Fitness Almost Killed Me: Eating Disorder

Fitness Almost Killed Me: How to Tell The Difference Between Fitness & An Eating Disorder

I am in recovery from almost every eating disorder known to humanity, including exercise addiction. I have a tough relationship to fitness. While it sounds appealing—sounds healthy—sounds sexy, even, the truth is… fitness almost cost…

How to train like an athlete

3 Ways to Look Better By Training Like An Athlete

For many people training to perform your best paradoxically provides a safer and easier route to look your best. (This even puts aside the complex discussions of body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and other self-image issues…

More pulling less pressing posture

Stop Pressing So Damn Much: Pulling Program for Improved Posture

It’s happened. Aside from a well-done steak, it’s a trainer’s worst nightmare: Clients are now spending more time in front of their laptops and less time moving than ever before. Over the past year, there’s…