Einstein said, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” While he was probably talking about physics, it stands to reason that the same principle applies to everything else—including questions.

With that in mind, we respectfully ask that limit your email to 5-8 sentences; if you can’t summarize your issue and question into a few paragraphs, then you probably need to reassess and reword.

We’re absolutely here to help, and try to answer each and every email as quickly as possible; however, because we’re so inundated, we humbly ask that you help us help you by keeping your emails brief.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and shorter, to-the-point emails are easier to answer. This allows us to answer more, and everyone wins.

Secondly, please categorize your email as accurately as possible. As you fill out the form below, you’ll be prompted to select the subject matter; from there, you may be asked to be more specific. Please fill out all fields, so that we can send your question off to the right place.

Alternatively, you could simply post your question on our Facebook Page—that way, not only will it get answered, but other people can see and benefit as well.

Thanks in advance for your question, and for respecting our guidelines and the time they exist to protect.

We look forward to speaking with you,
the RFS Team

If you’re asking if we publish guest posts, the answer is yes, so please do not ask that. That’s why we have a page dedicated to our submission guidelines.