The 11 Best Greens Powders (2024) Reviewed and Compared

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✓ Medically Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Dr. Jesse Ropat, PharmD, RPh, B.Sc.

*AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: We include links to products throughout this article. If you purchase through any of these links, we receive a commission.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that only one in 10 adults meet their recommended fruit and veggie intake each day. Sorry, Mom.

While the best way to meet our dietary needs is by eating nutritious whole foods, “green powders” can be a great way to compensate for deficiencies in your diet and cover your nutritional bases. But with new green powders popping up on the internet every day, it can be hard to know where to start.

Especially when most greens powders have a few problems.

Best Greens Powder Taste Test

My 3 Favorites! Left to right: Morphogen, Kaged, and Huel.

(Note, while we use the term ‘greens powder’ or ‘greens drink,’ these are interchangable with a host of other common names and clever marketing phrases, like ‘superfood drink,’ or whatever).

The Problems with Most Greens Powders

First of all, most of them taste like wet grass. This is probably the worst-tasting category of supplement. Historically all of them tasted terrible, and it’s only in the last few years that better-tasting formulations have cropped up.

But many of the most popular greens powders still taste terrible.

Second, most of them are wet grass. 

With greens powders, we assume that since they’re green and taste bad, they must be good for us. This is simply not true.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with different grasses as ingredients, most of them include a ton of grasses that are inexpensive and provide minimal nutritional value. Meanwhile, they skimp out on the real superfoods.

Along these lines many use “proprietary blends.”

A proprietary blend is a product lists all the ingredients, but doesn’t share the dose. They only share the dose of the blend overall. This means they can say it has superfoods like blueberries and kale in the product, but only put a negligible amount in.

With a proprietary blend, you don’t know how much of what you’re getting. Even the most popular products on the market (like the one that sponsors every health podcast out there) do this. 

That’s why we’re here. In this article, we cover the health benefits of green powders, what you should look for in a green powder product, and our top picks for the best green powder supplements on the market.

 The 11 Best Green Powders (Updated 2024)

All right, now let’s get into the list.

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

1) Morphogen Nutrition: Nutrigen

Morphogen Nutrition Nutrigen Superfoods + Immunity + Digestion

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Morphogen’s Nutrigen is probably a product you won’t see on other lists. They’ve been slowly changing the supplement industry for the better with quality, transparent products.

There are a few aspects that make this greens powder the best available.

It tastes… not bad!


Big scoop!

It’s quite sweet, but the flavors are legit good with just water. You don’t need to mix it with other ingredients, juices, or sweeteners. It also mixes pretty well. There’s a bit of fiber that stays on the bottom so you have to “swirl” it as you drink, but as far as greens powders go it mixes well.

It comes in 5 flavors. Pineapple Mango is my favorite.

How? Nutrigen includes sucralose. Many products concern themselves with making it “all-natural” so they can include the popular marketing claim. However, sucralose has shown little actual health downsides at well-studied doses. The ingredient has been around for decades now, and despite the frantic panic about its affects on gut health, that really hasn’t borne out in human studies.

Quality ingredients and NO proprietary blends.

Next, its overall quality is bar none, and you know exactly how much you’re getting of each ingredient. There are NO grasses in Morphogen. Their label says it all. TWO FULL GRAMS of superfood ingredients like blueberry, broccoli, kale, spirulina, tart cherry, and other superfoods, simply, you won’t find in any other greens product.

It also contains digestive enzymes, ProDURA® probiotics, and PureWay C® Vitamin C, a high-absorption form of the popular immune vitamin.

Read that label for yourself. It’s LOADED.

I’ll go as far to say that one scoop of Nutrigen has more nutritional value than two scoops of most products. 

To recap…

Taste… 8/10

Quality… 10/10

Price… $1.60 per scoop. This is an incredible price for the value.

Cons to Nutrigen

A few come to mind that may make this not for you. First, it looks brown. Now, I personally don’t care. Frankly, who cares what a greens powder looks like. It’s brown because it has ingredients like blueberry and pomegranate. So when you throw greens, blue, and reds together, well you get brown.

Second, the fiber does sink to the bottom so you have to “swirl” it. Again, who really cares, but if that’s going to bother you it may not be for you. The only real con I can see is that it’s really sweet. You have to fill it up with a lot of water. I’m sure that sweetness is necessary to mask the taste of the ingredients, but there are other products that aren’t as sweet, as I’ll cover.

For all of these reasons Nutrigen is our #1 pick.

2) Kaged: Organic Greens Elite

Kaged Organic Greens Elite

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Kaged Organic Greens Elite also has the same elements that make it a top-tier greens product.

The Berry Flavor is Excellent!

The lemon flavor is just okay. Again, this one is on the sweeter side. One incredible part of this greens is it mixes incredibly well. Even with the fiber they put in, you won’t need to worry about too much sitting on the bottom, as long as you use a shaker bottle and shake well. It’s the best-mixing greens powder on this list.

Quality ingredients and NO proprietary blends.

Kaged is also completely transparent with their labeling. They also include dozens of superfoods at effective doses. The difference is that, if you compare it to Morphogen, the doses are smaller for most of those superfoods. But they include adaptogens like KSM-66® ashwagandha root. They also add 21 whole-food sourced vitamins and minerals. You probably know the issue with added vitamins and minerals is the lack of absorption. Well, Kaged Organic Greens help improve their absorption by using whole-food sources.

I like this addition, because ashwagandha can help manage stress AND give you a nice boost of natural energy. So within about 30 minutes of taking your Kaged greens, you might feel a bit of an energy lift. But unlike a caffeine boost, this feels lighter.

Not the doses Morphogen has, but still a top-tier formula.

Kaged greens are vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and NSF-approved for sport. It’s sweetened with stevia and erythritol.

Taste… 9/10 Berry (7/10 for Lemon)

Quality… 9/10

Price… $2.00 per scoop. Still a reasonable price!

Cons to Kaged

This one is also on the sweeter side, so you have to mix it with a good amount of water. I typically will use 16-20 ounces. Not necessarily a con, but it’s something to keep in mind. 

It’s hard to call this a con, because it’s also an asset, but let’s talk about ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is incredible, but you may want to cycle it every few months. That’s because it can impact your cortisol production. So this is a great greens to take for 3 months, but then you may want to say away from a high dose of ashwagandha for a bit. 

The other potential con with this one is the amount of erythritol. Erythritol is a non-sugar sweetener. It has been demonstrated as safe, but to take it every day forever… I don’t know. Something to keep in mind, but it’s tough to fault the product for it because that’s what makes it taste so good!

3) Huel Daily Greens

Huel Daily Greens

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Let’s talk about Huel, a really popular greens powder and one that I personally like a lot.

Mild, pleasant flavor.

This greens is not as sweet as the top two on our list. It just has a touch of stevia, a natural sugar-free sweetener. It tastes a bit nutty, a bit mushroom-y, but still tastes pretty good on its own. So that’s a huge plus to this product. This makes it especially great if you want to limit your intake of non-sugar sweeteners. You won’t get that as much with my other two favorites.

I also like that it doesn’t need as much water, but still packs a lot of nutrition into it. Just around 8 ounces of water is perfect, and you can even go a little bit less. This also makes it easy to add to smoothies or other drinks, but still great on its own. If you scroll to the photo at the top of the article, you’ll Huel in the blue shake bottle with noticeably less water.

Quality ingredients… But proprietary blends.

Huel advertises having lots of ingredients. The problem is that they hide it in various proprietary blends. This means you don’t actually know how much you get of each dose. This is very frustrating, to be honest. For example, I know it has Ashwagandha, but it’s in a blend that is a total 175mg. So I know I’m getting the adaptogen, but I’m not sure how much. In contrast, Kaged’s greens has a listed, transparent dose of 300mg of Ashwagandha. 

Aside from the lack of transparency on the doses, the actual ingredients are high-quality, and organic.

Great Price

At $1.50 a serving, you’re getting a big scoop with lots of quality ingredients. 

It’s clear based on all three of these top choices that you shouldn’t overpay for high-quality greens. Anything over $70, frankly, is just expanding their margins at your literal expense.

Taste… 8/10 Berry (7/10 for Lemon)

Quality… 8/10

Price… $1.50 per scoop. Really tough price to beat for the quality

Cons to Huel

There are a few. I already mentioned the unknown dose amounts. The other one that comes to mind is it doesn’t mix very well.

Huel Greens mixability

Huel after sitting for 5 minutes

Here’s what Huel’s Daily Greens look like after sitting for 5 minutes. This is the downside of adding a lot of fiber to any greens powder. So if you want fiber in your greens, it’s a plus, but just keep in mind you’ll have to consistently swirl it as you drink. Morphogen has this problem too, but not nearly as much. Personally, I don’t mind it too much, but keep that in mind.

Finally, I like that the taste is more mild, but if you want something on the sweeter side, look elsewhere. 

So, those are the ones I personally use.  Let’s move on to some other ones I’ve tried and their pros and cons.

4) Supergreen Toník

Supergreen Tonik

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Supergreen Toník (notice the accent on the i) is another powerful greens product. While they claim the taste is amazing, I think it’s a step below our top two products. In their reviews, you’ll see that some rave about the taste, while others don’t love it.

A good rule of thumb is if you usually like mint-flavored things, you’ll like it. If not, stick with our top two products for something safer like a berry flavor.

In terms of how much quality is packed into this product, though, there’s nothing to dispute. It has no proprietary blends. It also has full doses of key ingredients, including 2 full grams of kale, and 2 grams of spirulina.

They also include vitamins and minerals, making this like a multivitamin and greens product all wrapped into one.

The downside is the price. It starts at $87, which is very pricey. However if cost isn’t as much of a factor for you, then Supergreen Toník competes with the best overall greens powders out there.

5) Transparent Labs: Prebiotic Greens

WellnessSeries Prebiotic Greens

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Transparent Labs checks the first two boxes of our top three recs. First, it tastes pretty decent. Their peach mango flavor is solid, but it’s a tier below Kaged and Morphogen. It’s sweetened with stevia.

Second, it has a transparent label and no proprietary blends. But the ingredients are different, and really, different than any product out there.

Rather than green vegetables like broccoli and kale, this product uses aquatic green algae like spirulina and chlorella. These are quality superfoods, but you’re not going to get the same diversity as other products. It also focuses on fiber, sourced from chicory root, organic acacia, and organic Jerusalem artichoke. 

It’s a unique formula and checks a lot of boxes, but just doesn’t pack the nutrition that others do.

6) Naked Nutrition: Naked Greens

Naked Greens

Check Lowest Price

Price: From $31.99

Naked Nutrition keeps its green powder simple with just ten ingredients, including organic greens like broccoli, alfalfa grass, kale, spinach, and wheatgrass, as well as spirulina, ashwagandha, Panax ginseng, prebiotics, and probiotics. It’s made in the USA and is free of soy, gluten, additives, artificial sweeteners, added sugars, colors, and flavors. So, if you’re looking for clean and transparent nutrition, Naked Nutrition Green Superfood Powder is a good pick for you.

This one, like most DOES NOT taste good on its own. It has no sweetener. It’s made to mix into a smoothie. So if you’re looking for a minimalist option to add to other drinks, this one’s for you.

Its scoop is only 7 grams, so it goes great with a protein powder shake. Because the serving size is so small, the simple reality is you’re not getting as much nutritional goodness as other greens powders. But, less than $1 a scoop, that’s okay.

7) Athletic Greens: AG1

Check Lowest Price

Price: $99.00

It seems like anyone who’s on social media has already heard of Athletic Greens AG1. Of all green powders, it is the most popular. So why so low at #7?

Okay, listen, Athletic Greens is a great product. We wrote about Athletic Greens way back in 2011. At the time there were very few quality greens products. 

It tastes great, although our top two options are a good bit ahead on the taste front.

It has a LOT of amazing ingredients, however, many of them are in a proprietary blend, so that’s the first knock on Athletic Greens. Compared to other products, we just don’t know what the doses are.

That’s problem number one. I can get past that. What’s hard to get passed is that for 30 servings without a subscription will cost you just shy of $100. Your greens powder should not be like an extra freaking car payment. It’s not a better formula than the top three on our list, all of which are between 40-60% of the price. 

Still, it’s one of the best greens products out there.

8) Nested Naturals: Super Greens Original

Check Lowest Price

Price: From $31.95

Nested Naturals Super Greens Original is another product that checks many of our “green powder supplement” boxes. It is Certified USDA organic, making it one of the only certified organic greens powders. Plus, it contains a variety of ingredients, from an alkalizing greens blend containing chlorella to an enzyme blend containing amylase. You can get a bottle containing 30 or 60 servings for an affordable cost.

However, it’s made with proprietary blends, so we don’t know how much value each ingredient provides. 

It also tastes bad. Tastes like grass. 

9) Vibrant Health: Green Vibrance

Check Lowest Price

Price: From $82.40

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance doesn’t use proprietary blends and focuses on digestion. With 25 billion probiotics per serving, this may be the greens for you if you’re looking for digestive support.

It has the usual green powder ingredients, like barley grass and other leafy greens (shocker), fruits, digestive enzymes, spirulina, and powerful nutrients and antioxidants. 

It’s on the expensive side, with 30 servings costing about $80. 

The taste is grassy. 

10) Garden of Life: Raw Organic Perfect Food Green Superfood Original Powder

Check Lowest Price

Price: From $36.79

It’s Certified USDA organic, certified gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and made of all raw ingredients. It contains a greens blend made of freshly juiced greens, a fruits and veggies blend, a sprouts blend, and a probiotic and enzyme blend. Each bottle contains 30 servings.

It tastes bad. You’ll want to mix it with something like a protein powder shake or juice.

11) Amazing Grass: Greens Blend

Check Lowest Price

Price: From $39.99

Amazing Grass Super Greens Powder, formerly known as the highly popular Amazing Grass Green Superfood, is another popular green juice option. Its ingredient list contains an array of organic ingredients, from acai berry and beet root to barley grass and wheatgrass. Plus, just one scoop provides over half of your recommended vitamin K intake. You can choose a bottle that offers 30, 60, or 100 servings.

Don’t drink it on its own. Mix in something that tastes better. This is the classic bad-tasting greens. But the formula is pretty good!

How We Ranked

We ranked these supplements, but we want you to decide on the best product for you. Here’s what we took into consideration when ranking these green powders.


Let’s be honest, a lot of us skimp out on vegetables because they just don’t taste great. Because of this, we looked for green powders that taste good so you’ll actually want to drink them.

Third-Party Testing

The supplement industry isn’t FDA-regulated, which can make finding a reputable supplement challenging. That’s why we only select companies that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and have their products third-party tested. Additional certifications are a plus.


So many green powder supplements use proprietary blends. With so many superfood ingredients packed into one powder, I can see why. That being said, we prioritized companies that provided transparency about what ingredients (and how much of each ingredient) are in its product. We also made sure the products we selected were free of any junk you don’t need, like additives and preservatives.

High-Quality Ingredients and Doses

Just because grass is green doesn’t mean it has the same nutritional value as other green superfoods. We looked for nutrient-dense ingredients, at effective doses. A full two grams of blueberry is something you’ll only find in Morphogen.

On the flip side, we avoided products that may contain excessive heavy metals and contaminants. Every product on the list is dairy-free, because dairy shouldn’t be in a greens product.


Of course, cost is a factor too. Nobody wants to spend $100 on a greens supplement, yet many companies charge close to that. The overall dose matters here too. If you need two scoops to get the same benefits as you can in one with other products, that matters.

So, what are greens powder supplements?

Green powders supplements are powders that generally contain a mix of green superfoods (hence the name) like whole food-sourced fruits and vegetables. Many contain other ingredients too, like probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and micronutrients like vitamins C, K, B, D, and more. They also may have extra added superfoods like spirulina.

There’s a wide variance in what you’ll find in a greens powder, but fruit and vegetable powders are the foundation.

The surplus of healthy ingredients in green powders might lead to improved energy levels, better immune, heart, and digestive function, and weight loss.

They’re largely popular because of their convenience. Just one green powder drink can help meet your recommended fruit and veggie intake for the day. In today’s fast-paced world, green powders can be a quick and easy way to ensure you are getting your nutritional needs met.

What are the benefits of greens powder?

The surplus of active ingredients in green powders comes with a variety of potential health benefits. Here are some of the most popular supposed benefits.

Improved gut health

The best green powder supplements often contain various probiotic strains and are high in fiber, both of which are good for your gut. Fiber plays an important role in softening stool so it can pass through the digestive tract, and keep your bowel activity more regular. Probiotics play a role in maintaining a healthy gut.

Improved heart health

It’s no secret that vegetables are, well, good for you. Regular veggie consumption has been linked to better heart health and a lowered risk of heart disease. Since most green powders are loaded with nutrients from veggies, adding a green powder supplement to your diet might improve your heart health.

Improved Immune System

Probiotics are “good” bacteria that benefit not only the gut but the immune system too. Probiotics have been shown to help enhance immune function and prevent disease. They also can reduce inflammation, which is a leading cause of chronic illness. The same can be said for vitamins and nutrients found in greens, which can help boost your immune function.

Weight loss? Maybe? Probably not.

Green powders might contribute to weight loss. Research suggests that consuming fruits like berries can reduce blood sugar-related hunger pangs and therefore lead to weight loss. A green powder containing fruit and berry powders might help you feel fuller for longer. However, this is more of a speculative benefit. It’s more likely to indirectly support weight loss by supporting your vitality and overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are green powders safe?

Green powders are considered safe with no known side effects. That being said, it is important to review all of the ingredients before trying a green powder supplement to avoid any allergic reactions.

Is green powder safe for pregnant women?

Yes! Green powders are a safe and simple way for pregnant women to add nutritional foods to their diets. However, it is always best to check with a health professional before adding supplements to your diet.

What’s the deal with proprietary blends?

Proprietary blends refer to a unique blend of ingredients that are combined in a dietary supplement. Companies often trademark their proprietary blend and market it like a “secret” recipe you can’t get elsewhere. This is great for marketing, but not for consumers. The downside for us is that it’s impossible to know the quantity of each ingredient provided. Therefore, it’s hard to know how much value a proprietary blend truly provides.

Are greens powder supplements worth it?

Green powders are super popular, but are they worth it? It depends on how you use them. Green powders are a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients that you might be missing in your day-to-day diet. Because of this, they are great for compensating for nutritional deficiencies when you’re in a pinch. That being said, green powders are not a replacement for nutritious whole foods. They should be used as a way to add nutritional foods to your diet, not as a sole source of a healthy diet.

How do I make my greens taste better?

Well, first you should buy a better-tasting product. Barring that, you can make your greens with other supplements. If you have a delicious amino acids drink you like, you can mix some of that into your greens to give some sweetness. If the scoop is small enough, you can mix your greens into a protein powder shake.

Do greens support a detox?

“Detoxify” doesn’t actually mean anything to begin with, as it’s just a marketing term. But greens will support your overall nutrition.

Talk to your healthcare provider or nutritionist before taking any supplement.

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