation workouts and when to use them.

  • Lisa

    No, I have never worked with a coach before. I’d like to be like Poli and build muscle and get stronger!

  • Manuel Enrique Gil Urdaneta

    Ok so here I go…. 1) I have never worked with a coach before. I have done programs from magazines and 2 rounds of Insanity but never a personalized coach, and specially one of your caliber (yeah, I know… It doesn’t hurt to try right? haha) 2) What I want to get is that life change I read everywhere about your program. In the last 15 months I have made a significant change in my body losing some extra weight I had gained after a few years of not really working out seriously but I am still far away from where I want to be strength wise.

  • Sarah Davis

    Hi Roman,

    1. I haven’t worked with a coach before, but do/have worked with PTs. They really helped by build strength/muscle, but funds meant i’ve had to stop. 2. I am really looking to build muscle – have been training for a long time but it’s really taking time to put on any kind of muscle. I’m looking to build muscle, not just for bulk but to help with my primary competitive sports – surf ski paddling, swimming and soft sand running. I follow protocols like German Volume Training, Vince Gironda’s 8×8 and other hypertrophy based sessions from sites like Charles Poliquin with results, but not as nearly as much as I’d like to achieve. What I really need it a proper progressive program designed by someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to real muscle building!! Plus the nutritional advice to support a program like this. There is no doubt you are the man when it comes to all this and I’d absolutely love to work with you :-)

  • Guest

    Hi Roman,

    1. I haven’t worked with a coach before, but do/have worked with PTs. They really helped me with my strength training, but lack of funds meant I’ve had to stop. 2. I am really looking to build muscle – have been training for a long time but it’s really taking time to put on any kind of muscle. I’m looking to build muscle, not just for bulk but to help with my primary competitive sports – surf ski paddling, swimming and soft sand running. I follow protocols like German Volume Training, Vince Gironda’s 8×8 and other hypertrophy based sessions from sites like Charles Poliquin with results, but not as nearly as much as I’d like to achieve. What I really need it a proper progressive program designed by someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to real muscle building!! Plus the nutritional advice to support a program like this. There is no doubt you are the man when it comes to all this and I’d absolutely love to work with you :-)


  • John Prather

    I worked briefly with Roman as a client for a few months last year, which was my only personal-coaching experience. I can say without hesitation it was the most productive time in my training I’ve ever had. With Roman’s help I managed to finish 2nd (barely) in a 12-week transformation contest, and saw fantastic results.

    There was nothing more exciting at the time than to look forward each month to the new program. The programming was fantastic, but almost more importantly, the added accountability of investing in coaching made my overall compliance and effort reach a new level, and I say that as someone who probably has above average work-ethic on my own.

    During the period that I was training under Roman also happened to be a very tough period for me personally in other parts of my life. I can say without hesitation that going after my fitness goals at the time was one of if not the only thing that kept me sane during that time.

    Fitness is one of the few things in life that we have near-complete control over, and aren’t at the mercy of life-variance or the whims of others. That means that fitness can be a constant-positive in your life when the rest of the world is crashing down around you. That side-benefit to your mental health and well-being cannot be understated, IMO!

    Unfortunately, the aforementioned bad luck also made finances really tough for me and I had to move on from Roman’s coaching after a few months. I’ve made good progress on my own since, but It’s always bothered me that I was never able to finish up a full cycle of coaching, and I’ve always hoped I could go back some day when finances permitted.

    That, on top of the fact that I’ve, in the last couple of months, decided to start focusing on pure strength (which is something Roman seems to want to do), is why I’m definitely going to take a shot in the dark and apply for the coaching scholarship.

    Regardless, I can definitely endorse Roman’s coaching for anybody who might be reading this and is on the fence about it. Oh, and be ready to work :).

  • Tania Colarco

    Hi there Roman

    I have worked with several coaches before and each one has said that they can help me, so I dish out all the cash to get no results in the end (despite hard work and sticking to the program) which is very frustrating to say the least. I am 40 years old and I have a thyroid problem which I have only been aware of for the last year. So what I want to get out of your coaching program is to show my old coaches that there is a great coach who understands the impact of hormones on the body and who will be able to help me achieve my goal of having a lean, athletic looking physique (so I need to drop fat and build some muscle) despite my thyroid problem and that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym each day to achieve it. Maybe one day then my long term goal will be realised – and that is to step on to the stage and compete in a body figure competition.

    Thank you so much for considering my application.


  • Maite

    Hi Roman- thank you for the opportunity. I have worked briefly with a coach a long time ago. I have three kids and I want to take my body to the next level. Thank you. Maite

  • trevor brunelle

    I have in the past, but Roman, you’r the shit sooooo let’s do this scholar style.

  • Allison

    Hi Roman,

    I already turned in my application :) but would love to be considered for the scholarship.

    1) I have worked with an online coach before… (someone near and dear to your heart, Neghar) and have also done various workout/fitness programs as a collegiate soccer player and soccer coach.

    2) I want to gain muscle mass and improve overall strength and body composition.

  • Adam Ryan

    Roman, I have used mostly your programs in the past Zombie, SuperHero. I never seem to put on the 10-15 pounds of muscle I am looking for. I think I am the perfect candidate

  • Robert Cadena

    (1) I have not worked with a personal trainer before, but I do have a degree in kinesiology.
    (2) I would like to add 10-15 lbs of muscle while dropping some body fat.

  • Suemer Mariz

    1. I never had a coach before, but I got great results working out by myself in the past. 2. I wanna gain serious muscle. After having my daughter my body really felt the impact. MY husband had great results with Roman and I want that too.

  • Rob Buffington

    Hey Roman, to answer your question, no I’ve never used a coach. However, a friend/trainer (Justin Grinnell) turned me onto your book a couple of months ago and I’ve been an intermittent faster ever since. The concepts in your book I’ve been trying to hold to, but I work 60 hours a week (running a business) and have a wife and four kids that keep me busy when I’m not juggling work related items. However, overall I’m in pretty fit condition as I either box, practice jui jitsu or hit the gym to perform some Olympic lifts. As far as my goals regarding fitness, I’d love to be able to gain 10-15lb of muscle and maintain a 7-8% body fat. If it works and I get selected for the training; great, if not I’ll continue to try and tweak my eating and exercise habits so I can achieve my goal before my next birthday.
    Appreciate the comments that you post to fb too, they’re entertaining.

  • Patricio

    1) Never fully worked with a trainer, ever.
    2). What i’d like to get out of couch is being able to be ready for the physical requirements of being a firefighter. As much lean mass as I can possibly put on, and the ability to run 1.5 miles in 8 minutes.

  • Jen Brumbaugh

    1. I’ve never had a coach before
    2. I’d like to finally reach my goals of dropping down to 15% BF and increase muscle definition to compete in figure competitions. I also want to take my fitness level from good to AWESOME!

  • Jerry K.

    (1) I’ve never worked with a coach before, unless you count my high school football and basketball coaches, but that was ’59-’61, and what did they know back then?

    (2) as for what I hope to get out of the program, first let me suggest what you, Roman, might get out of taking me on: I fall into a couple of your preferred categories, looking to build strength and get ripped without gaining weight (indeed, I want to lose scale weight), but I’d love to add 10-15 lbs. or more of muscle, while continuing to drop fat and see lower scale numbers. Can’t say whether I still have 50+ lbs of fat to lose, but if it’s there, I’d love to lose it, as I’d like to get as lean as my body will allow. (Note: it was there a year ago when I weighed 320, but now I’m about 215 on a 5’11” frame.

    Now, as for what I hope to get out of the program (which is in part implicit in the above comment), and at the risk of re-hashing my application: as a probably atypical client/potential client, being 70 years old, recently morbidly obese, still with various medical issues (see my application), I have aspirations which are probably unseemly and certainly unnecessary at my time of life, and a total lifestyle approach such as you can coach and motivate me through will vastly improve the likelihood that I realize my dreams: (1) energy and motivation to act on ideas I have (instead of just thinking about them) that would make me a more productive member of society – one of the ideas in particular might make me rich, too (2) develop a physique I can parlay into gigs as a male fitness model – well, maybe not quite that (which sounds a bit vapid as a life goal), but it would be uber cool for women to notice me admiringly if I were ever to go to the beach – look at the muscles on that old geezer, boy, does he keep himself fit – and for men to notice me guiltily because I’m clearly doing for myself what they know they should be doing for themselves, but aren’t (3) expert coaching through the tricky dance of making an older guy with significant osteoarthritis (among other medical issues) marathon fit in time for Boston in April (which actually means fit to qualify with a sub 4:25 in a late winter marathon) while at the same time, and quixotically, helping him build muscle and sculpt a shredded body that is antithetical to good marathon performance due to the extra (muscle) weight to carry.

  • Juho R.

    I have never worked with a coach before, but i have read many books about gaining muscle, losing fat and different diets. Right now I am working as a massage therapist and my goal would be to gain muscle to show people that it is possible for a thin guy and start my own lifechanging personal training business.

  • TheMightyYak

    I have worked out with a coach before a couple times in my life. I’d like to continue the success, both fat loss and strength gains I’ve seen from ETA.

  • Perry W

    I’ve applied for this program, but didn’t get a response back. Here’s my info:
    1. I have worked with a coach before. It was AWESOME. I actually knew him from playing softball–he was our conditioning coach–and I started working with him when I decided to apply for the Naval Academy, something I really dedicated myself to. I got great results, strength and body-wise. I trained with him for about a year. He taught me great form, and a TON of stuff about working out (free weights vs. machines, etc). After I didn’t get in to the Academy, he was actually the one who pointed me in the direction of the Super Hero Workout, which I am finishing this week–so yeah, a smart guy :)

    2. I eat very well, especially for a college kid, but I haven’t seen the results I was anticipating from the SHW, and I honestly don’t know why. I’d like to really focus on toning my body–I am already very muscular for a (short) girl, although I have no problem adding muscle if it adds tone, which I know can happen. I am in college now, so unless I get this scholarship, I highly doubt I can afford the coaching, unfortunately.

  • Matthew Hays

    Hey Roman! I’ve never worked with a coach outside of the strength and conditioning program for high school football. I’m looking to cut a little stubborn belly fat and generally increase my strength all around.

  • Brant Remenda

    Ive been following you for sometime now and truely enjoyed your book. Im a 23 year old male who is ready to accept the challenge and as you know every student needs a master. I would like you to be my yoda haha!
    Ive never received formal coaching before but have competed in hockey to the university level so I have learned lots through that and out of my own curiosity of reading books and blogs.
    My goals are to lose the body fat along with reseting my insulin sensitivities so i can focus on packing on some serious muscle the intelligent and safe way. I know with your help I can achieve this through hard work and discipline.
    Im a fresh graduate from petroleum engineering at SAIT so i cannot afford the cost of a coach but i am dedicated and driven.

  • Michele Smith

    Well, I’m guessing you don’t mean my track or cheer coaches from high school… I hired my first personal trainer while I was in college (Jeff), who showed me around the weight room, and put me on a 5 day split, with cardio, and I think one day off? To be honest, all I really remember is how impressed my boyfriend was that I was comfortable and confident in the weight room, not just step aerobics like most chicks (yes, I’m like 112).

    I’ve worked with a few triathlon coaches and two amazing running coaches when I did endurance and multi-sport. I’m in San Diego, and am so lucky to have had access to some world class athletes as my coaches. The most amazing thing to me was that I went from 2 miles a day and smoking socially, to running a full marathon (with shin splints) in 6 months just by doing exactly what my coach said. Triathlon transformation was even more amazing. It’s like magic having a great coach! Which I know you are, and would love to win the scholarship!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve worked with coaches before and did some online “group programs”, but it was always for fat loss, and I was never super motivated, but now I’m really looking to focus on getting crazy strong, which is way more fun! It’d be great to have some help with that because I’ve tried on my own but tend to end up with things hurting that shouldn’t, so some guidance would be awesome!

  • Tony R.

    Yes I have had a coach before. He is the most badass, sarcastic, funny, hilarious, and best damn fitness (LIFE) coach!! Period!! His name is John Romaniello. That’s my picture up there and my life changed forever in December 2012 when I made one of the best decisions of my life and became a Roman Fitness student. When the Student is ready the teacher will appear! I am not done with where I want to be. You see funny thing is once you reach your initial goal – John instills you with so much confidence that your previous goal simply is not enough anymore. You transform.

    People – do this!!! You will not regret it!!

    Tony R.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Just got an email annnnnnd I think it’s my duty to throw my hat in the ring!
    1) I’ve not worked with a coach for any specific length of time, I worked with a gentleman online using a program he created for me for a month there abouts then life took hold and had to stop.

    2) What i’d like to get out of the coaching program, I finally feel like like I’ve achieved a comfortable body weight, however if i can get strength gains and keep my wait the same I am absolutely all game!

  • Shelley Lidgren Turk

    I hired a coach in 2010 when I entered two Figure competitions. I did get some shoulders out of the deal (yay), but ended up way too skinny for my, and the judges’, liking. I was 110 lb. onstage at 5’6″. I found it fairly easy to lean out, though my thighs and glutes were stubborn. Gaining muscle is difficult and that’s why I need you, Roman! I’m not sure 10 lb. is realistic, at my age (46), but I’d like to give it my best shot! I’d be happy with five and a tight tush!

  • Ryan Everton

    1-I had numerous rowing coaches for years… Yet never really hit my #1 rowing potential. I never had enough confidence or could not get just a little bit stronger to know I was best. So on my heroes journey I faulted after dropping first out of New Zealand rowing and then a scholoship to cal Berkeley –
    2-I now want to get on track with you as my coach to get the body weight and strength to say hi this is me and then I can then go out and help others so they won’t miss an opportunity due to mediocre coaches or a lack of testosterone when they could potentially be the best in their field… Look forward to hearing from you mate otherwise Ill be continually watching this space ps if you can get me on track I’ll send you a eta developed lamb

  • KelDel

    1) I have never worked with a coach before, but I am darn well ready!
    2) I’ve want/actually need to put on muscle for my future job: I’m in veterinary school now pursuing a career in large animal medicine and every little bit of muscle can help when you’re wrangling horses, cattle, and pigs on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention how much my future muscle would help get me some respect from the farmers too!

  • Ryan

    I was a coaching client of yours at the outset of this summer and I failed miserably. I busted my ass for a solid month, saw great progress and then it all feel apart. I had work issues, money issues, anything that could have gone wrong did and I just never followed thru. I received three months worth of programming but like I said I only used 1. I’m ready to do this again. I have for far too long been sitting idle and must get this show on the road. I applied to the program again and would relish the opportunity for a second chance. Program or not I’m kicking ass from here on out but with some great coaching I will do it the smart way. I’m ready to rock and roll

  • Mark Lane

    1) I’ve haven’t worked with a coach since my high school football and college football (FCS O-Lineman) playing days. 2) I’m looking into the coaching program to greatly enhance my physique, energy level and overall health/fitness. I’m married with 2 children and I yearn to be that “husband/dad” with endless energy and health to be around. Also, with my education (BSK in Exercise Science and PTA) I feel as though my physique is not directly proportional to my knowledge. I am looking for the coaching program for the above mentioned and to also take a step forward my personal goals of becoming a strength/conditioning coach on the collegiate level.

  • Kristopher Kennington

    Hey Roman, I signed up last night and I’m super excited about this opportunity to work with you! I had a trainer several years back and he was good but just starting out. It got me so into fitness however that I went on to become a personal trainer/nutritionist myself and I love it. As much as I do to help others however, I find that I’m too burnt out when it comes to designing a great program for myself. As I tell my clients though, even coaches need coaches and I can’t wait to get out of my head and put the same heart and intensity into a program you design for me that I demand of my own clients.

    I would love to win the scholarship and I could certainly use the money but if I did win it, I would like to have you charge me as you would everyone else in the program and reimburse me at the end only if I reach my goals. If I don’t, a charity of your choosing should get the money.

  • Ray Clifford

    PICK ME!!!!!!!!! I got man 2.0, I got FLF, I’m an active duty soldier in the US Army, and I’m divorced and live alone. I’m determined to pack on 20 pounds of muscle and get under 10% BF, and I plan on doing this with or without you but you are guaranteed amazing results with me! Hope I get picked, if not sa’ll good just would like a chance to work with a pro.

  • Karen

    Roman!!! I worked with a private coach many years ago when I had more income. I loved him and I learned lots but he was quite conservative and I was not following a serious path with nutrition so obviously the outcome was affected by that.

    I have been an active and athletic person all of my life but post partum depression took its toll on me for several years after the birth of my son. Nearly 18 years later, after my weight yo-yo-ing more than I know is healthy, I discovered YOU online and bought FPFL. I had great success with the program but more importantly reading your materials introduced me to IF and a way of eating that has kept me at a steady, easy, healthy weight for the last several years!! While doing FPFL I put on some really pretty muscles and I LOVED them!! I would love to work with you personally because as much as I like to stay in denial over it– I am turning 50 in a few short weeks and I have to take a slightly different approach to training. I am a bit more prone to injury, its a fact. SOme guidance would be wise and wonderful.

    Being in the best shape of my life (SHREDDED!!!) at 50 would be so fun and I know your style works for me and I know I like your humor and your brain.

  • Nick Maddox

    1). I’ve been an athlete all of my life but have never worked with a coach as it pertains to fitness. Unless you count high school, which I don’t feel should count, because the jack offs had me doing ridiculous workouts. I’m at a point where I’m excited to work with a coach to help me get where I want to be.
    2). What I would like to get out of the program is the body I’ve always wanted, and the possibility to inspire others through my results. I would like to add some lean body mass while shedding body fat.

  • Clark

    First off, this is an amazing opportunity. Thank you.
    1) I have worked , successfully, with the coaches from Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating program. More specifically, I committed and worked with a coach for one year, completing the program in the summer of 2012. My compliance , across the board, was above 90%, resulting in substantial mental and physical change. I don’t quit.
    2) After leaning up, I focused my attention on gaining strength. On my own, I have increased strength although it has been very minimal. My goals are to increase strength. That’s my only focus. I want to be extremely strong.

  • Piotr Damek

    Dear Roman. I received your post and wondered whether I should apply or not. I decided to give it a shot. As a trainer I didn’t feel I need someone to train me. I changed my mind since recently my results stagnated. My strength increases but muscle mass stays in place since season finale of Californication. I would like to change that. My goal with the program is to increase muscle mass, become Alpha Male and be confident like… (you know who I am talking about).

  • Pat

    I applied last night and then saw this opportunity today. I’ve never worked with a coach but am very excited about the prospect of having someone hold me accountable. I’m consistent with my training but not with my nutrition. I’d like to lose a couple pounds around the belly but for the most part gaining muscle is my priority as its something I haven’t been successful at on my own. I’m only 29 and I just found out my cholesterol is a bit high (despite being in pretty good health). Considering I have a family history of very high cholesterol that scared the crap out of me, and I almost immediately decided to apply for your coaching. I’m confident you can help me get on track with a simple to follow, workable nutrition plan while hitting all of my training goals.

  • Mark Lane

    1) I’ve never worked with a coach before outside of my time playing high school football and college football in the FCS. 2) I would love to get in better shape than I was during my playing days, become a strength/conditioning coach and have the physique that matches my education and certifications. I’m married with 2 children and I yearn to be “that” husband/dad who doesn’t tire at all and full of energy to do whatever my wife and children want/need. Also, although working in the HealthCare industry as a PTA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science I currently do not display the physique that I want nor I feel needs to be displayed with my education. That’s why I’m looking for help from the coaching program.

  • Lynn

    I have never worked with a coach or personal trainer. I turned the BIG 5-0 this year and quit smoking almost one year ago. Unfortunately, the two do not go well together and I rapidly gained 20 lbs. It has caused a lot of grief in my marriage and I would sure like that to change. Presently, I interval train for 35 minutes on the treadmill and then do an intense mini workout consisting of pushups, mountain climbers, squats, etc. 4 times a week. I only recently added the cardio back in to my workout and it seems to be making a difference. The fat gain is mostly on my stomach and is very hard to get it to budge. I am normally quite active so this weight gain has been hard to swallow. Please help me get my body back Roman.

  • MichaelH

    Hi Roman,
    I’ve read your “Alpha” book, seen your presentation this past summer in NYC, What you discuss appears to be state of the art, and I will incorporate these ideas into my program.
    I’ve had one trainer in the past, and I worked less hard and less varied than I had learned in classes (college weight training), or as part of teams. I don’t think that is typical of a trainer, but the experience was underwhelming (I think he dumbed down the program, since much of his clientele was less motivated.)
    The ideas for food, timing, Intermittent Fasting, hormonal manipulation via food and workouts, as presented in your book, are enlightening. I’d love to work with you on this.

  • Ron Canon

    Yeah I worked with a Coach before. I was on a 4 day split where we targeted chest, Back legs, and arms & shoulders with each day working on the core. roughly a day of rest every 2 days. I honestly am in that boat of a guy who wants to lose 50lbs of fat and pack on 15 lbs of muscle over the next year, so I’m really excited about this opportunity. So I’m definitely interested in gaining that confidence in my body and attaining that goal of being an Alpha. Thanks!

  • L. Morabe

    1) I have worked with 3 different coaches before. I am currently still working with one of them. I have seen the most success with my current coach but I feel like after a year and a half together I feel at times more unsure of myself in a gym and truly understanding my program design.
    2) If I were to be accepted into the coaching program, I’d hope to develop a physique like your fiance’s!! She is beautiful and muscular and fit and proud of it! I feel like I work hard and eat right and lift heavy and still you can’t tell I workout unless I flex my arms. I want it to be apparent that I work hard for my body and that I’m proud of it. I’m tired of carrying around the little pillow on the front of my stomach. I want it to be uncomfortable to lay on my stomach because I’ve got some hard earned abs peeking through. And also just having that communication with a coach to understand my program design and to help me develop the confidence to be able to train on my own without you. It sounds like you have your clients and then you set them free at the end with skills that allow them to be successful without you. I’ve never been able to continue on my own and be successful without a trainer. I hope that you can help me develop that knowledge and confidence to know what I’m doing in a gym without someone by my side guiding me.

  • RichardGricius

    1) I was lucky enough to work with a trainer a little over a year ago but only for about a month.

    2) I’m hoping to build up my strength and keep my body weight pretty much the same. I’m hovering around 200lbs now, and as a 6’3 guy I think that is a fine place to be. I’d just rather it be muscle than fat. Over the past 2 years I’ve brought myself down to 200lbs from over 280. And 2013 marked my first ever pull-up! I’m trying to strength train using programs/regimens I’ve found online(and in books), but I always seem to hit a wall when it comes to actually progressing.

  • Brian Wallace

    1) I have never worked with a coach before. I had a couple of initial consultations but never found anyone that I felt was trying to do anything other than put me on a cookie cutter program, which isn’t what I was looking for. 2) What I would like to get out of the program is as follows: – I would like to drop to about 8% body fat. – I would like to increase my practical strength in ways that would apply to my martial arts training and real world scenarios. – I would like to dramatically, life changingly improve my cardiovascular health, which is something I have struggled with all my life, but has especially been an issue since 2005 when both of my lungs collapsed.

  • shim

    Roman! Let me first start off by saying I’m a big fan. I’ve been following you since I was a skinny teen and you were wearing neon Diesel underwear on Tnation. Regarding coaching, I have not had the privilege of having a coach. I have been my own coach (and not a very good one). I’m in my mid twenties now and about to hit that age where radical body transformation becomes much more difficult (I already feel it coming). This saddens me because I have never achieved the body that I have always wanted but I know I can with your direction. I also fall in your building pure strength target demo. Please pick me!

  • kelsyoung

    Hi Roman,

    I’ve reached out to you before (what up, Twitter!) AND I got a reply (double
    awesome). I took on your FPFL program, and by golly it was awesome. I loved
    everything about it. But I know I could have worked harder, focused on my
    eating habits, and probably seen much more spectacular results. I’m so close to
    being at the stage I want to be, but I just can’t seem to push myself enough on
    my own to make it there.

    Some background, I’ve been dealing with body image since I was in the second grade. A girl in my class called me chubby and it awoke in me that voice that
    constantly nags you and tells you you’re fat and you’re not pretty. And since
    then, I’ve struggled with my weight.

    Now I’m not overweight by any means, nor was I ever. But I’m not small. At
    5’8″ and 170 pounds, I’ve got some meat on my bones. And muscle. But I
    want definition. I want to see all that muscle that’s under there! And that’s
    where you come in. If I had the chance to train under your guidance, I know i
    can finally reach that finish line I’ve always dreamed of crossing. That I’ve
    pushed myself so close to crossing, but just can’t quite seem to make it.

    After finding you, and those awesome guys over at BioTrust, I’ve made significant
    changes in my physical appearance, but I can’t do it all alone. I NEED YOUR
    HELP! So please, consider me! I’ve got the drive, I just need the key (you!).

    Kindest of all the regards,


    P.S. Even if I don’t get the chance to personally train with you, I still think
    you’re f**king awesome and one of the best in the business.

    P.P.S. I’ve never worked with a trainer before.

    • Guest

      1) I’ve just recently worked with a coach and it was a great decision. Having that accountability and having someone take the guess work out of my program has kept me on track and focused. I’ve never been more dedicated to my health and fitness.

      2) I have done a few of your workout programs before,such as Final Phase Fat Loss, and love your approach. I’m looking to stay focused on my goal of getting in the best shape of my life through this program and adding 10 more pounds of muscle over the next year after I cut my body fat down to around 9-10%.

  • MK

    I never had a coach but have worked out with trainers a few times over the past decade. I never learned much from the trainers. The exercise selection, sets and reps seemed so basic that I just made my own routines. After doing that for the past few years I’ve probably hit my upper limit in my abilities to design a program for continued muscle growth and strength. My goal is to keep my visible abs and 30 inch waist but add 10 pounds of just pure muscle on my near 6 foot frame. Secondarily I want the hard body where I can lie around in my underwear and take instagram selfies hashtagging #alphastatus #romanfitnessworks #itsonlyhomoifyoulikeit

  • Sindre Nygård

    Hey Roman! I applied for coaching yesterday, and would love to get the scholarship. I’m committed if I get it or not, I just really want to get coached by you.

    1.) I’ve worked a bit with a coach through Precision Nutritions coaching program, Scrawny To Brawny. The coaching and program was good, but the approach was kind of cookie-cutter. It’s good for hard gainers, but I’m more of a meso-endo type. But on weight pretty easy.I got some great new habits from it though, like meal ideas, foam rolling, stretching more and focusing more on the whole lifestyle.

    2.) I need a good coach to tell me what to do. I’m confident that you can guide me towards my goals. I actually want you to tell me what I need to do to get in great shape. Eating more/less, doing a specific strength, interval protocol, whatever it is. I hope that after working with you, I’ll know how to get fitter, without bringing Tupperware to weddings..

    I can also relate to you a bit in growing up as a bit of a chunky kid and being kind of a nerd. Hope to hear from you.

  • Dave Tobin

    I have an online running coach once. For the most part it was a good experience. He would email the workouts for the week and I would email him how things went. I do wish he was a bit more engaging/encouraging. All I got was the workout schedule but it would have been nice to have gotten an occasional email or phone call just to see how things were going and interact a bit.

    I would like a coach to help me with muscle endurance/strength training.

  • Beth L.

    Hi John..First off, I love your site and your writing. I have never worked with a coach or trainer before. I was always active in sports and training through high school and college but after 2 kids I need to lose 50 lbs and tone. I love having muscles and build them quickly. I would love, love, love to have you train me and be your #1 phenom transformation and have lots of sexy musclez!

  • Henry Williamson

    Henry Williamson
    I have never worked with a coach before but have followed a few of your programs.

    What I would like to get out of the coaching is getting into the best physical shape I can. Even at the age of 47 I know I can still do it with your help. I have learned a lot already with your previous programs but still have so much too learn. I have over 50 lbs to lose and need your help!!

  • Benjamin Johnson

    As a trainer myself, I have not worked very closely with a coach before. I would love to learn how online coaching is run, first off, but also get sound advice and mix up my own routine (been training for max str. for almost a month now, so it is time to change things up).

  • Dianne

    Here goes: 1. I have worked with a coach a few years back when getting ready for a figure competition..although I was ripped I don’t think he really knew how to prepare a female for that… Too much bf loss = wacked hormones and not the ideal results. 2. Why? First the fitness coach (me) needs a trainer to kick my butt. I am now 53, in decent shape but I want photo shoot ready and I seem to be at a sticking point. I love weights , HIIT, and crazy high intensity stuff. Want to get my legs cut a bit better but am slightly limited on how much weight I can squat with due to a hip issue but I am no woosie. Have my 35th HS reunion Thanksgiving weekend and would love to be a wow! I am committed because this is my life.

  • Elizabeth Nassuna

    Have worked with various coaches before. 7 days/week for different elements of athletic training. Need to tone up post pregnancy to get my shape back to sexy!

  • Amber n’Justin

    Hey! I applied yesterday as soon as I got the original email. I would love this opportunity to work with you. I’m 24, a stay at home mom one toddler and I have plenty of time to commit.
    I have worked with an online coach and loved it. I’m currently working out consistently and weigh lifting my passion and hobby. If I get the chance to work with you my goals would be to get STRONG and lean. Thanks! Amber

  • RedHorseVeteran

    Hey John, I saw this and had to reply. I have never worked with a coach before. I don’t have a fitness role model in my life. When I was in the Air Force I weighed 106 and was overly-skinny. When I hit 195, I felt really good. Now, I am 41, programming for 20 years, and weigh 230-240. I would like to lose 50 pounds of fat and put on about 10 pounds of muscle. I know my health is not where it needs to be, I need this. Help.

  • Matt

    1) no i havent worked with a coach before but have taken classes with ISSA to gain pt certification and took what knowledge ive gained and went from 228 lbs to 176 lbs and 12% bf. 2) id like to gain about 20 lbs of muscle and iam having a hard time doing this on my own

  • Andrea L

    Never worked with a trainer before. Would like to build some musklez :)

  • Tim Thaens

    1) I have never worked with a fitness coach. The only coach I had before was a dietitian, who managed to get 25kg (55 lbs) of body fat off me.
    Same as Amy mentioned, it is hard to get a good coach in Belgium… Definitely when you live in a smaller town.
    I started this monday with your program in your book ‘engineering the alpha’, so that is as close as it comes to a coach for me.

    2) As mentioned, I already dropped 25kg (55 lbs) and now am at a good BMI. However, I still want to gain a serious amount of muscle but don’t want to increase to much weight. So, while increasing muscle, I want to decrease my body fat (currently 18,5%).


    Hi Roman!
    I was accepted in to your program yesterday but had to bow out due to financial issues but would LOVE to try for that scholarship! I am in the process of trying to remake my body through the Alpha program/book with the goal of adding roughly 15lbs of lean muscle to my frame. I am in my late 30’s and in decent shape but have the goal of being jacked for my wedding next October! I am driven and passionate about fitness and would love the chance to work with you still!

  • Azzie

    I have, a notable body building coach and .. it worked – it was also close to hell and i had to abort because i basically stopped functioning =).

  • Educational Exercise

    I follow you on twitter, Your information is awesome! I love your posts, very helpful. Thanks!

  • Josh S.

    Finished the application and headed directly here. My only trainer was the Army during PT for 3 years. Prior to my parachute accident I was in top condition, it has been an uphill struggle since. I have spent the majority of my time since then trying to rebuild what I lost. I am at a spot/time in my life where I feel I could benefit immensely from a guided “kick in the butt” to get me back on track. Look forward to the opportunity for your wisdom and guidance to get me on that path.

  • Danavir Sarria

    Hey Roman,

    #1) No, I haven’t worked with a fitness coach before. I am working with a business coach though. Same idea, just 2 different things. Here is the thing though, I myself am a fitness coach, so I know how it all works and get great results with my clients. The hard part is coaching myself. I can’t keep myself accountable haha. Not to mention it
    gets boring training myself.

    #2) I want the #1 thing you can offer accountability. As for the specific things you said in the email, I’m very interested in gaining another 10-15 pounds of muscle. I’m not a skinny guy. More endo-mesomorph type. I actually have a little more fat on me than I would like. So it would be great to build the 10-15 pounds of muscle while losing fat little by little.

  • Brett H

    Hmm… I’ve never worked with a coach before. But when I try things out I go all in. I’m kind of focused on building muscle mass, but also getting rid of a few pesky pounds that won’t seem to go away no matter what I do.

  • Ben Jakeman

    boom, what a nice man you are! good luck to everyone, what a prize its is. I have already applied and you have my details. Never worked with a trainer or ever had any help, just like most people trying to pick out the truth amongst the pile of mainstream bullshit. :-)

  • Allison Ivory Holt

    I have worked with a personal trainer before but not a coach. The trainers were just random trainers at the gym and now that I know more about what I am doing, I don’t think they knew much.

  • Jimbo James

    I am submitting this this for my Wife.

    1) She has worked with personal trainers, a few in fact, and so far they have not been able to help her reach her goals. In fact they have not even been able to help with weight loss. Most coaches she has worked with seemed to only be concerned about making her sweat rather than doing any type of actual progressive whole fitness program.

    2) Her main goal is fat loss but really enjoys getting stronger as well. Progress has always been slow for her but I know you can help her get the results she wants due to this….

    3) She has seen a loss of nearly 10% BF and has lost 30lbs since she an I have been following your programs as of 1 year ago, almost to the date. No other trainer has even been able to assist with more than 5-10lbs loss for her and never before any BF loss. So far the most success was with Alpha Nutrition paired with Zombie Apocalypse Workout. (you may or may not remember, but you posted my personal testimonial on your page a short while back)

  • Amy Lee-Shank

    I’ve worked with a trainer at my gym for the past 10 weeks. Does that count as a coach? I turn 40 in February and want to do something big! Ultimately I want to gain muscle and compete in a show next year.

  • Sarah Yeager

    Hello! I would love for a chance to be coached by you! 1.) I have had only one coach before and that was for my first bikini competition. The experience was interesting, especially bc it was both of our first times (his coaching, mine competing) I’ve decided (and have always kinda known) I’m meant more for figure. The only issue I’m having is that it is SO FREAKING HARD to put muscle on!!! 2.) I want to try and gain any quality amount of muscle from this program. I knew what I’m doing in the gym, but I think my issue is that I have never truly followed a training program!
    Would love your insight/help!

  • Jesse Risley

    I have never worked with a bona fide coach before. As someone who previously has lost quite a bit of body fat, I am now interested in a better body composition, i.e., gaining 10-20 lbs of LBM over a fixed interval in working with someone like yourself who knows how to properly coach a client and utilizes effective training and nutrition protocols. I am having trouble finding the right approach to maximum caloric intake to promote muscle growth without rapid fat gain, so working with a coach over the course of a year would more certainly help me to achieve these goals.

  • James

    Hey Roman, I’ve already applied for your training program (to possibly start up in January). I don’t know if the scholarship might still be available to me, but all of my details are in a response I’ve sent to you. I’ve never worked with a coach, but I’ve read enough books to think I know what I’m doing, which I probably don’t. Thanks!

  • Suzanne Mackenzie

    1) I have worked with a coach before; it worked very well and I made some muscle gains although the contact was less frequent that I would have liked (which was just as much my fault as the coach’s). I don’t think that i committed 100% and therefore I regret that I never knew what I could’ve achieved.

    2) I would like to build muscle (this has been very difficult for me) and also see if I can really reach my potential in terms of fitness and body recomposition.

  • Mark Alder

    I’ve never worked with a coach before, let alone a serious
    workout partner; but I’ve always been envious of those who can get proper
    coaching. I’ve haphazardly gone through
    programs from books like “The 4-hour Body”, and Nate Green’s “Built for Show”,
    but sometimes it’s hard to translate that into something that will work for
    me. I’m not keen on generalized programs
    built for mass appeal, so I’d prefer to have something tailored. Last week was my 30th birthday and
    this year I really want to get over that hump of being average and get to ‘alpha’
    status. Plus I’ve heard that testosterone
    starts to decrease at age 30…hoping that’s not true. Fingers crossed.

  • Will S

    I have never worked with a nutritionist, but i have worked with high-level olympic weightlifting coaches, powerlifting coaches, highland games athletes, olympic weightlifters, and Division 1 strength and conditioning coaches as well as a division 1 football team on the strength staff.

    I have always been focused on performance in the gym and pushing the envelope athletically rather than aesthetically. This said, i do not think that the goals have to be mutually exclusive and you must sacrifice one for the other. I refuse to eat a surplus of calories and carbohydrates to ensure muscle growth and recovery at the expense of having a terrible body composition. I want to be as strong and powerful as i possibly can, but i want to look strong and powerful too- not sloppy. This said, i have followed your work for some time now and attended a seminar for Engineering the Alpha in NYC with you and Adam and have been very impressed. Your knowledge of nutrition in conjunction with training protocols and the ability to shift based on different goals astonishes me and is something i would love to experience, and hopefully via the experience, begin to learn for myself. I have always wanted to understand more about food, nutrition, and the interaction between athletic goals and nutritional recommendations. Through this experience, i want to get as strong as i possibly can, while changing my body composition, and learn information from someone much more advanced in the field as i am and hopefully gain a new mentor in the industry to help a younger professional begin his career.

  • Beth

    I have trained at various times in my life for different types of sports from taekwondo to equestrian events to dancing. I’ve worked with many instructors but never an individual coach. I was always part of a team or troupe. I have never had anyone who provided individual workouts or nutrition advice. I have had amazing instructors who have taken me as far as i could commit to going in their field at that time in my life. Right now, I am fully committed to changing what I am doing to achieve the results I want. I currently weigh about twice as much as I should and I would venture to say I am a significant portion of fat. I need to be strong to continue dancing and to fully participate in my life. I am very interested in the coaching opportunity.

  • Tareila

    Hey Roman, I occasionally train with a buddy of mine who is now a strength coach for Harvard’s athletics program. We’re very close friends; he and I used to spend our summers training together, usually 4-5 days per week. While I unfortunately can’t train with him anymore, he still writes my programs and I occasionally send him my logs so he can track my progress. Aside from him, the last fitness coach I had was my high school coach. He was no joke, though, and I credit his programming to my becoming fairly advanced with olympic lifting.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a coach for a while, but with my recent application to medical school, I haven’t been able to afford a good one. I’d like to work with a coach to get as strong as humanly possible. For the better part of the last year, I’ve been working purely on strength development, but I’ve stayed fairly lean and have grown a bit as well. I want to bring that strength to the next level.

  • Ryan

    Roman- I was a client in a recent class of online coaching with you, I was looking to gain muscle and just get myself into kick ass shape, I had put in one solid month of hard work in both gym and kitchen, then it all unraveled. I had many things in life come up that threw me off course and due to financial issues and overall lack of motivation mixed in with the worst case of poison ivy ever recorded in human history I stopped. I had gotten three months of programming but really only used 1. I’m ready to rock and roll with a reckless abandon, so I’m going to apply again and hopefully get to use a second chance to finally get over the hump!

  • Dana Gordon

    I am a woman and would love to gain lean muscle and burn fat. I have worked with trainers in the past.

  • kelsyoung

    Hi John,

    I’ve reached out to you before (what up, Twitter!) AND I got a reply (double awesome). I took on your FPFL program, and by golly it was awesome. I loved everything about it. But I know I could have worked harder, focused on my eating habits, and probably seen much more spectacular results. I’m so close to being at the stage I want to be, but I just can’t seem to push myself enough on my own to make it there.

    Some background, I’ve been dealing with body image since I was in the second grade. I girl in my class called me chubby and it awoke in me that voice that constantly nags you and tells you you’re fat and you’re not pretty. And since then, I’ve struggled with my weight.

    Now I’m not overweight by any means, nor was I ever. But I’m not small. At 5’8″ and 170 pounds, I’ve got some meat on my bones. And muscle. But I want definition. I want to see all that muscle that’s under there! And that’s where you come in. If I had the chance to train under your guidance, I know i can finally reach that finish line I’ve always dreamed of crossing. That I’ve pushed myself so close to crossing, but just can’t quite seem to make it.

    After finding you, and those awesome guys over at BioTrust, I’ve made significant changes in my physical appearance, but I can’t do it all alone. I NEED YOUR HELP! So please, consider me! I’ve got the drive, I just need the key (you!).

    Kindest of all the regards,


    P.S. Even if I don’t get the chance to personally train with you, I still think you’re f**king awesome and one of the best in the business.

  • Jen

    Hi John, that’s awesome you are doing the scholarship :-). 1) I have worked with a coach before but more so on the nutrition side. 2) I’d like to be lean, I’m not big but have some weight to loose that even though I constantly work out and eat clean 80-90% of the time, but regardless have had a hard time loosing this weight for 6 years. I would love to gain muscle, loose this cellulite, lean up my thighs and have a flat stomach from which I have extra skin from my two pregnancies. Can you help me out? ;-)

  • 1. I’ve worked with coaches in a few things. BJJ being the most recent. I’ve had a PT at various points. A good coach makes it a pleasure to train.

    2. A shit hot coach providing awesome advice!

  • Fred S

    I have worked with a coach before, with just enough success to keep me signing contracts. I am six foot nine, weigh 320 lbs, and need to weigh 270 or so. And, I am one of the weakest men you will ever meet.

  • Claire-Marie Murray

    Hello, I am a woman and I would really love to build on muscles 1) I have worked with a coach for a couple of sessions before but he moved career 2) I would like to see how you can help me, as a woman to balance hormones and get in the best shape of my life (bought your book for my husband and read it which made me feel a little jealous afterwards!)

  • Tanner Smith

    Would love the opportunity to work with you Mr. Romaniello. I have worked with strength coaches before being a college athlete and want the same purpose and direction every day in the gym as I had in college. I want to gain pure strength while staying relatively lean. I loved reading Alpha 2.0 and am always following your emails and posts.

  • Im interested in the scholarship!
    1) I haven’t worked with a coach before
    2) I need to lose weight
    3) can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return

  • Jacki

    I worked with a coach (actually an intern) for a very short time, but she was instrumental in getting me off the coach and moving. She helped reignite a passion for fitness and I am forever grateful to her.

  • I’ve worked with a coach before when I worked at a gym. It was great as it pushed myself in ways I normally wouldn’t have. I prefer a coach over a workout buddy any day.

  • Steve Chancey

    I just applied. Looking forward to learning more!!! Is this the same concept as your book or is this another program you’re looking to see how it works?

  • Amy Vandeputte

    I’m a 20 year old girl and my older brother is the only one coming close to a ‘coach’ I’ve had so far.

    He got me into strength training and eating differently (counting calories, eating more protein etc) about 1,5 years ago. A year before that, he had introduced me to the concepts of eating paleo.

    I’ve come a long way since: from paleo to counting calories to ‘counting’ protein to strength training (squats, deadlifts, bench press… basics) to eating ‘good carbs’ to… you get what I’m saying.

    A year ago I started collecting books: Lyle McDonald, Brad Pilon, Nia Shanks, Bret Contreras (Strong Curves) and so on!

    A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this guy who sold ‘FPFL’ and I bought his book. Apparently his NYTimes Best-selling book came with it as a gift and I started reading ETA this summer.

    After loving the book, laughing with star wars quotes etc I helped 3 people start the programme (father, a friend and my boyfriend) and as a test started it myself :) Used calculations etcetera, only upped my calories a bit.

    First time i decently did an arranged combo of workouts+food and up until now have seen amazing results.

    I’m 165cm tall, weigh 58 kg and live in Belgium. During prime I lost 4kg and my thighs slimmed down 4cm, as well as my waist.

    Just want to thank you for this! Didn’t know where else to post this so here it is.

    I love ‘coaching’ other people at this moment and just regret not having a coach of my own. Can’t really apply to your coaching because if I wouldn’t get the scholarship I wouldn’t be able to pay you :-)

    I hope someday you’ll be my coach!
    In Belgium there aren’t really any decent fitness coaching possibilities!

    • Guest

      Finished the application and headed directly here. My only trainer was the Army during PT for 3 years. Prior to my parachute accident I was in top condition, it has been an uphill struggle since. I have spent the majority of my time since then trying to rebuild what I lost. I am at a spot/time in my life where I feel I could benefit immensely from a guided “kick in the butt” to get me back on track. Look forward to the opportunity for your wisdom and guidance to get me on that path.

  • Amy Vandeputte

    In Belgium it’s not easy to find coaches the way you guys do it – so haven’t had one up until now. You online people and your books are my mentors ;)

  • Stephen Davis

    Yea I have worked with a coach before. He was great. He put me on a 6day split and I spent around 3 hours in the gym each day eating food like there was no tomorrow and actually gained 40 pounds. I was at the gym so much alot of the trainers there offered assistance at no charge. My legs were so sore I remember my roomates thought I had turned gay because I literally could not keep them bend them. I did stretch after workout, but it was like this for 3 days. It felt good though knowing I never gave in and tore it up. Later I had the good fortune of running into a professional model who taught me how to continue to grow. He had one of the best bodies I had ever seen! No homo. He got me to squat with 3 45 plates on each side and then some. Most ever squatted in my life. I guess it really is mental. I later moved and there was no gym, but I was able to find a highschool with a retired pro football player who played DB for the Chargers who I trained with and was in the best shape of my life! He was the only coach who got me to throwup 5 times one day! He always said if your chest is not burning and legs on fire your not working hard enough. I was at the head of all the young athletes. It felt good knowing I was 20 and still could lift and outrun those teenagers ;) I suffered an ulcer after my next move. And the treatment was to cut alot of protein for the different tests. I was losing weight and it was EXTREMELY painful. Words can not describe. I then found I was celiac so everything I had been eating was now wrong. I lost everything I had gained. I dropped to lowest weight since wrestling as Freshman in HS of 148lbs I continued to workout even on Christmas but never able to finish without vomiting and such pain in my sides. Well I now am back where I started after sweating so much in the gym and spending so many nights walking home alone in the dark working sometimes 2 or 3 jobs. I sacrificed evening with friends, and whole lot of time eating 6 meals a day. Sometimes I thought why do I have this drive, none of my siblings care. I never drink soda, never had a smoke, a beer or even drink coffee. I was kinda thinking why can’t I be like everyone else. But I couldn’t I just keep going at it, giving it my all. No one will believe this but its true. I started lifting when I was 5 yrs old. I would have my parents buy two sets of toys (they prolly thought it was to play with the friends who came over) but no I would take them and tape them together and lift them doing all sorts of exercises. (until I could lift the dumbbells) I always felt good and strong afterward. And I never second guessed myself or what I was doing. It started when my brother called me fat one day and poked my stomach. (lol) I would spend about an hour everyday. I even through out my elementary would stand up to kids who picked on other kids and I would always win cause I had no fear. Lifting gave me confidence. And has continued to do so flowing into other areas of my life. Meeting great people who have inspired me. It’s allowed me to be more athletic in sports and in my job. Its so positive. Its a lifestyle I told a girl once when she said its just a phase. I said no its a lifestyle. My first trainer I never forget what he said to me after pools of sweat were dripping on the ground as I cranked all I had into the donkey calf raises attempting to force those stubborn leg muscles to grow. “I think you one of those guys who will make this a lifestyle.”

  • Tim Oliver

    oh hai
    I applied a few weeks ago and received one mail back, but haven’t heard of you again since..