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“Wait a second… I don’t see XYZ program… do you still sell it?”

I (David), get emails like this all the time from longtime RFS readers. John, over the course of his time in the fitness industry, sold dozens of courses. Most of them live, untouched, in a Dropbox folder called “Every PDF ever.” Yes, that is actually the name.

The process for me to take all these old programs, edit out irrelevant or outdated information, and put them back up for sale, I’ve determined, is too much work. However, if you message me because you really want Omega Body Blueprint or Xtreme Fat Loss or whatever, I will check the Dropbox folder, and if it’s there, we can do some good old-fashioned negotiations for the programs.

(To be honest, you’ll probably get a great deal on them because I don’t really care.) So feel free to hit the contact form and we’ll go from there.