how to master your self control and willpower

The 3 Keys to Master Your Self-Control and Willpower

‘How the hell did that happen?’ You look down at the crumb-laden sofa, wondering where the packets of crisps, boxes of chocolates, and bottles of wine appeared from. ‘It must have been the snack fairy…

How to stay in shape on vacation

7 Hot Tips To Stay in Shape While On Vacation

We all dream of the perfect vacation. Sprawled across the sun-soaked deckchair, we imagine ourselves sipping on Piña Coladas, nibbling on a selection of delectable honey-roasted peanuts, and devouring the local cuisine without a care…

stop procrastination in training

Why “Future You” Sucks

Note: This article was selected as the Personal Trainer Development Center’s Best Fitness Article for the week of February 14, 2021. Allow me to introduce Present You to Future You. Before you become formally acquainted…