Editor’s Letter Volume 2: The Next Generation

Hello dear RFS readers, Today, as the twilight of 2020 cedes into 2021, we’re wrapping up another important chapter in the history of Roman Fitness Systems. In 2015, Roman Fitness Systems evolved away from just…

Note-Taking blue pen

The Power of The Blue Pen: My Most Powerful Learning Tool

I used to fear reading. In my youth, there was something about picking up a book and following the words that felt like a monumental, insurmountable task. In 3rd grade advanced reading class, I watched…

Here’s The Thing People Don’t Understand About “Authenticity”

You display your professionalism and credibility through your knowledge, its application, and the results your clients receive.

What People Misunderstand About “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

You can “write drunk” in a lot of different ways, and that’s the key to accessing the true source of your creative genius.