The Official Training Protocol of the U.S. Marines

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marine1Bootcamp for the Marines is reputed to be the most challenging right of passage in the Armed Forces.

You’re expected to achieve above average performance results – both mentally and physically. The Marine tagline demands respect across all branches, but exactly what do the Marines do to build these strong, badass bodies? 

Glad you asked, because today, I’m going to share about my experience as a program designer and fitness instructor to the Marines, and the strength protocols I designed for them.

Most Marines made three glaring mistakes when it came to getting shredded. The first two are fairly controversial, but bear with me, because most of us make them at one point or another. I’ll tell you these mistakes and then we’ll talk about how to fix them. 

Mistake #1. Lifting Weights Too Fast & With Too Much Force

The belief that you have to lift weights with a massive amount of speed and power is something I hear about everywhere.

It’s caught literally every one of us off guard, perhaps, because we think if you aren’t “putting out,” you aren’t doing it right. Although speed and force are two concepts that can be helpful with certain performance goals, they must be used in a logical way.

Most people use speed and power solely because they’re associated with greater athleticism, as opposed to using them for a desired outcome (ie. strength gains). 

Mistake #2. Lifting Too Heavy of Weights

OK, OK – lifting heavy certainly has its place when it’s done in a logical fashion and with specific goalsUnfortunately, a majority of people that lift heavy, lack both.

Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights isn’t the most practical or efficient method for sculpting your body or getting shredded.

The Marines I trained had a very hard time letting this one go; some all out refused.

It didn’t come as a surprise then that many of them were either injured or looked the same after 10 weeks.

Heavy lifting is the #1 cause of injury in exercise environments and was rampant in our gym. If you have the goal of sculpting your physique for long term results, stop lifting heavy weights day in and day out (I’ll divulge the more logical alternative to this below)(Hint: it’s not lifting light weights).

Mistake #3. Thinking a Short Workout is Useless

Another problem that some folks struggle with is the notion that you have to spend a magic number of hours working out each week in order to experience great results. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Marines I trained were under the assumption that they needed to workout for at least 45 minutes per day and that anything less than that was useless. 

Several Marines told me that they just stopped training because they wouldn’t get results if they only had a few minutes per day to train. 

Again, this notion isn’t true. One of the body-shredding protocol’s I designed for the Marines was for just 45-minutes per week. That’s 45-minutes total.

It’s all built around a concept I refer to as Length Tension Overload (LTO), the length at which a muscle exerpiences the most force.

LTO is compromised of three simple concepts, which we’ll discuss below. 


Concept #1 – Intention:

Intention is also described as mind muscle connection, and is probably the best-kept secret in building the coveted physique of many professional competitors.

But before you start drawing any conclusions, intention isn’t as simple as focusing on, for example, contracting your tricep during a push-up.

Intention involves using simple laws of physiques to your favor in order to stimulate the maximum threshold of muscle stimulation.

Concept #2 – Compound Muscle Stimulus:

This principle was first brought to light by the legendary physicist, Albert Einstein. Einstein proved the law of compound interest many times throughout his life.

The idea of compound interest as it pertains to muscle stimulus means that when you place a repetitive stimulus on top of itself to magnify the effectiveness and ultimately, strength quality of the tissue.

This is incredibly important because the higher quality of muscle tissue will translate to a lower level of body fat.

Here’s how you can start using compound muscle stimulus today along with intention to literally double the speed and effects of your strengthening and fat loss results.

Concept #3 – Metabolic Conditioning (METCON):

Metabolic Conditioning is quickly becoming the most popular cardio method for fat loss. Unfortunately, though, it normally isn’t paired with Intention and Compound Muscle Stimulus.

METCON challenges the phosphagen, glycolytic and oxygenetic (aerobic) energy systems of your body in contrast to normal cardio exercise, which is 100% aerobic.

By challenging all three energy systems, you use every pathway at your body’s disposal in order to burn more fat and build that lean, chiseled look.

Now that you know the concepts that I taught the marines in order to help them build true, full-body strength, it’s your turn. 

You can use the Protocol that over 2,000 men and women from all over the world have used to burn fat and get stronger – by using just their body weight for training. 

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About the Author

Jason Klein, MS, CSCS, is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and is the founder of Body of Purpose, a fitness mentorship company. Jason is also a Former Fitness Instructor to the US Marines and Navy.

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