9 Best Female Libido Supplement (2024) Reviewed and Compared

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A changing sex drive and libido is a normal part of life for women. Yet, many of us want to maintain the sexual vigor we once had.

You know how it goes. It starts with a night out, ideally in a cute dress and in an enchanting city with everything to offer, and ends in a bedroom, but not necessarily to sleep.

Many supplements out there support the hormonal environment naturally to help women get that spark back.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about female libido supplements and the best one to suit your needs.

What are female libido-boosting supplements?

Female libido-boosting supplements are specially formulated to provide nutritional support for women who are experiencing low libido, lubrication issues, or may be experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The ingredients are chosen to tackle known deficiencies women may have (vitamin B) and support hormonal balance to create the perfect environment for arousal.

Some products are made to be used right before the act. Whereas others are a daily supplement to provide continuous support to the female body and all it requires to maintain a happy balance.

What causes women to have decreased libido or dryness spells?

You may be worried about what is causing your dry spells or drop in sexual desire, but the fact of the matter is, it’s common among women of all ages. There isn’t one single reason for all women that experience a reduction in libido, however, we do know of some that have been commonly found as the culprit.

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hormonal changes or imbalances
  • Nervousness
  • Self-esteem

Above are just some of the many reasons why you may not be in the mood. The truth is, it’s more complicated for women to get aroused and stay aroused to climax. 

I think we can all admit that life is pretty stressful, but that definitely doesn’t have to hold you back from living your sexiest life, with whoever you decide to share it with.

Benefits of Female Libido Boosting Supplements

Increase desire and arousal

One of the main reasons why any woman would be interested in taking this kind of supplement would be to help with increasing desire and arousal. Although there are many reasons why this may not be happening – partner, not enough foreplay, anxiety, stress – there are other reasons we may not have control over.

One study found that low sexual desire in premenopausal women was around 26% and that number got even higher, 52% for postmenopausal women. (1)

Improve vaginal lubrication

An estimated 17% of women aged 17-56 have issues with sex due to vaginal dryness or pain (2) and often times these go hand in hand. Extreme dietary changes, exercise, stress, and lack of sleep can all play a role in experiencing vaginal dryness.

Female bodies are incredibly sensitive to hormonal changes and imbalances. As such, it’s important to be patient with yourself in understanding what your body is trying to tell you, and then treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

Research suggests that certain vitamins and minerals can help with natural vaginal lubrication, and many of these ingredients are in the products listed below. For example, one study in 2016 found that participants who took a vitamin E suppository reported a 77% increase in feelings of vaginal dryness. (3)

Stronger and more frequent orgasms

Many of the ingredients in female enhancement pills address issues such as dryness and hormonal imbalances. However, another very major thing they address is orgasms!

Many factors play into a female orgasm. Obviously, arousal is one, however, what a lot of people don’t realize is that female orgasm is as much mental as it is physical. Several ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba, Ashwagandha, and Panax are known for their anti-anxiety properties.

Some gel products, such as the HerSolution gel, provide all-natural lubrication to remain wet until completion and give you a heightened orgasm experience.

Other ingredients like b vitamins and l-arginine help with blood circulation to the area by dilating blood vessels. More blood flow equals heightened sensations and bigger, better orgasms.

With all that being said, here are the top female libido-boosting supplements currently on the market.

*Note: We have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you buy from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

1) Morphogen Nutrition: MorphoDITE

Morphogen Nutrition MorphoDITE

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Morphogen Nutrition’s comprehensive libido and estrogen-management supplement is designed to…

  • Reduce excess and harmful estrogens and xenoestrogens often seen in estrogen dominance
  • Alleviate polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) symptoms
  • Promote libido, ovulation, and fertility
  • Decreases insulin resistance
  • Decrease PMS and menopause symptoms
  • Support the immune system

Yes, it will support your libido, but it will also promote healthy estrogen levels, decrease symptoms during your month, and more. How? Simply, with comprehensive, science-backed formula. It contains 11 ingredients. These include…

Chirositol®: A patented form of inositol that improves ovulatory function, and decreases insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, acne, and hirsutism in women.

Graminex® RCT Fem™ Pollen Extract™: extract thtat contains high levels of amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and many other phytonutrients that are shown to support women during their menopausal years. It also helps support normal urinary flow rate and complete emptying, liver health, and immune support.

NutriGlo®: a glutathione that plays a vital role in supporting cellular function. It’s one of the body’s most effective antioxidants. It support liver function, detoxification, and the body’s immune response.

Diindolylmethane (DIM): Helps maintain estrogen balance. It occurs naturally in broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and other vegetables.

Maca: Maca root is a plant used for sexual health and enhancement. It increases libido, assists fertility, and enhances mood.

Myo-Inositol: A general female health supplement, it’s often used to alleviate polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) symptoms. It also promotes fertility and helps improve insulin sensitivity.

Calcium D-Glucarate: A naturally occurring substance that aids in our body’s detoxification of environmental toxins, hormones (like estrogen), cancer-causing agents, and metabolic waste generated within the body. It may lessen period symptoms such as pain, water retention, breast swelling and tenderness, headaches, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, and PMS.

Iodine: A mineral that is required for proper thyroid functioning as well as cognition and fetal development. 

It also includes vitamin E, vitamin A, and calcium.

In terms of an overall dietary supplement for women’s health, you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher quality product than Morphodite.

2) Provestra

Provestra Female Libido Enhancement

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Provestra is a leading female libido-enhancing product since its received approvals from medical professionals in addition to high-quality endorsement deals. In addition to libido it may also enhance your sexual performance.

Provestra is made of 100% natural ingredients and helps women, in every age bracket, regain their sexual desire. By using Provestra, you can begin to see higher sex drive, and full-body arousal, and increased within a week of use.

It’s designed to…

  • Boost Your Sex Drive
  • Increase Vaginal Lubrication
  • Heighten Sexual Sensitivity
  • Relieve Symptoms of Menopause

You will be lavishing in the newfound sexual side effects. Users have also reported improvements in memory, sleep-wake cycle, more regular menstruation, and even revitalization of their mood.

Provestra contains a formula of vitamins and minerals along with ingredients like ginkgo biloba, red raspberry, and nearly half of a dozen roots.

Because the ingredients target hormonal imbalances and work on bringing the body back to neutral, these additional benefits will begin to happen as you continue to become healthier.

Overall, a fantastic product for any woman, young or aging, looking to improve their libido.

Provestra also comes with a 67-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For all of these reasons, Provestra is our #2 choice, and we recommend grabbing it on their official website.

3) HerSolution Pills

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HerSolution pills offer women a precise blend of herbals, vitamins, and aphrodisiacs that work together to restore their lust for and enjoyment of sex.

You simply have to take 1 pill a day and let the specialized ingredients begin to take effect. The HerSolution formulation includes niacin, Ginkgo biloba, cayenne pepper, and more to improve all aspects of sexual health and desire.

This product is doctor-approved, 100% natural, and manufactured in a cGMP pharmaceutical lab to ensure purity and quality.

HerSolution comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, so we recommend you buy it on their official site.

4) Elm & Rye Libido

Libido Gummies – Elm & Rye

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Elm and Rye libido was born and praised as the number one sexual enhancement supplement after 2 long years of research and development.

Gone are the days that you need to discreetly sneak a pill or apply a gel with this product right before the act. This performance enhancer is a daily supplement packed with all the right ingredients for you to feel a difference within a few weeks of taking it.

This formula is packed with ingredients proven to improve sexual desire in women naturally. B vitamins help with blood flow and energy and L-arginine for arousal. Ashwagandha, maca root, ginseng, and Tribulus Terrestris are all ancient herbs designed to increase libido, and improve mood and are natural sexual stimulants.

In addition to all those ingredients, the main ingredient in the Elm and Rye libido enhancer is the Muira Puama. Muira Puama is a bush that grows in the Amazon and is traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunctions and improve sexual desire, menstrual disorders, and joint pain.

Together, with many more ingredients, Elm and Rye have developed an all-natural supplement to help maintain a healthy sex life. They even come in gummies or capsules so they really are made for anyone looking to get a little extra boost in the bedroom.

5) HerSolution Arousal Gel

HerSolution Arousal Gel

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The HerSolution team created this gel to reduce dryness and increase blood flow to your vagina and clitoris. HerSolution gel will not only allow you to actually enjoy sex without it being painfully dry (literally) but intensify your sensation and pleasure all at the same time.

Formulated by doctors, this natural botanical gel does the job and then some without sacrificing your health or fertility by using harmful chemicals. This could be a great addition to the HerSolution pill or used on its own for improved sexual experience.

HerSolution Arousal Gel comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, so we recommend you buy it on their official site.

6) Vigorelle


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Another instant gratification is sexual enhancement cream. Vigorelle is a high-quality water based topical gel to balances and enhances women’s sexual sensations.

This gel is specifically designed for those chemically sensitive, with no artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances, and no petrochemicals or parabens. Vigorelle can be reactivated by water or bodily fluids so you don’t need to worry about reapplying the gel.

Vigorelle comes with a 67-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so we recommend grabbing it on their official website.

7) Moon Juice Sex Dust

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Sex Dust is a stimulating blend of herbs and adaptogens specially curated to target stress and support healthy hormonal balance, libido, and energy. One of the star ingredients in this product contains horny goat weed. Known to help ignite desire and strengthen sexual satisfaction.

Each serving is 1 tsp that can be easily blended into coffee with a smoky cacao flavor.

8) RGN Health Boost Female Libido Enhancer

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Boost by RGN Health is a unique blend of natural ingredients to bring back your sexual confidence. This high performance product starts working in under 20 minutes of taking it.

These capsules are packed with b vitamins, zinc, l-arginine, and a proprietary blend of tried and true ancient herbs. Upon purchase, RGN health provides a lifetime moneyback guarantee so you really have nothing to lose!

9) GNC HighT Women Libido Booster

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GNC scientifically formulated HighT to give women more. The ingredients target strength, stamina, sex drive, libido, energy, and vitality to provide the user with a better overall quality of life.

Each serving is 2 capsules and should be taken daily with water. An overall solid choice at a decent price point for any female looking for a general well being boost.

How we ranked

Although did the ranking, it’s important to us that our readers understand how we rank the products…


Thorough research was conducted to make absolutely sure that all the ingredients in these products are not only effective but top quality. We want to make sure these products are safe to use as well as will actually get you the results you’re paying for.

Strict Testing Standards

The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, so we chose products that have a plethora of scientifically researched ingredients, strict testing standards, and are fully transparent.


All said and done, we chose products that are both effective and affordable. We wanted to ensure that everyone can benefit from the top products on this list without breaking the bank.

Customer Reviews

Like finding a new doctor or dentist, referrals are always better than finding a brand new one. We made sure to check out customer reviews for each of these products to ensure that other women were feeling real change.


Is it safe to take female libido boosting supplements?

Natural remedies to help improve low libido and sexual arousal are safe to use. Even though these are all made from natural ingredients, you may have an unknown allergy or reaction to another supplement you are taking.

In fact, they’re dietary supplements. Often the main ingredients are vitamins, minerals, and herbs with a long history of safety of efficacy. You don’t need a prescription, nor are they technically “over the counter” drugs. They’re not even drugs. So not, they’re NOT “viagra for women.” A better comparison would be an herbal supplement.

Like any other supplement, natural or not, it’s important to consult with your healthcare practitioner.

What lifestyle changes can be made to increase female libido?

Although supplements will make a difference, pairing them with healthy a diet and active lifestyle will only further help the effects take root.

Doing some kind of physical activity every day, sleeping well, drinking lots of water, and practicing good dietary habits are all great ways to continue to support your body.

What’s better, arousal gels or libido-enhancing pills?

You’ll find female libido boosters most commonly in either pill or gel form. It’s a more individual preference to decide which is the better option for you.

For example, gels may be your type if you’re looking for short-term solutions. Whereas if you are someone who is going through menopause, you may want to opt for a longer-term solution like a sexual enhancement pill.

Ultimately, both work in different ways, for different reasons, for different needs – and may even be used in conjunction with each other. Research and speaking with a physician will allow you to make the most educated decision.

What other supplements support women’s health?

DIM is a popular supplement for estrogen support. You can also look into a simple supplement called chasteberry.

Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement.

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