The landmine workout

A Sample From Our New Program “The Landmine Workout”

Welcome to the launch of our brand-new program The Landmine Workout. I’m a huge fan of landmine exercises, obviously. I’ve written now about seven articles on them. But really David, a whole program of landmine exercises? There…

t bar row

The T-Bar Row: Benefits, Variations, and Programming

The t-bar row might be one of the top five quintessential meathead exercises. It’s up there on the list of “exercises that don’t make you cool, but if you’re gonna do them, you might as…

how to landmine row

How to Landmine Row: Technique, Benefits, and Three Variations

Full stop, the landmine row is one of the best rowing variations out there. No, it’s not better than the dumbbell row or barbell bent-over row, but I’d put it in the same class.  It…