How to Crush It On the Dating Apps, Even During a Pandemic

  Preface: While I speak to my experience as a heteronormative male, I do think there’s value in this for all people, genders, and orientations. A lot of the principles and strategies are universal, although…

Hank Moody Californication

Eight Hank Moody (Californication) Quotes I’ve Added to My Lexicon

I used to be one of those losers who didn’t watch TV. Not because I didn’t like it or anything, but because I thought watching TV would rot my brain cells, or something. I slurped…

Note-Taking blue pen

The Power of The Blue Pen: My Most Powerful Learning Tool

I used to fear reading. In my youth, there was something about picking up a book and following the words that felt like a monumental, insurmountable task. In 3rd grade advanced reading class, I watched…

The Art of Influence: 11 Techniques to Steal from House of Cards

Frank Underwood is a master at getting people to do what he wants. Give these techniques a try and you can do the same.