how to master your self control and willpower

The 3 Keys to Master Your Self-Control and Willpower

‘How the hell did that happen?’ You look down at the crumb-laden sofa, wondering where the packets of crisps, boxes of chocolates, and bottles of wine appeared from. ‘It must have been the snack fairy…

chess overprotection fitness goals

Overprotection: The Chess Lesson That Will Bulletproof Your Fitness Goals

A little while ago I saw this tweet from one of my favorite thinkers, Adam Robinson. In chess a CRUCIAL prophylactic concept is OVERPROTECTION: you don’t just protect an important piece or square— you OVERprotect…

stop procrastination in training

Why “Future You” Sucks

Note: This article was selected as the Personal Trainer Development Center’s Best Fitness Article for the week of February 14, 2021. Allow me to introduce Present You to Future You. Before you become formally acquainted…

A Toast to Pain: Our Most Valuable Teacher

The price of wisdom isn’t age, it’s pain — and that’s a good thing. Everyone can learn something from misery and use it to create.