Metabolic Ramp Up Training


With Metabolic Ramp Up Training, I’m giving you a series of workouts that help you develop work capacity…

…which will make the plans in Lift Weights Faster even more effective. 



This is not just for people who are “new” to metabolic training. This is also great for experienced trainers who have been focusing on other things for a while.

If you’ve ever spent 12-16 week working on strength, and then tried a fat loss program, chances are you didn’t have much success…because your work capacity was just shit. This will be great for you.

So, whether you’re just getting started or just getting back into it, MRUT is a fantastic way to start getting lean and improve your work capacity so you can keep progressing.

Lose Fat, Develop Work Capacity, and Build Your Fitness Levels

My favorite method of working people up to MRT is with what I’ve always called “Break’em In Workouts”, but for the sake of using a term that sounds less sexual, we can refer to as Metabolic Ramp-Up Training, or MRUT.

As you would expect, this is a modified version of MRT that allows you to train pretty hard and burn fat without ever breaking. Executed correctly, MRUT helps you consistently get close to your threshold, then pulls you back and allows you to recover.

Essentially: MRUT consists of truncated MRT circuits, performed for pre-determined time blocks (rather than timing individual rest periods). These blocks are alternated with timed blocks of fairly easy active recovery—this keeps you moving, but allows you to get your shit together.

The key theory here is “push until you can’t, rest until you can.”

With MRUT, you want to be moving for the entire session, but you’ll only be working for about half of that time.