7 Best CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) Supplements (2022) Reviewed and Compared

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Coenzyme Q10 is a molecule produced by the body that supports energy production at the cellular level. It has hundreds of studies on a wide array of areas, but it’s beginning to garner research as a longevity supplement.

What are the benefits of CoQ10 supplements?

Because it’s a molecule with a broad function, most of its benefits are more general rather than direct in nature. For example, it may support an anti-aging protocol, but probably as a side effect of improved metabolism and reduced inflammation.

In fact, some studies have shown that CoQ10 declines with age, and is accompanied by typical reductions in metabolism.

That said, there are some specific areas where it has been studied.

Improved Blood Flow and Decreased Blood Pressure

Several studies have shown that CoQ10 supplementation improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure. These links are strongest in obese populations and groups with high blood pressure.

A study looking at both trained and untrained people showed that CoQ10 supplementation even improved endurance, so the benefits may apply to broader populations.

Offset the Weakening Effects of Statins

Statins are a medication for heart conditions. One of their main side effects is a general pain and weakening of the muscles. A few studies have shown that CoQ10 supplementation can improve these pain symptoms.

Improved Brain Health

CoQ10 supplementation has been linked to a decrease in migraines, likely due to overall decreases in inflammation. It can also reduce the risk and impact of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Again, these are specific benefits that arise out of general health increases.

In sum, CoQ10 improves our general mitochondria, cell, and therefore bodily functions, which has an array of benefits.

The Best CoQ10 Supplements on the Market

So let’s get into the best CoQ10 supplements on the market.

1) Renue by Science LIPO CoQ10

Renue by science best coq10 supplement

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Renue by Science has separated themselves from the rest of the industry when it comes to longevity products for a few reasons.

First, they have the strictest testing standards around. They manufacture all of their products in an FDA-approved facility, and display the purity lab results of every single batch. Of course they’re cGMP certified, but their testing goes well beyond that.

Second, they use a liposomal delivery system. The problem with many oral supplements is that to get into our cells, first they have to make it through our digestive tract. This is partially why many supplements have poor bioavailability.

Renue uses liposomal capsules, which basically wrap the CoQ10 molecules in a protective lipid layer. As numerous studies have now shown, this increases absorption. That means you can take a smaller dose and have the same effect, or a normal dose and have a greater effect.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules with 200mg of CoQ10. Each bottle costs $53, but you can get 10% off with our link.

2) Renue by Science NAD+ Energizer

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Next, we have another liposomal product from Renue, but it contains more than just CoQ10. It contains several ingredients that support metabolism and mitochondrial function, including glutathione, apigenin, and resveratrol.

If you’re looking for more general longevity and health benefits, this could be a better option. Each of these ingredients has its own benefits, so it depends on your goals and what you’re looking for.

That said, this is a top-tier product, and one designed to check off a lot of boxes if your goal is to generally feel better and live longer.

Each bottle has 60 capsules that contain…

  • 65mg of glutathione
  • 25 mg of CoQ10
  • 15mg of apigenin
  • 65mg of resveratrol

3) Codeage Nanafood Liposomal CoQ10

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Codeage also has a third-party tested and liposomal CoQ10 product that comes in the form of a literal snack.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of snacks. Every snack pouch contains 100mg of CoQ10. It’s pretty tasty, vegan, and has 0g of sugar.

With 30 pouches for $40, it’s also not a bad deal.

4) Doctor’s Best CoQ10 with BioPerine

doctor's best coq10 supplement review

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Doctor’s Best CoQ10 isn’t liposomal like the previous products, so it’s not bioavailable. However, they do have BioPerine, which is a black pepper extract that can support absorption.

Their product is also a great value. A bottle with 180, 200mg capsules is under $40, and you can choose smaller bottles for a less expensive option.

All of Doctor’s Best’s products are cGMP-certified.

5) NOW Foods CoQ10, 200mg

now foods coq10 review

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If you’re ever looking for a simple, reliable brand to try a new supplement, NOW Foods should be one of the first brands you turn to. Their CoQ10 product contains no fluff.

You can get doses ranging from 30mg up to 200mg per capsule. A bottle with 60 capsules and 200mg is under $20. This is a bit more expensive than DB per capsule, but less expensive upfront.

All of NOW’s products are cGMP-certified.

6) California Gold Nutrition CoQ10 with BioPerine, 100mg

california gold coq10 review

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California Gold’s CoQ10 product also contains BioPerine to increase absorption. You can buy 100mg or 200mg capsules, but their 100mg capsules are a better deal. You can get 150, 100mg capsules for under $25.

All of California Gold’s products are cGMP-certified.

7) Life Extension CoQ10 with d-Limonene

life extension coq10 review

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This product from Life Extension is a bit more expensive per gram, but it does contain d-Limonene, which they claim increases absorption. However, the research on d-Limonene for absorption is weaker than BioPerine, and a lot weaker than liposomal delivery.

How We Ranked

Here are the factors that went into our rankings.

Company Quality

Because the supplement industry is rife with crap, we only included companies that are cGMP-certified and do third-party testing.

However, there are ways companies can scoot by even with cGMP, so we gave a bump to companies that go beyond this, like Renue. They manufacture in an FDA-approved facility and display their batch results.


Next, we looked at the ingredients in the supplements. Liposomal delivery is more effective than non-liposomal, so we gave a nudge there. We also looked at CoQ10 supplements that contained more than just CoQ10.

Cost and Dose

And of course, we factored in the cost and dosage. All else being equal, we had the less expensive product ahead. That’s the case with Doctor’s Best. It’s a quality product that also comes at an effective dose and great price.


Does CoQ10 supplementation have any side effects?

It seems to be safe but more research is needed to evaluate its safety in the long term. In animals, a massive dose of 350mg/kg body weight has been observed to exacerbate the effects of aging, but human studies don’t suggest any convincing adverse effects from normal doses.

Can I get CoQ10 from food?

Yes. It’s especially abundant in organ meats. It’s also lower quantities in meat, fatty fish, vegetables like broccoli and spinach, and fruits like oranges and strawberries.

Is ubiquinol or ubiquinone the more potent form of CoQ10?

Based on the research right now, they seem to be equally effective at raising CoQ10 levels in the body.

What Other Supplements Support Longevity?

This is a topic of deep interest to us. We have written similar guides on the best NMN supplements, the best hyaluronic acid supplements, and more.

If you’re looking for a company that has the highest quality and most bioavailable longevity supplements on the market, there’s a reason why Renue by Science tops our lists.

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