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Cardio After Leg Day: Navigating Your Recovery

Ah, leg day — a ritual as revered as it is feared in the world of fitness. It’s that time-honored tradition where gym-goers push their lower limbs to the limit, leaving no squat unperformed, no…

Front foot elevated split squat

The Front Foot Elevated Split Squat: Execution, Benefits, and Common Mistakes

We all know about the Bulgarian Split Squat (also called the rear-foot-elevated split squat). But the BSS has a neglected younger sibling, the front foot elevated split squat. Like many youngest siblings, it’s overlooked, underappreciated,…

Single-Leg Training

The Case For Single-Leg Training

Kangaroos are cool. I mean, they can stand on their tail. And then kick you. While standing on their tail.  I took this video at Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth, Western Australia in May 2019.…

How to Construct the Perfect Leg Session in 6 Simple Steps

Spending just a little bit of time to construct a training session geared towards your goals will transform your physique in record time.