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Front foot elevated split squat

The Front Foot Elevated Split Squat: Execution, Benefits, and Common Mistakes

We all know about the Bulgarian Split Squat (also called the rear-foot-elevated split squat). But the BSS has a neglected younger sibling, the front foot elevated split squat. Like many youngest siblings, it’s overlooked, underappreciated,…

Single-Leg Training

The Case For Single-Leg Training

Kangaroos are cool. I mean, they can stand on their tail. And then kick you. While standing on their tail.  I took this video at Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth, Western Australia in May 2019.…

How to Construct the Perfect Leg Session in 6 Simple Steps

Spending just a little bit of time to construct a training session geared towards your goals will transform your physique in record time.

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Chicken Legs

Throw away your skinny jeans. Here’s how to get the most out of your leg training.