The 6 Best Essential Amino Acid (EAA) Supplements Reviewed and Compared (2023)

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Amino acids are the building blocks of protein within the body and are inevitable for optimal health and longevity. Almost every bodily system and tissue within the body are made up of protein.

Essential amino acids (EAAs) are different than nonessential amino acids or branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) because the body cannot effectively create them. For this reason, it is crucial that we get them from optimum nutrition and dietary supplementation.

Supplementing with essential amino acids has been a hot subject for the last decade because of the impact they have on muscle protein synthesis, muscle preservation, and fat loss.

Similar to BCAAs, a premium essential amino acid supplement consists of nine different essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own. The resulting amino acid blend can play an influential role in lean muscle growth and muscle recovery and is best to take intra-workout or post-workout.

Benefits of Essential Amino Acid Supplements

There are a few well-known benefits of EEA supplements.

Increase muscle protein synthesis

Essential amino acids play a critical role in muscle protein synthesis within the body. This is done through physiological systems within the body that stimulates the body to build muscle and promote further muscle gains by keeping the body in an anabolic state.

Leucine and isoleucine are particularly important in this process. A recent meta-analysis found that supplementation of essential amino acids post-workout significantly increased muscle protein synthesis and muscle mass when compared to a control group.

Preserve muscle mass

Without proper amounts of essential amino acids, the body goes into a catabolic state and breaks down muscle tissue at a rapid rate to use as energy.

In one study, supplementing with essential amino acids has been proven to reduce age-related sarcopenia – the rate at which muscle is lost due to age.

Support fat loss

Supplementing with amino acids may boost fat burning, according to multiple studies. An increase in metabolizing fat causes fat loss to accelerate.

One study showed that daily amino acid supplementation decreased the percentage of body fat in men participating in a strength training program. The decrease in fat was significant compared to men who used whey protein or just sports drinks after workouts.

Improves energy levels

Essential amino acids and proteins are both extremely important for energy regulation within the body. Essential amino acids are responsible for supporting energy expenditure and storage within the body

One particular study noted that changes in circulating EAA levels affected the weight, muscle mass, and energy levels in mice.

However, this benefit of supplementing EAAs seems negligible as long as you’re getting a substantial amount from your diet. 

Reduce muscle soreness

A body of research has demonstrated that EAAs, BCAAs, and whey protein are all beneficial in reducing muscle soreness and muscle recovery time.

This is particularly important for bodybuilders looking to speed up muscle repair and people who have weight loss fitness goals.

A premium essential amino acid dietary supplement consists of nine different essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. The resulting amino acid blend can play an influential role in lean muscle growth and muscle recovery.

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1) KAGED Amino Synergy

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KAGED Amino Synergy is definitely our number one overall because of the plant-based, fermented aminos from high-quality sources at a competitive price.

This EAA blend contains 3.6 grams of vegan-friendly essential amino acids in effective concentrations with a strong emphasis on L-Leucine, the amino acid that activates muscle protein synthesis.

Amino Synergy comes in a 30-serving tub of delicious-tasting raspberry lemonade, which we absolutely love.

For those looking for an EAA supplement with a stimulant complex check out KAGED Synergy + Caffeine which contains organic PurCaf

2) INTRA Premium Essential Amino Acids

Transparent Labs Intra

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Transparent Labs delivers Intra – a premium grade, non-GMO, vegan-friendly essential amino acid supplement.

Intra is perfect for those looking for an extremely clean but effective essential amino acid supplement with additional electrolytes to optimize results.

We love Intra because of the EAA profile concentration that is combined with an instantized BCAA 2:1:1 at no additional cost.

Intra comes in a 30-service supply of blue raspberry that contains no artificial sweeteners or colorings

3) Solgar Essential Amino Complex

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Solgar Essential Amino Complex is our number one pick for EAA capsule options. The reason is simple: Solgar offers the cleanest and most effective non-GMO, gluten-free-form EAAs on the market.

Each of the capsules is gluten, wheat, and dairy free making it a top choice for vegans looking for an essential amino acids supplement.

4) RSP Nutrition AminoLean

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RSP Nutrition AminoLean offers a 5g of essential amino complex powder that contains zero sugar, no preservatives, or artificial coloring.

What makes RSP Nutrition AminoLean stand out is the combination of a Weight Management Blend included in every bottle. We also love the best-tasting flavor of RSP Mango.

5) NutraBio Labs Alpha EAA

NutraBio Alpha EAA

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NutraBio Labs Alpha EAA is more than just any other essential amino acids supplement. If you are looking for an all-in-one EAA, protein powder, and BCAA supplement look no further.

Alpha EAA contains a massive 30-serving supply of 8.6 grams of EAAs and BCAAs. Also including a Hydrate Blend, Nootropic Matrix, and Absorption Enhancer with a small addition of carbs to promote effectiveness.

6) Nutrex Research EAA+ Hydration

EAA+ Nutrex

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Nutrex Research EAA+ offers a delicious Maui Twist essential amino acid complex with 8 grams of 9 different essential amino acids.

We absolutely love the flavor as well as the addition of a hydration complex which includes taurine, raw coconut, and an AstraGin complex.

How we ranked

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about which essential amino acid supplement is right for you.

For you to make the best choice for your needs, we would like to share the ranking process for each product that made our list.

Quality ingredients

First and foremost, all of the essential amino acid supplements on this list are made with premium and quality ingredients to ensure the health and safety of our readers.

Without strict regulations from the FDA, there have been supplement companies creating products that are unsafe and can cause harm.

For this reason, we pay special attention to each ingredient list and manufacturing process.

Amino Acid profile

Within the supplement industry, it is very common for manufacturing companies to cut corners and limit the number of active ingredients within their supplements.

Our list of top essential amino acid supplements must not only provide an essential amino acid profile but also contain an effective amount of each amino acid.


As part of our research, we selected supplements offering high yields of value per dollar spent (i.e high serving size of essential amino acids for each dollar spent). Especially within the supplement industry, it is important to consider the price you are spending on a premium product.


Should I take EAA supplements?

Supplementing with EAAs ensures that you maintain optimal levels of the essential amino acids profile within the body.

Are there any side effects of EAAs?

There is no scientific research that suggests EAAs are unsafe. Some people report upset stomachs, and slight nausea if taken in excessive amounts or on an empty stomach

Which brand of EAAs is the best?

All of the EAAs on our list are made with premium ingredients and extremely high quality. Finding the best essential amino acids brand will depend on serving size, ingredients, and amino acid profile.

Can I take EAAs with creatine?

There is no scientific research that suggests taking essential amino acids, whey protein, or BCAAs with creatine is unsafe.

Are EAA supplements considered vegan?

There are vegan options within our list provided. We highly advise you to refer to the nutrition facts to review the ingredients list for any animal products.

When is the best time to take EAAs?

Pre-workout, intra-workout, and Post-workout are some of the best times to take these dietary supplements.

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