The queen's gambit and chess fitness lessons

Fitness And Life Lessons From Chess And The Queen’s Gambit

This afternoon, I’m sitting and writing in the famous New York City chess parlor, Chess Forum on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, just a block from Washington Square Park. I’ve just wrapped up some blitz…

Karate Training Sports Specialization

How To Train Like a Cobra Kai Or Miyagi-Do Student

“Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight? Daniel LaRusso’s gonna fight!” The boy from Newark hobbles back into the karate circle after injuring his leg. And, you know what happens next. Against all odds, LaRusso defeats Johnny Lawrence…

the art of seduction dichotomy

The Power of Dichotomy

Don Quixote’s mixture of madness and sound sense couldn’t fail to delight everybody – Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote de la Mancha. In The Game by Neil Strauss, Neil outlines his story from…

The Camelot Method: The Key to Rapid Content Creation

How to Quickly and Easily Write Content By Building Articles Around Your CORE Principle