david rosales talking shop podcast

David Gets Interviewed – The Talking Shop Podcast

I recently went on my friend Matt Tometz’s podcast. Matt is a strength and conditioning coach out of the Chicago area, and we linked up to talk about some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned…

Online Fitness Coach

The REALEST Truth About Online Fitness Coaching of All Time 💣🔥

I’m gonna go deep today, and give you some insight into online fitness coaching. Not just how it works, but how it started, and what it means. Like, the REAL shit. All of it. This…

the art of seduction dichotomy

The Power of Dichotomy

Don Quixote’s mixture of madness and sound sense couldn’t fail to delight everybody – Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote de la Mancha. In The Game by Neil Strauss, Neil outlines his story from…

Fitness Infographics Crush On Instagram. Here’s How To Make A Great One.

Infographics are taking over Instagram—and for good reason. They can make a boatload of money for your business. Here’s how to create one that doesn’t suck.