RFS Client Tools – Daily Tracking

Oh, hey there. Aren’t you looking snazzy today? I like those socks. Yeah, I can see them.

Anyway: check this video out. It’s a quick 3 minute overview of how to use Apotheo to record your macros and body fat. You can do this as often as you like, but more is better.

It’s super simple — just take a look:


Quick and easy, right? 

Now, I know tracking macros can seem like a headache, but I promise, it’s actually simpler than it seems.

To break it  down even further and really give you some insight, I went ahead and filmed a video showing me doing it in my for you.

The RFS Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Macros

Now, I have no idea why I decided to film that the day I got back from Vegas when I was still suffering from one of the most epic weekends of all time, but I think it does the job. So, watch it once or twice and pretty much all of your questions about how to measure your food. 

Also, I made this page exclusively for my coaching clients – because, ya know, we’re close like that. So you may want to bookmark this page, or save it wherever you do your saves, for reminders and quick access to these tutorials and resources.

Speeeaaaaking of resources… 

Client Resources for Measuring and Tracking