Final Phase Fat Loss Bodyweight Edition 2.0 Sample Workout

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final phase fat loss bodyweight edition 2.0

One of the challenges with bodyweight workouts is creating a program that pushes you the way training in a gym does. After all, a basic tenant of why exercise works in the first place is that when we do something our body hasn’t seen before, it has to adapt. In typical progressive overload programs, we continue to challenge our bodies by adding more weight.

And of course, this works. That’s why we all lift weights, after all, and why weight training is just about synonymous with physique enhancement.

However. Weight training, and adding weight, is only a tool to help shed fat and build muscle. But it’s not the only option in our arsenal. If you’re training without access to equipment, you can still get great results by using different exercises, tempos, and styles of training that you’ve never done before.

For example, if you do a novel exercise, you’re going to hit your muscles in a slightly different way. Your body won’t be used to this, and just like when you go up in weights in the gym, your body has to adapt.

You actually don’t need heavy weight to build muscle and burn fat.

With Final Phase Fat Loss Bodyweight Edition 2.0, we’ve even taken this a step further. It’s true that varying the exercises, tempo, rest times, and more will make some kind of change, but if you’re just randomly making adjustments for the sake of giving your body something new, you won’t really know what those adjustments will be.

So, we took the proven Final Phase Fat Loss methodology, involving 4 different training styles each with a specific purpose, and applied bodyweight training methods to them.

The Final Phase Fat Loss Training Styles

Each of the 4 training styles in Final Phase Fat Loss has a specific purpose.

Dynamic Training

Dynamic training workouts involve many exercises that use more than one major muscle group at the same time. Doing this increases IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity.

When you increase insulin sensitivity, to make a complex scientific explanation short, you win. Burning fat becomes much easier because your body uses carbohydrates more efficiently.

Lactic Acid Training

Lactic acid training involves moving through very slow tempos to produce more lactic acid. As mentioned in this article on lactic acid training, increasing lactic acid leads to an increase in growth hormone, a hormone often dubbed the “fountain of youth.” GH is one of the few hormones that can help you shed fat and build muscle at the same time, and can get you very lean without excessively cutting calories.

Density Training

As the name implies, density training is doing more volume in less time. Imagine if you had to cram what you normally do in 75 minutes into 45 minutes. That’s density training. Density training leads to many hormonal changes, one of which is increasing testosterone (which has obvious benefits for building muscle and burning fat).

Read more about density training here.

Strength Circuit Training

Strength is the foundation of everything from hypertrophy to speed. When you’re stronger, you can hold onto and build more muscle, which is especially a challenge as you try to cut fat. By strength training, you can help build more muscle, which is more metabolically expesnive for your body to carry and can lead to fat burning without changing your diet.

In the context of bodyweight training, strength training won’t involve the traditional low rep approach with heavy weights (because we don’t have heavy weights). Instead, we’ll tap into the benefits higher rep schemes where you focus on maximal contractions and move through a circuit.

Sample Final Phase Fat Loss Bodyweight Workout

Now that you understand that you can make progress with bodyweight training and exactly how we do that in FPFL Bodyweight, here’s a sample workout right from the program.

Lactic Acid Workout #1

“A” Set – 3 rounds

A1) Pike Press – 10 reps – 4 second concentric

A2) Wall Squat – 60 seconds *1-leg optional

A3) Superman Towel Row – 8-12 reps – 3-4 second concentric

Rest 30 seconds in between rounds. When you’ve completed all 3 rounds, move on to “Dynamic Interrupt 1”

Dynamic Interrupt 1

100 Jumping Jacks

30-second Plank

Move right into “B” exercises

“B” Set – 3 rounds

B1) Flamingo Squat – 15 reps each leg – 3-4 second concentric

B2) Elbows tucked (or diamond) Push Up – Max reps – 3-4 second concentric *Triceps emphasis

B3) Slider Hamstring Curls – Max (up to 25) – 3-4 second concentric *1-leg optional

Rest 30 seconds in between rounds. When you’ve completed all 3 rounds, move on to “Dynamic Interrupt 2”

Dynamic Interrupt 2

Push Up – Max

Hands Free Jumps – 25 reps

“C” Set – 2 Rounds

C1) Plank with TFL/IT Band Stretch (because mobility is important too, people) 6-10 reps per side

C2) Squat – 25 reps – 3-4 second concentric

Note: The “Dynamic Interrupts” are often included in between sets. To find out why they’re included, you’ll have to check out the program ;).

There you have it. As you can see from the exercises, we’re not reinventing the wheel, but we are slightly varying common exercises to challenge your body in new ways. And in the ways you’ll be challenged, you’re targeting specific hormonal adaptations, which, if you want to lose those last 5-10 pounds, is absolutely paramount. You CANNOT just keep cutting calories and expect yourself to get shredded. Your body is just not that simple.

And, considering gyms around the globe are closed, what better time to invest in a complete bodyweight program you can do at home without any equipment.

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final phase fat loss bodyweight edition 2.0

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