red supplement bottle

Should You Take HMB On Off Days?

Ah, the supplement aisleā€”a place where dreams of muscle gains and optimal performance are sold in shiny tubs and capsules. Among the myriad of options, you’ve probably come across HMB, or Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate if you’re…

berberine vs metformin

The Berberine vs Metformin Face-Off: Which is Better for Blood Sugar Control, Weight Loss, and Heart Health?

In the world of blood sugar management, two names stand out: metformin, a prescription drug, and berberine, a natural supplement used in alternative medicine. Both have a following for the treatment of type-2 diabetes mellitus and…

functional leg press alternative

6 Functional Leg Press Alternatives (With Demos)

The leg press is a classic gym exercise. On the surface, it seems great. It offers a way to train the leg and the squat movement without heavily loading the spine. However, in my opinion,…