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A Quick Workout to Help You Lift Weights Faster on the Road

NOTE: This is a guest article from my good friend Jen Sinkler, the author of Lift Weights Faster. In addition to writing a great workout, Jen has taken it a step further and hooked us up with a video. Plus, she referenced the mid-2000s epic series of sports pump up compilation albums, Jock Jams. Triple win.

Cue “The Hey Song” — or don’t, because I just learned that the song’s writer, Gary Glitter, is a convicted child-sex offender. Whoomp, there it is, indeed. Anyhoodle, Jock Jams always take me back to high school basketball, and the tightknit group that was our team. 

Even once my team sports days ended, I continued to seek out that feeling of solidarity. My new venue is the gym, however. Workouts with friends are the best sort of workouts, in my opinion. Swap out sports equipment for gym equipment and it becomes like an adult play-date, with a little friendly competition still thrown in for good measure. 

I’ve traveled many times with Roman and his lovely wife (who is one of my BFFs), Neghar, and since these two know a thing or two about getting shreddy anywhere, you know we’ve included many a lift weights faster­–style circuit in our adventures together. We do this while my husband, David Dellanave, is off in another area of the gym, deadlifting. Of course. And truth be told, Roman is often with him. So Neghar and I are really the ones busting a move on our circuits. Still, I may be imagining it, but I think I’ve caught Roman looking at our workouts longingly*, so when asked me to create a heart-pumping, fat-torching workout for his readers I was all in.

*[[Editor’s Note: Ha! Yeah, that sounds like me. Looking longingly. –jr]]

Dumbbell circuits travel really well because even the skimpiest of hotel gyms will generally have a set of dumbbells on hand, but you certainly don’t have to wait for wanderlust to give this just-for-you descending ladder workout, “Jock Jam,” a try.

Grab a set of dumbbells in a weight that feels like it matters and that you can press overhead for multiple reps. Even though this is a descending ladder the reps on the squat thrusters are going to add up quickly. Bodyweight chin-ups also make an appearance here so make sure you snag my tips in the video to find a variation that works for you. (Or use a substitution, such as a bent-over row, if you don’t have access to a pull-up bar.)

How to Lift Weights Faster in the Roman Fitness Empire:
The Jock Jams Amplification Workout

Suggested Equipment: Dumbbells and a Pull-Up Bar

Instructions: Starting at 8 repetitions, complete the same number of repetitions for each movement before moving on to the next round. The repetitions will decrease by two each round. Take breaks as needed (but try to take them at the bottom of the round). In this case, you will complete the entirety of the ladder twice, starting at the top with eight repetitions.

Suggested Time: 20 Minutes or Less

 Pump Up the Jam 

If you’re looking to amp up your conditioning in creative and productive ways, I’ve put together a mammoth 180-workout pick-and-choose library called Lift Weights Faster 2.

Complete with a full exercise glossary that includes written descriptions and photographic demonstrations of nearly 270 exercises (from classic moves to more unusual ones — the Jefferson deadlift, anyone?), a video library that includes coaching on 30 of the more technical lifts, 10 challenge-workout videos, plus a dynamic warm-up routine, I’ve combined my training and athletic experience with my long background in magazine publishing to create a clear-cut, easy-to-use resource that you’ll want to turn to all the time.

LWF2 Bundle

Every workout is organized by the equipment you have available and how much time you’ve got, with options that last anywhere from five up to 30 minutes.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I teamed up with my husband, David Dellanave, to create a strength program companion resource called Get Stronger Faster 2 to help you take your strength level to the next level. This completes the total workout package and helps you get results, faster

For more info, click HERE.  

 Roman’s Note 

If you’ve been around the Roman Empire for a while, you know that we believe you can get a great workout anywhere, anytime. With minimal equipment and a bit of ingenuity, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a hotel gym or a world class facility—you can still burn fat and build some muscle. 

With the combination of Lift Weights Faster and Get Stronger Faster, you can do both. Jen and Dave are two of my favorite people, and two of the best coaches I know. Both programs are awesome, and the value is super stacked. Highly recommended.

About the Author

Jen Sinkler, RKC II, PCC, PM, USAW, is a longtime fitness writer for national magazines such as Women’s Health and Men’s Health. A former member of the U.S. national women’s rugby team, she currently trains clients at The Movement Minneapolis. Jen is the author of Lift Weights Faster, and talks fitness, food, happy life and general health topics at her website.

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