nutrition for longevity

How to Eat If You Want to Live Forever (Or, At Least, A Long-Ass Time)

In the first article in this series on longevity, I talked about why hormesis is the most important concept in longevity science. In sum, when it comes to living longer, what doesn’t kill us, makes…

The Only Cheat Day Recipe that Matters: Snickers Pancakes

From playing video games to losing fat, cheating is one of the fastest ways for you to achieve success. Sorry, Mom.

Why and How to Skip Breakfast (and Get Ripped Doing It)

Stop stressing out about “the most important meal of the day.” Here are 7 strategies to make skipping breakfast a little easier.

Carb Cycling for Fat Loss: 3 Ways to Use Old School Dieting to Get Shredded

While carb cycling isn’t the hot, new girl at the party anymore, it’s still an incredibly effective practice for losing fat, and it deserves a closer look.