The Best Magnesium Supplement

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You’ve heard about magnesium ad nauseam.

Yeah, yeah, it improves sleep (1).

We get it, it enhances performance (2).

I know, it can lower high blood pressure (3).

Most striking, though, a magnesium deficiency has been linked to higher chances of cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, and all-cause mortality (4). 

And, Americans are chronically deficient in magnesium. One study found that 68% of adults don’t ingest enough Mg daily (5). But, this may be an underestimate. Magnesium deficiency often goes undiagnosed because serum Mg (what’s used in tests) doesn’t reflect intracellular Mg — the amount of Mg that actually gets into cells (6).

We need magnesium, and unless you’re pounding down almonds and leafy greens, there’s a high chance you’re deficient.

Can I Get Enough Magnesium From My Diet?

Well, of course, you can. The magnesium recommended daily allowance for adults stands around 400 milligrams for men and 320 milligrams for women. Whether this is optimal or just sufficient, we don’t know for sure. It also varies from person to person. People who workout and sweat, for example, may have 10%-20% higher requirements (7). 

Almonds supply around 80 milligrams per serving and spinach has 78 milligrams. Generally, a diet exceptionally high in healthy leafy greens and nuts like almonds and cashews will get you to the recommended daily amount. Five servings combined of spinach and almonds a day will get you there. Or you, can not worry about mucking down a whole bag of spinach a day and cover your bases with a supplement.

And, even if you are hitting the recommend daily amount through food, if you’re active (as RFS superheroes and Jedis tend to be), then you’ll need more than the RDA.

best magnesium foods

Mg-Rich Foods

The Problem With Most Magnesium Supplements

I was in high school when I first bought a magnesium supplement. I thought it was a no-brainer, and opted to buy the first bottle of ZMA on the bestseller list — knock out two birds with one stone and get zinc along with it. I took the recommended dose before bed. 

The next morning, I woke up and ran for the toilet. It turns out, many of the most common forms of Mg in supplements — like Mg oxide, chloride, and aspartate— loosen your stools and can cause diarrhea (8). If an Mg supplement loosens your stools, it means you’re not absorbing the magnesium. Which defeats the point of buying it, obviously.

What About Transdermal Magnesium Supplementation?

Frustrated that I couldn’t take any Mg without running to the bathroom multiple times a day, I dug deeper into the question of Mg supplementation. I’d heard that taking Epsom salt (Mg sulfate) baths or using a Mg cream I could absorb Mg through my skin — transdermally. Problem solved. Except, all scientific evidence doesn’t support this (9). Current research says we can’t absorb Mg through our skin.

Maybe new science will come out on this, but if you bought Mg cream or flakes or lubricant, and you were told it was proven to work, then you got scammed. Sorry, bruh. 

Why Not Just Choose a Superior Form of Magnesium Supplement?

Since Mg has been studied so extensively, there’s research on many different forms of Mg. In each form, the Mg atoms are bonded onto different atoms. Mg Oxide, for example, is a simple ionic bond you probably used in high school chemistry. Mg l-threonate, on the other hand, you likely haven’t messed around with, but it has shown promising benefits for learning and memory (10). Mg orotate, to name another example, has shown promise for heart health and metabolic benefits (11). 

Not all forms are equal in their efficacy, and many carry unique benefits.

To take advantage of the benefits of all the best forms of Mg, you’d have to handpick five different supplements (which would take a ton of time to research), in total costing a month’s worth of groceries, and then, figure out a complicated supplementation schedule. Yeah, I’ll pass on that.

Enter Magnesium Breakthrough

There is one magnesium supplement that contains seven types of research-backed Mg.

Check out Magnesium Breakthrough from the lads at BioOptimizers. Truly, I believe it’s the best magnesium supplement on the market.

Magnesium Breakthrough

Magnesium Breakthrough contains SEVEN types of Mg. 

Each of these Mg forms has extensive research on their own, and each provides a slightly unique benefit. And, they omitted the cheaper and less effective forms of Mg.

A two capsule serving of Magnesium Breakthrough 500mg of elemental Mg, 120% of the recommended daily amount. 

If you’re already taking a magnesium supplement, try a bottle of Magnesium Breakthrough this month and notice the difference for yourself.

Learn more about Magnesium Breakthrough.

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