The SoCal Fitness Summit is a GO!

Yes, I’m actually putting together a SoCal Fitness Summit for 2017.

And I would love for you to come and rock out with us. There’s going to be punch, pie, deadlifts, and at least one guy pretending to be a Unicorn. 

So, yeah. We’re doing the damn thing. 

I registered the domain for it, and at some point, I will absolutely create a nice, delicious, long-form sales page. But for the time being, just wanted you to be able to sign up.

Besides, this event isn’t really about sales or marketing; it’s about bringing together awesome people and booking insane presentations filled with tasty content and a warm nougat center.

LOTS more details to come, but in the mean time, here are the bones of this thing:

  • WHEN: February 2-4 
  • WHERE: the Greater LA area
  • WHAT: I’m going to bring in some awesome speakers, and we’re going to party super hard every night.
  • WHY: Because we can.

I’m sure you’re already experiencing major FOMO, so you can get signed up now. 

The full retail price for the event will be $397 USD. Because ‘murica. BUT, right now there’s a fun early bird discount that saves you 100 dolla dolla bills, y’all. 

Making it easy for ya, we’ve got two options: you can do the full one-time payment of $297 here or 2 installments of $167 here

Early bird discount expires June 1, so put a little skin in the game and let’s get this party started. 

Can’t wait to see you there. It’s going be so fetch.