Behind the Cowl: A Complete Look at Super Hero Fat Loss (and a free workout)

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I’m incredibly excited geeking the hell out to write this blog post—because writing it means that once again, I get to unleash something that results from combining two of my passions: fitness, and being a freakin’ nerd.

In other words, I get to be a geek as well a trainer, and finally release my new program, SUPER HERO Fat Loss.

Written as a sort of prequel to last year’s smash hit The Super Hero Workout, SHFL is very clearly intended to help you get lean and develop a body like the ones you see on screen—a body inspired by those you see in the comics. Or, to quote the tagline, build a body that can fight crime, thwart evil, and burn fat a super speed.

The next evolution of Super Hero training, SUPER HERO Fat Loss will help you achieve all of this by way of fat loss, but also enhancing performance through a number of different mechanisms…but we’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let’s cover the basics, mmkay?

The Super Hero Fat Loss is a 12-week program engineered to be kryptonite to your fat cells—but it’s more than just fat loss. In addition to helping you bring your waist size down, it will bring out your abs, help create dense muscle definition…while increasing endurance, strength, speed and power.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll get leaner and more athletic, creating a physique that looks and performs like it just jumped out of the pages of a comic book. (With the exception of flight – can’t help you there. Sorry.)

The goal, the reason it this book was written, the very reason it even exists, is to make you look and perform like a SUPER HERO. Or, more accurately, to look like a SUPER HERO as defined by Hollywood, and perform like a SUPER HERO in the comics.

Given the popularity of these types of movies, especially now, we think it makes the most sense to start there. If, on some level, we can consider the desire to look like a SUPER HERO a trend, then we must credit the films for it’s rise; because, like many trends, it all starts in Hollywood.

And so it is in Hollywood that we begin our discussion; partially of the films themselves, but more so the actors who are chosen to star in them, and the general look of the physiques needed to carry the role.

The actors starring film adaptations have gotten enormous amounts of media attention or their bodies.

That much is clear—but what is slightly less clear is why?

Chris Evans Workout

What is it about the appearance of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Chris Evans’ Captain America, or Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lanternthat gains so much notice?

It’s not like people haven’t seen a leading role in shape before.

But this isn’t the same as when Brad Pitt flashed some abs in Fight Club, or when Vin Diesel sported a sleeveless shirt in…well, every movie he’s been in.

The reaction to the physique in SUPER HERO movies is distinctive and unique. Because the truth is, it’s not about just being “in shape”—there is a certain aesthetic that demands this kind of attention.

For men, the “look” is comprised of strong, broad shoulders and a wide back that compliments a lean waist.

From this powerful torso spring well-developed legs that are muscular enough to balance out the upper body, but still capable of fitting into a suit, or, perhaps even the occasional Star-Spangled unitard.

This body is finished off with powerful looking arms that enhance the look with a certain completion, rather than throw off balance by being oversized.

As a man, when you sport a SUPER HERO body, you can don a comfortable-fitting shirt and everyone will know that you’re in great shape without looking like a show-off or a meathead. Or, if you prefer, dress your physique down and maintain your carefully guarded secret identity.



It’s really not different for women; and by that we mean both women in general, and women who appear on screen.

Scarlett Johansson’s turn as the beautiful, bad-ass bounty hunter Black Widow in the Avengers required the hallmark body of a SUPER HERO. Anne Hathaway sports this look for her role as Selina Kyle—aka Catwoman—in the Dark Knight Rises. 

Not surprisingly, the result is that during the lead up to each of these films, these women are discussed as much for the shape they were in than for their on-screen skill.

For women, it’s about strong but slender shoulders flowing into a tight waist that sits on top of a firm, well-developed backside. It’s about a lean body, with a muscular back that loses none of its femininity, allowing you to wear any dress you could ever think of as easily as a leather catsuit.

The look includes strong, sexy thighs—they aren’t bulky or oversized, but neither are they weak and waify, having wasted away from too many hours on a treadmill. The look is about shapely calves that can be used for kicking a ball, or kicking ass, or just looking amazing in a pair of heels.

As a woman, your SUPER HERO body (and booty) will look fantastic in a pair of jeans, and your athletic aesthetic makes any t-shirt hug you like it was made for your body. You’ll look equally sexy in a sundress or a pair of dress pants, and, should you decide hide your powers, simply steal your boyfriend or husbands favorite pair of sweats. (Don’t lie. You’ve done this.)

For either sex, it’s sexy. Even though the appearance of men and women is radically different, there is a certain look that a body needs to have to portray a SUPER HERO who can kick-ass and save the day.

Of course, there’s an above average level muscularity, and even obvious in clothing. But even the muscle itself is different. It’s not awkward or out of place, but perfectly suited and symmetrical. The muscle on a SUPER HERO body is not big and soft, but rather dense and hard, showing that it’s not just about time under the iron—it’s about time well spent.

To the uninformed, the SUPER HERO‘s exterior can be either immediately impressive, orcompletely unassuming depending on wardrobe—but this physique always looks good in clothes, whether dressed up in a suit or wearing casual attire. You might not know this from seeing such a body in a winter coat, but rest assured, the HERO is stronger and more powerful than they look.

For men, it’s evident in the gym, a flag football game, or in the event of an emergency that calls upon physical prowess. For women, it’s evident in the way you never need a man’s help, or how your husband asks YOU to open pickle jars.

Lastly, the body looks as great naked as it does in clothes; it’s the type of body that peers view with jealously and prospective hook-ups stare at with longing. He—or she—who possesses the powerful SUPER HERO body looks more like a Greek (ahem) Roman statue, fitness model or an Olympic athlete than like a giant mass of muscle.

These are the true hallmarks of a physique that is inspired by HEROES; a physique that looks like it could have jumped right out from the silver screen, or from the pages of a comic book—and it is from those books that we have drawn inspiration for the various phases of this training program.

Something to consider here is that we are about more than just looks; we don’t just want you to be able to wear whatever you want—we want you to be DO whatever you want.

We want you to perform like a SUPER HERO. And we think society is finally ready to appreciate you for being able to do that.

You see, performance is making a huge comeback; the increased popularity of everything from Crossfit to challenge races like Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes and Mud Runs makes it absolutely clear that there is a culture shift towards athleticism.

Of course, as a culture, we are never going focus solely on performance—there’s also a huge aesthetic component. In addition being able to kick ass and take names, we want to look like we can kick ass and take names.

And that’s the most amazing thing about SUPER HERO Fat Loss: with this program, you’ll get the best of both worlds; the best of all possible worlds.

You’re going to have a lithe, lean, athletic look; you will also be lithe, lean and athletic. You’ll be able to see a good bit of muscle, but also a sinewy leanness compounded with a density built as much from athletic feats as it is from time in the weight room.

You’ll look the part, and can play the part.



OR, “Why We Decided to Write This Book”

The book you are now reading is the second of it’s kind. SUPER HERO Fat Loss sprang from a program called the SUPER HERO Workout, which, to date, has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries get bigger, stronger, and more heroic.

SUPER HERO Fat Loss has a very similar goal as the original: to help you develop a SUPER HERO body. However, whereas the first SUPER HERO program was intended more for muscle building, this one takes a different approach: leanness. Or, to quote the tagline, build a body that can fight crime, thwart evil, and burn fat with super human speed.

The next evolution of SUPER HERO training, this program was written as a sort of prequel to that one—at least in the training context. In other words, we feel that most people should do this program should first, in order to get those most out of both of them.

Now, while SUPER HERO Fat Loss obviously focuses on burning fat and helping you get leaner, it’s important to note that the program is designed in a way that will also allow for enhancing performance through a number of different mechanisms…but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Before we get into all of that, we think it best to give you an idea of how all of this came to be. The origin story, if you will.

As is often the case with these things, the best way to start this is probably with the classic line, “it’s kind of a funny story…”

Well, in fact, it’s two stories that happen to be startlingly similar.

Growing up, we (that is, both of your humble authors) loved comics, and the heroes in them. In fact, we probably enjoyed them more than most other young boys—simply because of location.

Living in New York and reading comics, it’s hard NOT to picture yourself IN them. Whether you call it “Gotham” or “Metropolis” or “Star City” – the fact is that NYC serves as the backdrop for nearly every major comic book character in the world.

Given that, like most young boys, we both wished we could BE the SUPER HEROES from the comic books. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. This realization was painful. The next best thing would be to look like them. Again, unfortunately, we didn’t. This realization was also painful.

So, no, for a time, neither of us looked like a SUPER HERO; in fact, we both grew up chubby kids who didn’t get into shape until their teenaged years (Matt at 14, and Roman at 19).

The cool thing was that during our respective transformations, both of us were able to draw constant inspiration from the bodies of the HEROES we admired.  Years later, SUPER HERO movies began to be popular, and we have been similarly inspired—in a fan-boy kinda way—by the physiques of the actors portraying those heroes.

In a completely different way, we’ve been able to draw a lot of professional inspiration as trainers from the transformations that actors have undergone to achieve “the look.”

In some cases, the change is so remarkable that the actors have been accused of using steroids.

Well, we know better.

We know what it takes to take a guy like Chris Hemsworth from being “in good shape” to something else entirely.



Before & After of Chris Hemsworth, Better Known as THOR, After Completing A Program Very Much Like the One You Are about to begin

It just so happens that ONE of your authors (Mr. Matt McGorry) has trained a number of actors for films, including a few SUPER HERO films.

Roman, on the other hand, has trained models who have gone on to serve as the body-image model for CGI characters in video games.

All of which is to say—that the decision to write SUPER HERO Fat Loss came very easily to us, because we have first-hand experience building REAL SUPER HEROES. When you factor in our geeky love of the subject matter, as well as our expertise with regard to training nearly every conceivable type of client…this was a match made in heaven.

Add to that the frequency with which we get questions like the following:

  • “How do I get abs like Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern?”
  • “How do I get a chest like Chris Evans in Captain America?”
  • “How do I get shoulders like Jessica Biel in Blade?”
  • “How do I get arms like Hugh Jackman in X-Men?”

…and it’s not hard to see why we thought there was a need for a program like this when we’re sitting on the answers. Our goal is to give you those answers, so that you can use them as we’ve used them, and do with them what we’ve done: achieve the SUPER HERO body.

And it’s important that you realize that we have done it. By way of demonstration, on the left, you see a picture of me.

We’d like you to take a look at that picture. Really appreciate it—and appreciate the very real truth I didn’t always look like that. I didn’t grow up with lean, defined abs or a powerful chest to sit on top of them. Instead, I grew up a chubby kid with asthma and deep love for comic books.

As you can see, most of that’s changed. I’m no longer a kid, no longer chubby, and no longer have asthma. I do still love comics…and that love, in part, is why the other things have changed so dramatically.

My quest to look like a SUPER HERO led me on the path that led to this book.

I show you this picture and tell you these things not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you one simple fact: we know.

Because that’s the truth; Matt and I know how to do it, and we know what it takes—both for our clients, and for ourselves. And that knowledge has been distilled into this book. And that’s is why we want you to have it—because that’s what we want for you.

And that’s what SUPER HERO Fat Loss will do for you. And remember, it’s a great program—one engineered specifically to be kryptonite to your fat cells—but it’s more than just a program. Because it’s about more than just fat loss.

As mentioned, you won’t just look the part of a SUPER HERO. Because of the structure, at the end of the program…you’ll be able to perform like one.

In addition to helping you bring your waist size down, it will bring out your abs, help create dense muscle definition…while increasing endurance, strength, speed and power.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll get leaner and more athletic, creating a physique that looks and performs like it just jumped out of the pages of a comic book. So get ready—because in just 12 short weeks, you’re going to have to stop yourself from fighting crime in your underwear.

Oh, and PS…

If you needed further convincing, guys who are built like super heroes get all the girls.

See evidence:

Proof: chicks dig lean bodies and/or adamantium claws.

Okay, I can’t back that up with 
science or anything…I just like this picture.

And now
 for what I promised: a sample workout from the brand new program, Super Hero Fat Loss.

Phase TwoWorkout Two
Density Training for Fat Loss with Super Speed

Set a timer for 18-minutes, and perform A1-A6 sequentially, resting as infrequently as your conditioning allows. Try not to rest between exercises, or even circuits. Remember, these are not complexes, and therefore not done with a single pair or DBs; rather, use weight that is appropriately challenging for each exercise.

A1) Barbell Deadlift
A2) Lumberjack Press
A3) Dumbbell Floor Press
A4) Jump Lunge
A5) Single Arm Bent Over Row (on bench)
A6) Goblet Squat

Perform 8-10 reps for each exercise and proceed in a circuit fashion. If you can get through 4 or more complete circuits in 18 minutes, increase the weight the next time you perform that workout.

At the conclusion of the 18-minute period, rest 4 minutes and proceed to B.

I’m sorry I can’t reveal the rest of the workout, but give this a shot this week, and I KNOW you’ll pick up the program and get access to not only this workout, but all 12 workouts in the program!


Super Hero Fat Loss Is On Sale Now! Grab Your Copy Today.


Get Your Copy Of Super Hero Fat Loss Here 
Okay guys – sound off!  I want to hear who YOUR favorite SUPER HERO is and WHY—let’s get 35 COMMENTS, and I’ll be back soon with another awesome post.

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John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime. When not doing that, he serves as the Chief Bro King of the Roman Empire and Executive Editor here on RFS. You can read his articles here, and rants on Facebook.

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