6 Best D3 and K2 Supplements (2022) Reviewed and Compared

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Some things are just better together. While Vitamins D and K each provide their own benefits when taken separately, taking them together not only boosts these effects but creates new ones. As the saying goes, the sum is greater than its parts.

What Are Vitamins D3 and K2?

First, let’s talk about each vitamin separately.

Vitamin D has two forms. D2, known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is acquired from sunlight. D3 is acquired through consuming certain kinds of dairy.

While D2 is more well-known, D3 is more effective for oral supplementation, which is why it’s often used in scientific studies and supplements. It contributes to calcium absorption and plays a major role in bone health.

Vitamin K2 is a form of vitamin K. It can be produced by bacteria in your gut or found in animal products like fish and beef. K2 plays a significant role in the body’s blood clotting process and distribution of calcium. In other words, D3 helps the body absorb calcium, while K2 helps direct calcium to where it’s needed.

When combined, Vitamin D3 and K2 complement and increase each other’s effectiveness.

Why Should You Take a D3 and K2 Supplement?

New research shows that combining D3 and K2 might do the following:

  • Support bone health

A review of over 80 studies concluded that D3 and K2 were more successful at supporting bone health when used together than when used alone. This may be because D3 helps the body absorb calcium while K2 helps direct calcium to where it’s needed.

  • Improve cardiovascular health

Vitamin D3 and K2 can work together to fight against cardiovascular disease and reduce inflammation. One study demonstrated that D2 and K2 could soften arteries when combined, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

  • Prevent Deficiency in vitamin D

An estimated 40% of Americans aren’t getting enough vitamin D each day. A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to muscle weakness, bone loss, osteoporosis, and bone fractures. Taking a Vitamin D3 supplement can strengthen your bones and prevent a deficiency.

The Best 6 D3 and K2 Supplements

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

1) Double Wood Supplements D3 and K2 Drops 

double wood vitamin d3 and k2 drops

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Double Wood’s D3 and K2 supplement offers high-quality ingredients for a good price. It’s pretty potent, containing over 600% of your daily value of D3. It also includes MCT Oil as a base, which might help with absorption. It is also U.S.-manufactured, vegan, and free of gluten and soy.

Each bottle contains 30 servings. If it ends up not being for you, Double Wood offers a money-back guarantee, which shows that they are confident in their product.

2) Microingredients Vitamin D3 and K2 Softgels

vitamin d3 + k2 formula

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Microingredient’s Vitamin D3 and K2 supplement provides up to 300 servings, making it a great bulk option. Its soft gel capsule contains sunflower seed in addition to vitamin D3 and K2. It has no added preservatives, artificial colors, gluten, or soy, making it a good choice for alternative diets.

3) Thorne Research Vitamin D and K2 Drops 

thorne vitamin D drops

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Thorne Research’s D and K2 supplement is small but mighty. Just one bottle contains 200 servings. Its solution is free of gluten, dairy, and soy. It can be taken on its own or added to any beverage or meal. In addition, Thorne Research offers a testing kit on its website to determine if a vitamin D supplement is necessary for you.

4) Sports Research Vitamins D3 and K2

plant-based vitamin d3 and k2

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Sports Research offers a D3 and K2 supplement made with intentional, plant-based ingredients. It contains D3 derived from Lichen, K2 derived from chickpea, and virgin coconut oil all in a plant-based capsule. It’s manufactured in the USA and contains up to 60 servings.

5) MRM Nutrition Vitamin D3 & K2

MRM Nutrition Vegan Vitamin D3 & K2

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MRM Nutrition’s Vegan Vitamin D3 and K2 is another supplement on our list made with plant-based ingredients. Its D3 is extracted from Lichen and is free of nuts, soy, gluten, and yeast. Each bottle contains 60 servings if taking 1 capsule per day (which is recommended, because it contains over 300% of your daily value).

6) NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 & K-2

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NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 and K-2 offers a quality supplement at a great price point. Just one capsule provides your daily dose of D3, so it’s a good option if you’re worried about a vitamin D deficiency. Each bottle provides up to 120 servings. It comes in a vegetarian capsule and is safe for vegetarian, vegan, and keto diets.


Are there any drawbacks?

You can have too much of a good thing, and vitamin D is no exception. Excess vitamin D, known as vitamin D toxicity, can cause high calcium levels that result in the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Frequent urination
  • Kidney stones (in severe cases)

Although vitamin D toxicity is pretty rare, it’s best to follow the recommended supplement guidelines to avoid these symptoms.

As always, the best way to determine if a D3 and K2 supplement is right for you is by consulting a healthcare professional. If you want stronger bones and improved cardiovascular health, a D3 and K2 supplement is worth the try.

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