11 Best Resveratrol Supplements (2023) Reviewed and Compared

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Resveratrol shot to fame over the last few decades after scientists discovered drinking red wine (made using resveratrol-rich grape skins) may support heart health and longevity.

No, this isn’t to say you should down red wine with abandon. I mean, you can if you want. But if you’re looking for longevity, excessive drinking is not where you’ll find it.

But you might find it in a bottle of resveratrol supplements.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring plant compound that’s part of a group of potent antioxidants called stilbene polyphenols. It’s found in the skins of grapes, dark berries, cocoa beans, pistachios, and peanuts.

Resveratrol protects plants from pests, and it also protects humans. As an antioxidant, it scavenges and neutralizes unstable free radicals in the body.

This is fantastic because, now more than ever, we’re bombarded by free radicals from pollution, stress, overtraining, alcohol, and other lifestyle factors. Free radicals are the bad guys responsible for oxidative cell damage, inflammation, and premature aging.

Test-tube, animal, and a handful of human studies have shown impressive resveratrol benefits (which you can read more about below.)

The Best Resveratrol Supplements

Although the research is still in its infancy, resveratrol is part of the daily supplement stack of longevity researchers like Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard.

Here are the 10 best resveratrol supplements on the market.

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

1) Renue by Science Lipo Resveratrol

Renue by Science LIPO resveratrol

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Price: $41.95

Renue by Science is an industry leader in longevity supplements. They use an FDA-accredited manufacturing facility and make their third-party test results available for anyone to view. It’s one of the many reasons we appreciate Renue.

Renue understands the importance of bioavailability. LIPO Resveratrol delivers trans-resveratrol (the most stable form of resveratrol found in red grapes and other plants) in a powdered liposomal form to ensure optimal absorption.

Liposomes are tiny fat ‘pockets’ made from phospholipids, the same fats that make up your cell membranes. They protect resveratrol as it works its way through your digestive system, stopping it from being degraded along the way.

This explains why Renue Lipo Resveratrol is one of the best resveratrol products on the market.

A bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules contains 125 mg of liposomal resveratrol per serving.

It’s non-gmo, allergen-free, suitable for vegans, and contains no artificial anything. It has no fillers or preservatives.

2) UltraHealth ResveraGEN

Ultra Health Liposomal Resveratrol

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Price: $61.95

UltraHealth Store is another cutting-edge company providing pharmaceutical-grade products in partnership with FDA-certified GMP facilities and reliable third-party testing laboratories. The take this even further, and use pharmaceutical grade resveratrol.

They consider their ResveraGEN™ supplement the “only pure resveratrol available anywhere.”

Each capsule contains 300 mg of pharmaceutical-grade, ultra-pure resveratrol. It’s been through a two-step crystallization process to ensure 99.8% purity, so you know this product is legit.

It also contains a lipid coating to enhance absorption.

3) Renue by Science Resveratrol Lipo Gel

Renue by Science Resveratrol Gel

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Price: $60.95

As you can tell, we’re fans of Renue’s exceptional pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

If you’re not keen on capsules or powders, the Resveratrol Lipo Gel is a sublingual (under the tongue) solution. The ingredients are also suspended in a liposomal solution, increasing the amount of resveratrol you actually absorb.

As a bonus, you also get liposomal curcumin, a compound with impressive antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

One serving (two pumps) gives you 125 mg of liposomal resveratrol. A container will last about two months.

4) UltraHealth Resvera-M

Ultra Health Liposomal Resvera-M

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Price: $88.95 – 60 Day Supply $51.95 – 30-Day Supply

The fourth product on our list isn’t a strict resveratrol supplement. But it is an anti-aging supplement that contains resveratrol and another popular longevity nutrient called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

Together, it combines two of the most well-researched ingredients for longevity in existence.

It contains 150mg of the same, pharmaceutical grade resveratrol along with 250mg of pharmaceutical, liposomal NMN.

Its high-quality and ingredients designed to maximize absorption make Resvera-M the best option if overall longevity is your goal.

5) Codeage Liposomal NMN

Codeage Liposomal NMN and Resveratrol

Buy Codeage All-in-One Liposomal NMN with Resveratrol

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Price: $79.99

This is also an all-in-one NMN + resveratrol product.

It also offers the anti-inflammatory compound quercetin along with betaine, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12 for energy.

Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, Codeage NMN contains a liposomal phospholipid complex. It ensures optimal bioavailability of the 150 mg of trans-resveratrol you get per serving.

It’s the priciest option on the list, but you’re getting much more for your money with this complex product.

6) ProHealth Longevity Resveratrol

ProHealth Longevity Trans-Resveratrol

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Price: $28.25

ProHealth is a trusted brand when it comes to longevity supplements. Their products are third-party tested, manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, and made using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

ProHealth Trans-Resveratrol contains 500 mg per capsule, plus a polyphenol boost from quercetin, red wine extract, and decaf green tea extract.

This supplement isn’t liposomal but includes BioPerine®, a patented form of piperine that increases bioavailability by 229%.

7) Life Extension Optimized Resveratrol

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Price: $33.75

Life Extension is a trusted brand with more than 35 years of experience producing high-quality supplements backed by clinical data.

Life Extension Optimized Resveratrol offers 250 mg of trans-resveratrol per capsule, sourced from Japanese knotweed.

As a bonus, it contains additional antioxidant support from quercetin, fisetin, and a grape and wild blueberry blend.

All this for just $0.56 per capsule.

8) Double Wood Resveratrol

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Price: $19.95

Double Wood Resveratrol is exceptionally well-priced. It offers 120, 125 mg capsules for less than $20.

However, it doesn’t have a lipid-based delivery system. Given resveratrol’s poor bioavailability, there’s no guarantee how much will make it to your bloodstream.

Double Wood Supplements make high-quality single-ingredient supplements that are third-party tested and GMP certified. They also make their Certificates of Analysis (COA) available to the public.

9) Pure Bulk Pure Resveratrol

Pure Bulk Resveratrol

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Price: from $11.25

Pure Bulk Supplements, true to their name, they make it affordable to stock up in bulk, so you don’t run out every month.

They’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re looking for 500 mg resveratrol capsules or 5 kgs of powder.

If you choose a powder option, you have the freedom to adjust your dose. And you can throw it in a smoothie to mask the taste. (Although the taste is pleasant, like unsweetened powdered sugar.)

10) Pure Encapsulations Resveratrol

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Price: $75.20

Pure Encapsulations specialize in making poorly absorbed nutrients, like resveratrol, more bioavailable.

It uses VESIsorb®, a patented delivery technology. Colloidal droplets transport the nutrient through the water in your digestive tract and into your bloodstream. It’s comparable to liposomal delivery.

It also provides resVida® resveratrol, a 99% pure form of trans-resveratrol used in this study and this study.

Each 2-capsule serving gives you 100 mg of resVida resveratrol. While this may seem lower than others, the VESIsorb® system gives it an edge.

Pure Encapsulations formulas go through rigorous third-party testing for purity and potency by GMP-compliant laboratories.

11) Now Foods Resveratrol

NOW Foods Resveratrol

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Price: $19.99 – $49.99

Now Foods has been manufacturing quality supplements according to GMP standards for years. Simply put, they’re reliable, which is what you want in a brand.

This supplement gives you trans-resveratrol at an affordable price. Plus, it’s gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

They also have options, including 50 mg, 200 mg, or 350 mg extra-strength capsules.

How We Ranked

Yes, we’ve ranked these resveratrol supplements, but we want you to decide on the best product for your needs. That means understanding how we ranked them.

Here’s what we took into consideration.

Strict Testing Standards

The supplement industry isn’t FDA regulated. There are a lot of garbage products out there that make all sorts of misleading claims on their labels and get away with it.

We only choose companies that follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and submit their products for third-party testing.

We also pay extra attention to companies that use FDA-approved facilities and make their test results freely available.

You can rest easy knowing the products contain what they say they do and are free from contaminants and impurities.


Resveratrol, as a rule, isn’t particularly well absorbed. We chose supplements that use trans-resveratrol, the stable form of resveratrol found in plants.

We also looked at several supplements containing additional ingredients that boost the longevity benefits.


Resveratrol is notorious for having poor bioavailability. It gets rapidly degraded by the digestive system, with not much of the compound making it to the bloodstream.

We prioritize products that enhance bioavailability through liposomal, colloidal, and sublingual solutions. We also included products that contain additional ingredients that may support absorption (like piperine).


We understand how expensive staying healthy can become – especially if you’re stacking supplements. All else equal, we chose high-quality products with effective doses that are also affordable.

Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Resveratrol supplements have become one of the most in-demand antioxidant supplements on the market over the last 20 years thanks to research suggesting resveratrol can slow aging by upregulating so-called “longevity genes.”

Support Healthy Aging

A study on yeast found resveratrol extended lifespan by 70% by replicating the anti-aging and metabolic effects of caloric restriction (intermittent fasting, anyone?). It increased levels of coenzyme NAD+ needed to activate SIRT1.

SIRT1 is a sirtuin – a family of enzymes that “switch off” genes involved in aging. This is why resveratrol has been marketed as a dietary supplement for healthy aging. 

But does resveratrol have the same effect in humans?

A small study on overweight men found taking 150 mg of a 99% pure resveratrol supplement – called resVida® – for 30 days mimicked some of the longevity-promoting metabolic effects of caloric restriction.

But, so far, it has only been shown to increase lifespan in yeast, flies, worms, and fish.

Let’s look at some other health benefits of resveratrol.

Improves Blood Sugar Management

As previously mentioned, a study on 11 men found resveratrol offers metabolic benefits. It lowered circulating blood glucose levels – likely due to improved mitochondrial function. In turn, this can improve insulin sensitivity, which may be what’s preventing you from losing fat. We examine this link more in this article on resveratrol for weight loss.

Another study found this translates to better blood sugar management in type-2 diabetics. However, the study used a higher dose of resveratrol – 1 gram per day.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

There’s a lot of buzz about resveratrol boosting cardiovascular health.

In fact, some researchers thought resveratrol in red wine explained ‘The French Paradox’ – the phenomenon that refers to the low rates of heart disease in French people compared to other populations, despite eating diets high in saturated fats.

However, you’d need to drink around 50 bottles of red wine to consume close to the amount of resveratrol used in studies. The only thing that would give you is alcohol poisoning.

That said, resveratrol is still worth pursuing for its heart health benefits.

This review found resveratrol may be an anti-atherogenic agent. It could reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis. linked to heart attacks.

This is further confirmed with research suggesting resveratrol reduces LDL-cholesterol oxidation. LDL are dense cholesterol particles that damage the artery walls – and they’re more dangerous when oxidized.

Researchers have also began to test resveratrol in patients with cardiovascular disease, with some success.

May Improve Blood Pressure

This review study found that 150 mg of resveratrol daily may reduce systolic blood pressure.

Research on cells suggests this may be down to increased nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme responsible for nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a gas that relaxes your blood vessels, literally taking pressure off the cardiovascular system.

Promotes Brain Health and Cognitive Function

A 2020 study on postmenopausal women found consuming 150 mg of trans-resveratrol long-term slowed cognitive decline.

These results may be explained by resveratrol improving nitric oxide production and increasing blood flow to the brain. This helps your delicate brain structures access more oxygen and nutrients.

However, resveratrol is not a classic brain function supplement. For that, check out supplements like choline and l-theanine. We need more research on resveratrol to know whether it’s an effective tool for cognitive health.

Anti-cancer properties

A study on people with colorectal cancer found that 500 mg or 1000 mg of resveratrol reduced tumor cell proliferation by 5%.

I am not suggesting you should opt for resveratrol over conventional treatment. Most of the research has been in the preclinical stage anyway. That said, taking a supplement may give your body extra support.

May support your immune system

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant. Becasue of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, it may support our immune system. As one 2019 study says, “Resveratrol regulates immunity by interfering with immune cell regulation, proinflammatory cytokines’ synthesis, and gene expression.”

However, like other ‘immune system boosters’ like vitamin C, this doesn’t mean supplementing it will do things like help us prevent colds. 


Does resveratrol support weight loss?

Whether resveratrol helps weight loss directly or indirectly is still up for debate. To see the research and the complexities, check out this article on resveratrol for weight loss. More likely, resveratrol supports our overall health and wellness. Any weight loss would come as indirect effects of that.

What is the recommended dose for resveratrol?

Resveratrol supplements aren’t regulated, so there is no specific dosage recommendation.

Supplements offer 100-1000 mg of resveratrol per serving based on limited clinical research.

While there’s no evidence to suggest mega-dosing resveratrol is beneficial, doses of up to 5 grams per day have shown no significant side effects.

You can safely take higher doses if, for example, you want to experiment with improving your cognitive function or blood sugar levels.

Oh! I should probably mention that supplementing with resveratrol before and immediately after exercise may prevent some of the benefits of exercise. So, take resveratrol away from your workout.

Are there risks associated with resveratrol supplements?

Resveratrol is considered safe for most people. Although rare, there have been reports of mild digestive discomfort and headaches.

There is also some evidence that resveratrol may slow down the metabolism and excretion of certain medications. This means your medication could build up in your system. Speak to your healthcare provider before taking resveratrol if you’re on chronic medication.

Disclaimer: We are strangers on the internet. Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement, including resveratrol.

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