Here’s a bunch of kickass resources.

Oh, hello there. 

If you’re here, it means you saw me give a reasonably mediocre talk at the Fitness Business Summit. Just kidding; it was awesome.

Hopefully, nothing I said offended you. Kidding again; I don’t actually care.  

do care about giving you some incredible resources, though. So, to that end, I’ve put together a little package for you. Rather than emailing it to everyone individually, we’ve automated it. 

Just drop your info here, and you’ll be sent a few things:

  1. The slides from my FBS presentation
  2. A free copy of my guide Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit
  3. A list of my best resources on technical writing and storytelling
  4. A list of all of the most effective resources for copywriting and business
  5. A list of my favorite books, because if you’re gonna be an awesome writer, you gotta read a bunch. 

Want all that shit? Fuck yeah, you do. So, here ya go.

Enjoy, and happy writing

Love you long time.