dead bug exercise

The Dead Bug Exercise: 4 Variations for Contralateral Core Training

 The dead bug exercise is something you’ve probably heard of and it’s brought nothing but confusion into your life. I’m here to fix that. I can’t tell you why it’s called a dead bug or…

nordic hamstring curl

The Nordic Hamstring Curl: Benefits, Progressions, and Tips For Stronger Hamstrings

What the hell is a nordic hamstring curl? Is it some sort of cold-weather bicep curl? What makes it Nordic? Once you see it, you’ll likely know the exercise we’re talking about, because tons of…

hang power clean

How to Hang Power Clean: Step by Step, Benefits, and Common Mistakes

The Hang Power Clean is an exercise you’ve probably heard of and think looks cool but haven’t tried. Or, maybe you have tried it and just don’t feel comfortable doing it. As with all exercises,…