How to Drink Without Compromising Your Progress (VIDEO)

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Just whiskey and glory, motherfuckers.

drink alcohol get in shapeThis is something I get asked about A LOT: How can you drink alcohol like a boss without it affecting fitness or productivity?

How can you mainline delicious bourbon, and not get too drunk to function, or experience hangovers that keep you out of the gym?


You need to have a system, yo. And that’s what I’ve got.

One time I got drunk I filmed a video about this system and how YOU can use it to keep crushing life. So here’s some awesome advice from drunk me.

A few weeks later there was more drinking and some graphics were added.


What I’m Saying Is, If You Want to Learn How to Drink Like a Goddamn Professional, Watch This Video.

And just to get the boring stuff out of the way, yes, I’m kidding about being a functioning alcoholic and, no, you don’t need to be to have fun in life. 

With the PSA out of the way, we should also acknowledge that nearly every culture in recorded history has found a way to ferment something and drink it for a euphoric experience, so while I’m not particularly cavalier about the dangers of alcohol, if you’re considering chiming in with some prohibitionist rhetoric, let me just preemptively tell you to shut the fuck up.

Mmkay, pumpkin?

The fact is if you DO want to go out and party, you should be able to do that as often as you like without completely screwing everything else up.

So, as mentioned in the video, the real goal here is to enjoy some cocktails and the resultant effects without doing too much damage to your body, your wallet, your productivity, or your fitness goals.

And despite the video being pretty jocular in nature, this is a system that works exceptionally well, and one that you can follow with great success.

This system allows you to: drink enough to get reasonably drunk and have fun; protect yourself from getting too wasted, OR too hungover; prevent you from spending more than you need to at the bar; and keep on keeping on in terms of fitness (and, in my case, writing).

No hangover. No excessive drunkenness. No missed workouts.

Just whiskey and glory, motherfuckers. You can still drink alcohol.



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