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If you want to take your business to the next level, take just 5 minutes to read this page.

Here’s the TL;DR version: I officially am starting to take clients for business coaching again, and I have a few options for how it works. If you’re interested, you can apply at the bottom of the post.

One of my favorite quotes has always been, “We all stand on the shoulders of giants.” I believe this sentiment with all of my heart, as I’ve seen it proven over and over again, for both myself and my clients. If you look at any person who’s achieved a high level of success, it’ll very quickly become clear that they didn’t get there alone. Because no one gets there alone.

And that certainly includes me. Which is why I’m so passionate about coaching.

I’ve learned more from other people over the years than I have from any business book, or any course I took at the university level. And while there’s no replacement for personal experience, coaching shaved down the learning curve to a degree I find hard to describe. The truth is, without guys like Joel Marion, Craig Ballantyne, Tim Ferriss and others who have helped me over the years, I would not be where I am.

Giving back by taking on clients of my own is something I’ve been fortunate enough to do on and off over the past four years; now, I want to take it to the next level and bring on an entire group, and run them all through a newly created curriculum.

Now, you might be curious and ask, if you love it so much, why don’t you do much of it?

Great question. I’d like to answer it with a story. If you’d be so kind as to come with me on this journey…


(and why I love it when I do)

When I was living in New York City, I had all of the advantages that particular metropolis has to offer: diverse food, endless variety for just about everything, and more options for activity than you can imagine.

Living in NYC also provided me with an interesting set of experiences. One of these was that, as one of the more “well-known” fitness professionals in the area, I became more sought out for business advice.

Personally, I believe that while this had a lot to do with my success (and rate of success helping others), it had more to do with the City itself. New York is one of those places that serve as both a crossroads and a destination, and a lot of folks find themselves passing through at one point or another. Many of these individuals, when in town, would reach out to me and want to meet up.

“Hey, I’m in town for three days, do you think you have time for coffee…?” was a phrase that popped up on social media and in my inbox with such frequency it seemed at times that half of my job was answering these queries, and the other half was actually going for coffee.

In fact, I conservatively estimate is that I had coffee, lunch or drinks (with the intent of discussing business) with no less than 150 people, most of who were in the fitness industry, or an industry related to it.

We would sit, and talk. They’d ask questions, and I’d give answers. We’d exchange ideas. They’d get really excited. We’d bounce around some names for potential products. I’d give guidance and they’d nod eagerly.

Sometimes these meetings would last 45 minutes, sometimes a few hours.

In the end, I would pick up the tab, give them a hug, and walk back to my apartment full of that special energy that only fills you when you know you just changed someone’s freakin’ life, MAN.

For the first several dozen, anyway. The next hundred…meh. Less exuberance.

Mainly because most of the first hundred didn’t do anything with the information I gave them. Neither did the majority of the second hundred.

It would have been easy to become cynical. And I think I would have…if not for the few people who actually stepped up.

And I do mean few.

Out of 150 people, I can name EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who actually did something with the information I’ve given them. Every single one.

Here’s an incomplete list (in no particular order):

This is an incomplete list, of course. It doesn’t include people I’ve been given small pieces of advice to, or helped in a less structured set-up, like Molly Galbraith, David Dellanave, or Jen Sinkler. To anyone I’m leaving out, it’s simply because I feel I can’t take even 1% credit for what you have achieved.)

Anyway. Out of 150+ people, there are only a about two dozen who have taken the information and actually done something with it. Not a very good ratio.

In fact, it’s awful: if this were baseball, I’d be sitting with a batting average of 0.16.


…they were all home runs.

And that has always been enough to keep me saying “yes” when someone asked if we could go out to coffee, or approached me for coaching. Because while swinging at all those pitches can be exhausting, it was worth absolutely it to hit the home runs.

Because they weren’t just home runs for me: those coffee meetings that turned into legit mentorships helped change the course of the respective lives of the people who sat across from me at that coffee shop, or bar, or wherever we happened to be.

This has always made it worth it to me. Knowing that I’d helped people double or triple their income (and then double or triple it AGAIN), get out of debt, quit a job they hate, or anything similar…that’s an amazing feeling.

Not to mention, in all instances, these people have become great friends. (Unfortunately for Neghar, she got more than she bargained for and wound up falling in love with me and having to deal with me full-time, but it’s worked out quite nicely for me.)

Why were these people special? Why did they use the information and go on and crush shit, while the others are still…well, doing whatever it is they’re doing?

A few reasons. A bit of it is just inherent: some people just “have it”, or are just willing to hustle harder.

The greater part of it was this: all of these people were interested in more than just coffee; they wanted mentorship. They didn’t want to “pick my brain” – they wanted to learn and keep learning.

As a result, all of these people had built-in accountability with me. Either they paid me, or their bond with me (be it friendship or something else) created extra drive to make things happen. And as is the case with fitness coaching, accountability is everything.

Obviously there are a host of factors, but those are the big ones, at least to my mind.

You’ll have to ask them why THEY thing they are succeeding (and I hope you do). Here are a few quick comments, though…






Firstly, to congratulate these individuals for all they’ve accomplished in the time since they sat with me in NYC.

Secondly, to make you aware of the fact that when people succeed in this industry, the odds are usually against them; so if you see someone crushing it, respect their hustle.

Thirdly, to drive home the fact that, yes, I am finally going to be offering Business Coaching again. You’ll have an opportunity to request more information, to do a screening, and potentially to sign up. Which is why I have provided a bit more information about coaching below, as well as an application for you to fill out. But before you do, read the final point…

Fourthly, to make one thing about business coaching clear: at this point in my life and career, I am *only* interested in home runs. Only. If you’re ready to really and truly take things to the next level–whatever that means to you—I’m potentially interested in working with you.

  • You wanna write a book? Awesome.
  • You wanna release a product that the market actually needs? I’m in.
  • You wanna get published in every magazine that ever was? Let’s fucking do this.
  • You ready to start pumping out amazing content and changing lives? Fuck yes.

But if you’re just trying to start a blog because you don’t know what else to do, or are looking for someone to teach you how to market your “me-too” product, please look elsewhere.

I only want home runs, so I am only going to work with sluggers.

Put bluntly: I am done with fruitless coffee dates.

With all of that said, let me tell you a bit more about the entire coaching experience…


That’s a great question, and an important one. It works however you “need” it to work. Or, more accurately, in the way that works best for your business.

My first task is to help you decide what you actually need me for; the right aspect of coaching that is going to get you from where you are to where you have to go next. If this is a Hero’s Journey, I am your mentor, and want to help you cross the thresholds at the right time.

To do that, I’ll really be the final word on which services you actually need.

BUT – so you know a bit more about them. I have a few different ways I actually do this coaching thing…



This is what it sounds like: you and I get on the phone and I give you advice, guidance, and no-bullshit action steps to get to the next level.


  • You have pre-existing ideas for products or services. In this case, I give you guidance and help flesh out your ideas out and bring them to fruition. (For example, if you have an idea for a product, I will help you with the basic outline, give feedback on sales copy, name, etc.)
  • You’re looking to get published in magazines. My goal here would be to give feedback on articles ideas and structure, teach you how to pitch them, and—when you’re ready— put you in contact with editors.
  •  You’re looking to increase blog engagement. I can help you with layout and testing to increase conversion. For your nutrition coaching, I can give guidance on the systems.

Those are the “direct” benefits. The indirect benefits are probably even more important, however. During our time together, you’ll learn all about my general ideas on writing and publishing, get to understand the way the my online business works from both the inside and outside, and will usually pick up a few contacts and build your network.

With this option, if there is a product, I tend to promote it pretty hard, which works out well for the two of us.

Generally, this is done using a combination of phone/Skype, and email. While I AM willing to do just a single hour of coaching, to really get the most out of things, I prefer that people commit to a small block of time.

Typical packages are:
  • 3 hours (good for people just getting started)
  • 6 hours (good for people ready to release a product who want things to go smoothly and have some very specific things they want to learn)
  • 10 hours (someone who wants to be taken through a specific business interaction soup to nuts, while learning a shit ton)

Cost varies based on time, but the more you do, cheaper it gets. I WILL SUGGEST PACKAGES when you fill out the application.

AVAILABILITY: 6-8 spots. I’m willing to do about 4 hours of phone coaching every week. However many people it takes to full that works for me.


In a partnership, the client and I work side by side on everything for a specific product or project. The goal is to come up with an idea (or take one of your existing ideas) and build it start to finish.

To give you an example, this is what Roger Lawson and I did with the Zombie Apocalypse  Survival Workout. He and I own that product jointly, and we split everything 50/50 (although I promote it as an affiliate as well).

BENEFITS: You obviously get everything from option one, and several other things. These are legion, but the two primary ones are these:

  1. Given that I own half the product and it has my name on it, I recruit as many of my affiliates as I can and obviously promote it very hard. Generally speaking, these products do much better, just by virtue of having my name attached to them.
  2. Secondly, because we’re working on both a product and a launch together, you learn about everything from the inside out, including product creation, affiliate management, contest structure. It’s a crash course in how to It’s fun and we wind up spending a lot of time teaching each other.


  • You’re not just starting out, and already have an established presence online, but just haven’t gotten things to “click” in the right way to monetize that presence.
  • You have a great product idea and need help bringing it to market.
  • You’re willing to travel. At some point we’ll probably want to meet up, so be ready to grab your gear and head to Cali for at least a few days. (There will be punch and pie.)
  • People tell you that you’re fun to be around. Since we’re’ going to be spending time together, this is important. If you are more annoying than I am, we have a problem.

Partnerships are basically like friendships with money and high fives built right in. They are my favorite way to run my business. Most of the best products are created this way, and we will bro-out hardcore.

With a partnership, we’ll definitely be meeting in person, crushing life, and bringing a single kick ass product or project to the market. It’s going to be awesome.

You’ll pay an upfront retainer, and then we split all costs going forward.

AVAILABILITY: 2-3 spots available for this. Because there’s so much work involved, can’t really be dedicated to too many at once.

Option three: the PUBLISHING model

This is really popular in fitness circles, but I do it very, VERY rarely. It’s very difficult to find someone I think is a good fit.

Publishing works very much like a traditional publishing model in the book world: the author does the majority of the work and the publishing company makes and upfront investment, and the majority of the marketing. And, to be fair, the publisher makes the lion’s share of the profits, at least in the short term.


  • You’re just starting out, but you have an AMAZINGLY AWESOME IDEA that I predict will do incredibly well. Even if you’ve just started blogging, if you have an idea that will crush, we can work together. It just needs to be truly special.
  • You have that certain something. Some people have that X-factor that lets you know they can really be awesome at this game. I’m great at spotting it. If you have it, I’m willing to back you and help you shine.
  • You are truly, truly coachable. The truth of this is, you’re starting from scratch. I’m happy to be your Miyagi, but I need you to listen and work your ass off.

In this model, I handle the marketing and advise on product creation, but the author does all of the work. It’s YOUR idea done YOUR way, and I simply have a hand in making it successful. As a publisher, I front the cost of creating the product: graphics, web design, and copywriting. In return I would own 70% of the product.

Again, this is generally best for people who either don’t have an online presence yet, and are trying to enter into the scene with a bang; OR people who do have a presence and simply want to worry about product creation and not marketing.

AVAILABILITY: I have just ONE spot available. You and your product idea have to be next level. No pressure.

That’s the basic gist of it.

I have those options for business coaching, and those spots. When they fill up, I’m going to be busy helping these people crush, and probably won’t have time to take anyone else on for a while.

Obviously, I can’t work with just anyone—you have to be a good fit for one of these programs, so you have to APPLY by filling out the form below. Once you’ve done that, I’ll email you with more information: everything from availability to pricing.

(NOTE: I know it’s sort of a pain in the ass not to mention price at all, but I prefer to keep some things close to the vest. I will say, however, that my standard rate for a 1-hour phone call is $897. The hourly rate for everything above is going to be much less expensive, but that’s a jumping off point.)

The long and short of it is that I honestly believe I can change your business and your life.

At least 10 times a week, someone reaches out to me and asks, “how do I do what you do?” Well, this is how. This is me offering to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I’ve gotten where I am, exactly how I’m continuing to grow, and exactly how you can get here, as well.

If that’s something you’re interested in, just fill out the application, and we can get started.

Looking forward to working with you.



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