zinc supplements

Zinc Supplements: To Take Or Not to Take

“You know it makes your semen loads bigger,” John said to me on my first morning visiting him and Amanda in Los Angeles. “Yeah, you’ll see.” He handed me a white supplement capsule from a…

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5 Common Supplement Questions

Supplements are an interesting part of the fitness industry. You generally have a few very varied opinions—some people love them, some people hate them. At RFS we are a bit of a rarity because we’re…

Magnesium Breakthrough

The Best Magnesium Supplement

“Yeah, well. It’s only a matter of time before everybody’s taking it. Magnesium is the new vitamin D.“ This is what one of the most respected NHL performance coaches told me when magnesium supplementation come…

The Truth About Plant-Based Protein

Everything you need to know about being a vegetarian (or vegan) and making sure you’re getting enough plant-based protein.