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Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single-Leg Hip Thrust: Perfect Form, Mistakes to Avoid, and Variations

Every great workout program should include single-leg exercises, and some serious work for the glutes. Lucky for you, the single-leg hip thrust checks both of these boxes.   What is a Single-Leg Hip Thrust?   Single-leg…

chess overprotection fitness goals

Overprotection: The Chess Lesson That Will Bulletproof Your Fitness Goals

A little while ago I saw this tweet from one of my favorite thinkers, Adam Robinson. In chess a CRUCIAL prophylactic concept is OVERPROTECTION: you don’t just protect an important piece or square— you OVERprotect…

Online Fitness Coach

Hiring the Right Online Trainer

All right. History lesson. Way back in the year 2005, Roman joined a small group of forward-thinkers who brought online training to the fitness landscape. Of course, online training is now a powerhouse service, the…

What Happens If You Hit Your Fat Loss Goal and HATE It?

What happens if you lose too much fat? If you get too lean? If you get your ideal body…and you hate it? This story, told as a fairy tale, explains exactly what to do.