Have the Best Valentine’s Day Workout Ever in 9 Simple Steps

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How to Prime Your Body for Sex With a Kickass Workout

Unlike most guys, I happen to love Valentine’s Day.

While I think it unnecessary to have a calendar holiday to tell me I’m supposed to be romantic (hey, I put the Roman, in “romance” after all), I do enjoy the general atmosphere of the time.

I like candy, giving presents and going out to nice dinners—but more than that, I happen to like the more private ways to celebrate.

Because for most people, celebrating Valentine’s Day means having sex. Hopefully, a lot of it.

See how romantic I am!?

But, presents, dinners and sex aren’t the only things couples can do to celebrate this holiday. There’s a way to makes all the celebrations better: working out.

Yeah, that’s right. I’ve got a Valentine’s Day workout for you and your love.

Do this with your special someone, and it will make your presents prettier, your dinner taste better, and your sex even sexier.

The Rules:

#1 DO IT AT HOME – To better reap its rewards; because, let’s face it—you’re a lot more likely to have sex if you’re close to a bedroom.

#2 DO A LIGHT AEROBIC WARM-UP – This is sort of the exercise equivalent of foreplay – some of you may be tempted to skip it and move on to the main event, but, as any good lover knows, it has merit in its own right and will make the main event that much better.

In this case, doing an aerobic warm-up gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping. More importantly, it’ll raise the core temperature and make you start sweating—and sweating releases pheromones, which helps to increase arousal.

#3 MOVE ON TO STRENGTH TRAININGStrength training helps to spike the testosterone levels which, in turn, increases sex drive (as well as fat burning). Yay, testosterone!

#4 DO A “MALE DOMINANT” EXERCISE – That is, an exercise that men tend to be better at. For example, men tend to be much, much better at push-ups because males naturally have greater upper body strength. From an evolutionary perspective, when a man is allowed to “show off” and feel more confident, it puts him a sexual mood, and increases both desire and performance. Think of it as “exercise peacocking.”

#5 DO A DYNAMIC LOWER BODY EXERCISE -This increases blood flow to the legs, and also starts to stretch the muscles of the lower body.

#6 MOVE ON TO DOWNWARD FACING DOG YOGA POSITION – This yoga pose stretches the hamstrings (trust me, you don’t want to have those pull or cramp during sex), and increases blood flow around the pelvis. More importantly, it looks very sexual. 

#7 DO A ROCKING PLANK – Just watching the video, you’ll notice why this plank variation would have carryover to, ahem… romance.
Slow motion air humping or awesome core exercise? You decide.

The important thing here is the muscles involved. A rocking plank challenges your core muscles in terms of movement and stability; this activates all of your abdominal and core muscles, and working these muscles beforehand can lead to both better sex and stronger orgasms.

#8 TRANSITION TO GLUTE BRIDGES –  The planks help make you better on top; these will make you better on the bottom. Bodyweight glute bridges teach you how to activate and recruit the glutes for plenty of activities (notably, of course, the bedroom).

Photo courtesy Rachel Guy/Athletic Fox/YouTube

#9 FINISH WITH MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – Like jumping jacks, mountain climbers help increase the heart rate and core temperature, once again allowing for pheromone release.

However, mountain climbers also have the advantage of helping stretch the hip flexors and groin muscles, which can lead to better sex.

#10 MAKE ALL THE SEXY SEX – Because yes.

This bodyweight circuit will take about 5 minutes. Simply run through it about 3-4 times, and you’re on your way to a better body, a better Valentine’s Day.

And better sex, of course.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy it guys, and leave some comments below!

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