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wearable device metrics

The Two Biggest Ways You’re Failing to Use Your Wearable Device

Wearables. It’s the new fad word just like functional exercise, holistic living, and evidence-based.. But like most things that come in ‘fads,’ the true benefit and meaning of them often remains blurry, hidden behind a…

Active Recovery

Diminish Dastardly DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) With Active Recovery

We’ve all been there before. You start a new program, have a great workout, and everything is off to an awesome start. And then, a few days in, you wake up in the morning to…

Active Recovery

The 5 FASTEST Ways to Ease Sore Muscles

Whether you’re dealing with DOMS or just normal soreness after a workout, these scientifically proven methods will ease your muscles at a record speed.

The Science Behind Cold Therapy

You keep hearing about cold therapy and you’re rightfully skeptical. Here’s a scientific case for starting your day with a cold shower.