Polyphasic Sleep

Ushering Uberman: My Experience with Polyphasic Sleep

I didn’t go to bed for two weeks straight. And I was still a functioning, working, only slightly sleep-deprived person. And in the last two months, I’ve rarely slept for more than five consecutive hours.…

Hank Moody Californication

Eight Hank Moody (Californication) Quotes I’ve Added to My Lexicon from

I used to be one of those losers who didn’t watch TV. Not because I didn’t like it or anything, but because I thought watching TV would rot my brain cells, or something. I slurped…

the art of seduction dichotomy

The Power of Dichotomy

In The Game by Neil Strauss, Neil outlines his story from an “AFC—average frustrated chump” to one fo the world’s top pick-up artists. The book is a great representation of the Hero’s Journey,  For those…

Fitness Infographics Crush On Instagram. Here’s How To Make A Great One.

Infographics are taking over Instagram—and for good reason. They can make a boatload of money for your business. Here’s how to create one that doesn’t suck.