2-Minute Chia Seed Yogurt Recipe (30g+ of Protein!)

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In many ways, this is just an extension of my article on a high-protein yogurt bowl.

All the ingredients.

I think when it comes to yogurt recipes, it’s really easy to get fancy. It’s tempting to go by 17 different types of fruit, fret over which yogurt to purchase (I’ll tell you here what to get), and worrying about letting it sit in the fridge for 24 hours before you eat it.

Here’s an easy, high-protein chia seed yogurt recipe that you can make in 3 minutes.

It’s simple by design: I don’t want to spend much time worrying about it either.

Step #1: Unflavored Nonfat Greek Yogurt

The brand hardly matters. But fat-free Greek yogurt packs a ton of protein. Get unflavored, because you’ll be adding something delicious next.

Step #2: Add 1/2 Scoop of Protein Powder

This is a key step for a few reasons. First, it brings the protein total up already to around 30 grams. Now, it’s high-protein meal, not just sugars masquerading as something healthy, which is the case with most of these yogurt parfait, and chia overnight oat contraptions.

Second, it makes it taste great. Most protein powders taste delicious these days. Ideally, opt for a 100% isolate protein. There are lots of great brands out there, and you can see some of my favorites in this article on low lactose protein powders.

A half scoop I’ve found to be best from a taste and consistency perspective. A full scoop can make it really thick and too sweet for my preference, but you’re welcome to add more.

Step #3: Add Chia Seeds and Mix It All

Next, you add as many chia seeds as you want. Then you mix it all together.

There’s a lot of talk (mostly on TikTok) about how chia seeds need to “gel” in order to be absorbed. I don’t see any convincing evidence that this is true. With that said, I have found that by mixing the chia seeds in with the yogurt and the protein, they do start to have that “gel” texture which means they’ve absorbed water, which comes from the yogurt.

Step #4: Fruit(s) of Your Choice

Not much to say here. I like to put half a banana and then another fruit that I’ll rotate. Sometimes it’s blueberries, other times strawberries. I try to eat in-season, which means if I’m eating blueberries in December, it’s because I froze them.

(Optional) Step #5: Natural Peanut Butter

This is the step that really makes it taste like a dessert. Just one spoon (about half a serving) provides some healthy fats and also just makes this recipe taste incredible.

That’s Really It.

I love the saying, “Once you get fancy, fancy gets broken.” Leave the overnight chia sugar-laden oats with 12 ingredients aside.

Yogurt, protein, chia seeds, fruit of your choice, and peanut butter if you want it.

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