RFS Mastermind

If you’re reading this, it means you’re on the outside rim of the inner circle, about to move inward towards something special.

Two years ago, I finally decided to listen to all of the peeps who are either smarter than I am or simply have a better idea of how I can leverage my time to help the people I believe in become more successful in the shortest period of time. And so I started a business mastermind.

Since then, I’ve helped a select core of individuals straight up crush it on their way to leveling up.

Working directly with other entrepreneurs and helping them build their platforms, change their lives, and increase their income—that has been one of the most fulfilling decisions I’ve made in my career. 

That’s why you’re here: you could be next. 

If you want to work with me, if you want help taking your business to where it should be, if you’re interested in getting published and writing books, and running high priced coaching programs and having a business that makes you a killing doing something you love…then you may want to take a moment and read this page.

If you’re ready to join a diverse group of professionals in all of the industries surround fitness, if you’re ready to network with high-level entrepreneurs and marketing geniuses, then I’m about to blow the doors off things for you.

The RFS Mastermind is here. You’ll meet awesome folks, expand your network, build your businesses at an accelerated rate, and—of course–make more money.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s just be clear that I’m going to do what I can to make this a no-brainer for you, to really make sure that you get insane value from it. But before any of that, let’s cover the basics. 

WAIT! What’s A Mastermind?

Forgive the redundancy here, but for the sake of being thorough, I want to get all of the basics on paper so that everyone knows the score.

A mastermind is basically a coaching group of like-minded individuals who network and share ideas, with the intention of helping everyone in the group advance both individually and collectively. (So far as I know, the origin of the term goes back to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.)

Speaking typically, a mastermind group has no real “end” date, but for the purposes of ease, I like to view this as a year-long coaching group. This not only creates some urgency, but also allows us a really healthy timeline against which to measure consistently increasing revenue and other valuable metrics.

How Masterminding Works

As a group, we meet 3-4 times per year in person in various cities over the course of the year.

Each meeting has its own theme or focus for the weekend, but, in terms of or the overall goal of the mastermind, my aim is to help everyone in the group do what I’ve done: create a 7-figure-plus business that pulls in active and passive revenue from a number of diverse revenue streams.

Getting a bit more in depth, my goal is to teach you the ins and outs of:

  1. Writing awesome fitness content and getting published like a boss

  2. Creating products that sell like crazy

  3. Copywriting mastery to help you do exactly that

  4. Affiliate shit — which is everything from managing and recruiting affiliates to maximizing your own back-end affiliate income

  5. Creating coaching programs that bring in as much as $60K per month

  6. Networking like a fucking maniac

All of that cool biz stuff that you need to know to help build, thicken, and maintain all of the pieces of a thriving business.

Further Goals

Having a highly profitable online business is like running complex machinery–there are a lot of moving parts. I’m not here to just help you build a bigger machine (or, worse, a machine with bigger parts), I’m here to help you create something that functions smoothly and easily, without as much attention as you might think.

A big part of this is built right into the coursework of the mastermind itself.

I can tell you first hand that building a big, profitable business that demands ALL of your time is actually WORSE than having a small business that makes almost no money. You’ll very quickly learn that time is more valuable as a currency than cash. Trust me.

To help you avoid that, we focus on everything you need to live an awesome life: scheduling, outsourcing, delegation, hiring amazing employees, time-management, basically guiding yourself towards greatness.

What You Actually GET

We’re Gonna Hang Out

As I said, we meet four times per year. The meetings are three days of pure content, with talks given by myself, and various high-level mastermind guest speakers.

Every meeting has one day dedicated to a traditional “hot seat” style mastermind, during which you will have a chance to explain your business in full, and for everyone else–myself, your fellow members, speakers, etc–to give you invaluable feedback on every aspect of what you’re doing.  

The mastermind hot seat is the single most important and productive day you can imagine. Not only do you learn directly from people who are doing what you want to be doing, you get SPECIFIC instructions on things to change–tweaks to sales copy, ways to increase revenue, and things you can drop entirely to save time.

As mentioned, each meeting has a theme, or focus. Obviously, every meeting covers all aspects of business and touches on anything you specifically need to work on, but I think it’s helpful to do some directed coursework in advance.

To that, one meeting is always dedicated towards writing and getting published (articles, ebooks, traditional books); another meeting is devoted to all aspects of social media (learning and mastering new platforms; maximizing revenue via things like facebook ads), and so on.

Each meeting has anywhere from 3-6 EXPERT speakers to come in and teach you about that specific topic. Because, as I like to say, you’ve gotta have a guy for that.

  • Want to learn about facebook ads? We’ve got a guy for that.

  • Need to learn how to use Instagram to drive business to your coaching program? We’ve got a guy for that.

  • Trying to figure out how to get into Men’s Health? Got a guy for that, too.

The point is, no one builds a 7-figure business alone. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from people who have been there before.

Lucky for us, I know A LOT of giants, and I bring them in so you can meet them, learn from them, network with them, and ultimately profit from all the great shit they’ve done.

The Rest of the Year

Meeting up four times a year is awesome. We learn, we party, and it’s awesome. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And the truth is, it needs to be.

Because as much as we kill it during those meetings, the fact is, you can only get so much accomplished in three days. And if we’re hanging out for a total of 12-15 days…what about the other 350 days of the year?

Good question.  

In between the mastermind meetings you’ll have access to our private online group where each and every day the group is sharing their newest promotions that are working for them and the big business breakthroughs they’re having so that you can easily swipe and model their success.

Speed of success is amplified because of the online group and the constant sharing of what’s working now to drive more traffic and boost sales and conversion.

It’s a Team Effort

As I’ve mentioned — this isn’t just “my” mastermind. It’s the official RFS mastermind. That means you’re getting me, my staff and team, and my network.

The fact is, I’ve built a huge business, but I haven’t been able to do it alone. I’ve hired amazing people who have taken projects I’ve assigned them and run with them in directions I would never have been able to dream up. Things are better with more brainpower, and my team has a lot of brainpower.

Whether you want to create and launch a new product (or series or products), start a clothing line, or start selling high-ticket coaching that nets 10s or thousands a month, I’ve got someone on my team who has helped me do EXACTLY that. In addition, my network of friends and speakers (which includes everyone from Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi to Ryan Holiday and Rick Rubin) is extensive enough that we can pretty much fill any gap you need.

Socrates said that true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. And while I don’t claim to be truly wise, I’m definitely smart enough to know that I don’t know everything–so I surround myself with people who know a lot more about things I don’t. And we’re going to make absolutely CERTAIN that between my network and the RFS team, we leverage every person we know to help your business grow.

So. Let’s fucking do this.

Action Steps

If this is something you’re interested in, just fill out the application below, and we can get started.

I’m pumped to do this, and now that I’m actually getting it started, I can tell you that I’ve rarely been this excited about a project. Can’t wait to help you take it to the next level, brah. 




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