Kasandrinos Olive Oil

The Most Absurd Truth About Olive Oil

A little while ago, I discovered something kind of strange. And also, pretty much one of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever heard that turned out to be true. I’ll tell you in a sec,…

Online Fitness Coach

The REALEST Truth About Online Fitness Coaching of All Time 💣🔥

I’m gonna go deep today, and give you some insight into online fitness coaching. Not just how it works, but how it started, and what it means. Like, the REAL shit. All of it. This…

Low-Intensity Steady-State Cardio May Actually Be Better For You

People love to talk about High-Intensity Interval Training. And while it has its merits, Low-intensity steady-state cardio works better just as often.

Intuitive Eating vs Counting Macros

With apologies to the zealots for interfering in your holy war, there’s a giant hole in the conversation about the merits of counting macros vs intuitive eating. There’s a whole slew of coaches who’ve anointed…