Super Hero Workout

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Super Hero Workout

If you think you think that only “celebrities” can go from soft to insanely ripped in mere months…if you think only elite athletes and actors can have transformations so incredible you think they’re photoshopped…


Because the secrets I’m about to show you have nothing to do with expensive personal trainers, supplements, or strange diets.  Just like Gerard Butler did before 300…or Chris Hemsworth did before Thor…or Ryan Reynolds before The Green Lantern

Just 90 days from now, you have body a lot like one of the superhero characters you see in the movies. You just have to follow a few simple steps.  After all, when I started on my quest to get the most ripped look possible, I definitely didn’t achieve it by magic, or overnight. But it did happen. It took a while (much longer than it would now), and I learned a few hard but really IMPORTANT lessons along the way.

Here’s the thing – it was incredibly hard for me, but it DOESN’T have to be that way for you. This is the exact reason why I specifically created the Super Hero Workout to help you: because if you know what you’re doing, it isn’t as impossible as it seems.  In fact, those lessons I learned taught me that it doesn’t even have to be that hard to get the kind of results that seem reserved for celebrities.  Don’t tell me—you don’t believe me, right? I get that a lot. My clients always say it when we first get started. They’re just like you. And just like I used to be.  Just like my clients, I bet when you watch super hero flicks like the X-Menseries or Thor, you tell yourself,

“There’s simply no way I could ever look like that.”

Well, in the words of Wolverine, I’ve got news for you, bub.

The truth is, those beautiful people in the skin tight leather fighting the bad guys on screen weren’t born that way – they had to follow a specific plan…but…they also had to do it the RIGHT way.

The Holy Grail of Fitness: Re-Composition

The Super Hero physique I’ve achieved, and those I’ve helped thousands of men and women build didn’t just happen. They came from a system that revolves around ONE fundamental principle…and I made a point of keeping this in mind as I carefully assembled The Super Hero Workout.

You see, in order to achieve the types of physiques that look so impressive on the big screen, they have to do something normally considered “impossible” by most fitness professionals.

Building a Super Hero body in as little as 12 weeks requires people (whether they’re movie stars or averages Joes) have to achieve the so-called “Holy Grail” of fitness—they have lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

And by focusing on that principle as the goal, I eventually devised the ultimate training program for body re-composition, for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain.

  • During PHASE ONE, you’ll get considerably stronger; however, because of the structure of the workouts, you’re going to lose fat and gain a bit of muscle. This occurs because you’re doing hybrid workouts that have a strength component with heavy weights early in the session, and metabolic work at the end. Throughout the weeks of Phase One, you’ll always be challenging yourself and building strength, but never pushing too far to inhibit recovery.
  • In PHASE TWO, your focus is eliciting an increase in muscular endurance while burning fat. This is accomplished through the use of density training, where progression from week to week is based on doing more work in less time. But because of Phase One, you’re now a lot stronger and more explosive; this allows you to use heavier weights during the fat-burning density workouts of Phase Two, which in turn means you’ll be burning more fat and increasing strength endurance.
  • From there, you move on to PHASE THREE, which is purely dedicated to building muscle. As such, you’ll be required to train with higher reps; however, you won’t need to lighten the load. Because of the strength increases in Phase One, and the endurance you built in Phase Two, you’ll now be able to lift heavier weight for MORE reps, which in turn allows you to build even more muscle.
  • Finally, there’s PHASE FOUR, which focuses on overall athleticism. To accomplish this, you’ll have to force your body to call upon each one of the qualities you’ve previously developed, first piecemeal and then all together. As a result, during that phase, you’ll continue to increase strength, burn even more fat, and build more muscle, SPECIFICALLY because your body has become more efficient (and proficient) at each one.

All of which is to say that with the Super Hero Workout v2.0, the holy grail of body recomposition isn’t just “possible” – it’s damn near guaranteed.

Included In This Package

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