Super Hero Workout Nutrition Calculator

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In addition to giving you some badass nutrition info in the aptly named Nutrition Guide that accompanies the program, I wanted to go the extra step for everyone looking to make tremendous progress on the program.

To that end, I have removed the majority of the brain work when it comes to figuring our your nutrition requirements. Rather than having you figure out how much to eat, I’ve put together this calculator to do it for you. All you need to do is input a few simple pieces information, and your calories and macronutrients will be automatically computed for you.


  • Select the Phase of the program you’re in from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your current weight [in pounds, please]
  • Enter your current body fat percentage
  • Select the number of meals you would prefer to eat each day [4-6]
  • Click CALCULATE.
  • Marvel at the magnificence of technology.
  • Record/Screenshot the information.
  • Repeat for each Phase of the program.



Operating on the backend of this web app are over two dozen highly developed calorie/macro formulas. I’ve spent the past 12 years developing all of these formulas, and all of them have been tested on hundreds of clients. While I have formulas for every conceivable goal, those used by this app are specific to the Super Hero Workout, and take into account all of the demands that will be imposed upon you by the program. As such, they’re intended to be used only with SHW.

Each of the four phases of SHW is compatible with between 3-5 formulas, all designed to help you achieve the best possible scenario: building muscle without gaining fat. This can only happen if you’re eating the correct number of calories, comprised of the correct macronutrient ratios to facilitate muscle growth without spilling over into excess body fat.

That’s why there are so many formulas–to allow for to applicability to different body types, starting points, and activity levels. In order for you to make sure the calculations are exactly right for you, the app needs to determine which of the formulas is applicable; the information you enter will be used accomplish that. Once the appropriate formula is selected, your individual stats will be used as variables within that formula, factoring into the results.

All of these variables (including weight, body fat, lean body mass, program phase, etc) will be used to compute the exact amount of proteins, carbs, fats and overall calories you need to be eating on both training and non-training days. These numbers will be broken down and divided among the numbers of meals you selected upon input.

Refer back to and use the calculator frequently throughout the program. At the very least, you’ll need to use it at the beginning of every Phase, as they all use different formulas; however, I recommend that you also use it at the midpoint of each Phase, as well. Keep in mind that as you progress, you nutritional needs will change: whether you gain muscle or lose fat, the ideal amount of protein, carbs and fat may increase or decrease.

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