10 Best Apigenin Supplements in 2024: Sleep, Longevity, and Overall Health

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✓ Medically Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Dr. Jesse Ropat, PharmD, RPh, B.Sc.

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Longevity has been a hot topic recently, with high-profile figures like Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Andrew Huberman leading the conversation. 

As the world seeks the elusive secret to slowing aging, our search has led to flavonoids, particularly apigenin. 

Apigenin is a flavonoid and antioxidant, notably found in chamomile tea. It’s responsible for most of chamomile’s researched health benefits, like improving sleep and lowering stress and anxiety.

Beyond its role in chamomile tea, apigenin is gaining traction as a standalone supplement for anti-aging and overall health enhancement.

On his podcast, Andrew Huberman mentions that he takes it as a part of his pre-bed “sleep stack” – he swears by apigenin, magnesium threonate, and theanine.


However, apigenin isn’t all about improving sleep. It’s also a popular ‘anti-aging’ supplement. While that term is a bit loaded, the underlying concept is about living a longer, healthier life.

By exploring apigenin supplements now, you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of a trend set to surge as more research emerges.

What Is the Best Apigenin Supplement in 2024?

We’ve diligently researched the 10 best apigenin supplements on the market

Knowledgeable humans wrote this list – not just *ahem* robots that don’t know about supplements.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best apigenin supplements in 2023:

Best Overall Apigenin Supplement: Renue LIPO Apigenin

Best Value Liposomal Apigenin: Codeage Liposomal Apigenin

Best Apigenin for Sleep: Life Extension Herbal Sleep

Best Apigenin and Resveratrol Supplement: Teaveli Apigenin with Resveratrol

Best Apigenin with Magnesium and Theanine: LongLiv SleepTrio

Best Bulk Apigenin Supplement: Double Wood Supplements Apigenin

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1) Renue by Science LIPO Apigenin (Best Overall Liposomal Apigenin)

renue by science lipo apigenin

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  • Unique, powder-based liposomal delivery system to improve absorption
  • 35 mg of apigenin
  • Third-party tested
  • 10% off Renue LIPO Apigenin through our link


  • More expensive

Renue by Science is one of the best longevity brands around. They specialize in supplements formulated for life extension and health extension. Their apigenin product is no exception.

First, apigenin on its own doesn’t have great absorption or bioavailability. Renue’s Lipo Apigenin addresses this issue with a unique, powder-based liposomal delivery system to improve absorption. The apigenin molecules are surrounded by lipids that protect the apigenin from digestive enzymes so it can make it to your bloodstream and into your cells. 

Each bottle contains 90 capsules with 35 mg of apigenin. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

They’re also in our top spot because they go behind cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) certification. All products are third-party tested, and the lab results of every batch are online. On top of that, Renue manufactures in an FDA-approved facility. 

In terms of inspiring confidence through transparency, Renue shows us why they’re one of the best brands out there.

There’s no doubt this product is the best of the best apigenin supplements.

Plus, you can get 10% off Renue LIPO Apigenin through our link.

2) Codeage Liposomal Apigenin (Best Value Liposomal Apigenin)

codeage liposomal apigenin

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  • Liposomal delivery system to improve absorption
  • 50 mg of apigenin
  • Uses phospholipids from non-GMO sunflower oil and phosphatidylcholine
  • Third
  • 3-month supply


  • Not as strict manufacturing standards as Renue

Codeage also has a top-tier liposomal apigenin product, offering a unique blend of health benefits in a convenient, easy-to-use form.

This supplement features 50 mg of apigenin per serving, sourced from chamomile extract using an Ayurvedic-inspired approach. The liposomal delivery system, which includes phospholipids from non-GMO sunflower oil and phosphatidylcholine, ensures optimal absorption and bioavailability of the apigenin. Basically, it means more apigenin makes it to your bloodstream in one piece.

These vegan capsules are free from soy, gluten, and dairy, making them suitable for different dietary preferences. Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP facility, the product undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality and safety.

While they don’t have testing as strict as Renue, their product is a better value. Each bottle contains a 3-month supply, providing long-term support for your wellness journey.

Whether you’re looking to enhance relaxation, support heart health, or explore the antimicrobial properties of apigenin, these capsules offer a convenient and effective solution.

3) Double Wood Supplements Apigenin (Best Bulk Option)

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  • 50 mg of apigenin per capsule
  • 120 capsules
  • Good bulk option


  • Not liposomal delivery

Double Wood Supplements provides 50 mg of apigenin per capsule at a lower price. And each bottle comes with 120 servings.

The downside is, unlike Renue and Codeage, their product is not liposomal, nor does it contain any added ingredients to support bioavailability. But it’s a great bulk option at an affordable price.

Overall, Double Wood Supplements is one of the most trusted brands in the health space. They also display their lab test results online, which gives us extra confidence when recommending their products.

4) Teaveli Apigenin with Resveratrol (Best Apigenin with Resveratrol)

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  • 50 mg of apigenin per capsule
  • 25 mg of resveratrol to increase apigenin absorption by up to 2.39 times
  • ISO-certified third-party labs for heavy metals and pathogens
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee


  • Not liposomal delivery
  • Not as strict testing standards as others

Teaveli Apigenin with Resveratrol offers a unique blend to enhance bioavailability and support healthy aging and sleep. It stands out for its combination of apigenin, a potent antioxidant, and resveratrol, which acts as a bio-enhancer to increase apigenin absorption by up to 2.39 times. 

A capsule delivers 50 mg of apigenin with 25 mg of resveratrol from Japanese knotwood root extract. Plus, a bottle contains 120 capsules, so it’ll last a while.

Teaveli ensures the safety and purity of its product by conducting regular tests at ISO-certified third-party labs for heavy metals and pathogens. 

The supplement is made without GMOs, gluten, and preservatives and comes in recyclable, high-grade HDPE bottles, reflecting the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Teaveli is also PETA-certified as an animal test-free product.

As a bonus, they offer a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

5) Toniiq Apigenin

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  • 100 mg serving of Apigenin, extracted to ensure a minimum of 98% purity
  • Highest dose of apigenin
  • GMP-certified and NSF-approved
  • Third-party tested
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not liposomal delivery

Toniiq Ultra High Strength Apigenin is a high-quality product for supporting mood, sleep, and healthy aging.

Each capsule contains a potent 100 mg serving of Apigenin, extracted to ensure a minimum of 98% purity. This makes it one of the most concentrated forms available on the market.

Toniiq Apigenin is produced in a GMP-certified and NSF-approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the USA. This supplement is also third-party lab tested, ensuring its purity and potency. It is well-priced and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This makes the Toniiq Apigenin supplement a strong contender for one of the best apigenin supplements on the market.

6) Peak Performance Apigenin

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Peak Performance Apigenin comes from chamomile flowers and buds, known for their high concentration of this potent antioxidant compound. This distinguishes it from other supplements that often use celery-based apigenin in less effective amounts.

Peak Performance ensures the purity of ingredients through third-party testing. Their products are manufactured in the USA under the highest GMP regulations and standards, ensuring safety and quality.

A bottle contains 30 capsules, each with 50 mg of apigenin. 

The capsules are vegan and contain no gluten or preservatives.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Peak Performance is socially responsibility. Through their partnership with Vitamin Angels, they provide a year’s supply of vitamins to a child at risk of malnutrition for every unit purchased.

7) Swanson Apigenin

Swanson, Apigenin, 50 mg, 90 Capsules

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If you’re looking for a natural supplement to support your prostate health, Swanson’s apigenin supplement is a great choice. Each capsule contains 50 mg of apigenin derived from pure celery bioflavonoids per capsule.

This third-party tested product comes from a brand specializing in health and wellness products. It’s an overall quality supplement choice.

8) Life Extension Senolytic Activator


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(Disclosure: This is an affiliate link)

Life Extension Senolytic Activator is an innovative supplement that targets the natural aging process at the cellular level.

This product, available in a pack of 36 vegetarian capsules, is a blend of potent ingredients including black tea theaflavins, an ultra-absorbable form of quercetin, and apigenin, working together to manage senescent cells and promote longevity.

Each serving contains 50 mg of apigenin.

It’s more expensive on a per-gram basis, but it contains other ingredients with interesting longevity research. Notably, quercetin, which we’ve looked at in our guide on the best quercetin supplements.

However, it features a quercetin phytosome, a phospholipid sphere that encases the quercetin, enhancing its absorption and making it up to 50 times more bioavailable.

Another thing we like is that it’s a once-a-week supplement. The recommended usage is three capsules once weekly. Talk about convenience.

9) Life Extension Herbal Sleep (Best Apigenin for Sleep)


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(Disclosure: This is an affiliate link)

If you’re looking specifically for an apigenin product to support sleep, then Life Extension’s Herbal Sleep PM is a unique, melatonin-free sleep aid that combines honokiol (magnolia bark), lemon balm extract, and apigenin.

The ingredients have been carefully selected based on scientific studies supporting their effectiveness.

The apigenin in this product comes from chamomile extract, totaling 25 mg per capsule.

Lemon balm may improve sleep in 85% of subjects in a study, while honokiol is quickly absorbed into the brain, providing a calming effect.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

The manufacturers suggest taking one capsule 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

10) LongLiv SleepTrio (Best Apigenin with Magnesium Threonate and L-Theanine) Sleep Trio - Made in USA Magnesium Apigenin L-Theanine Capsules – Premium 3-in-1 Magnesium Apigenin L-Theanine Cocktail for Sleep Management – 60 Capsules : Health & Household

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(Disclosure: This is an affiliate link)

LongLiv Health Sleep Trio is a unique and potent supplement to enhance sleep quality, overall health, and longevity.

It contains other heavy hitters in addition to apigenin. 

Each 2-capsule serving gives you 50 mg of apigenin, 400 mg of magnesium bisglycinate (check out why we love that here), and 200 mg of L-Theanine (we’ve reviewed this previously – check out our recommendations). These ingredients are in Dr. Huberman’s sleep stack – read more here.

Developed by physicians, it adheres to strict USP quality standards and is vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and free from soy, gluten, dairy, egg, and lactose.

This product gives you a month’s supply of cGMP, third-party certified longevity goodness.

How We Ranked

Here are the factors we investigated when selecting the best apigenin supplements.

Company Quality

The most important aspect is choosing trustworthy companies with strict quality and testing standards. 

Because supplements aren’t FDA-regulated, companies can (and do) put all kinds of shady ingredients in supplements.

Every product on our list is GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified and third-party tested. We also gave an edge to companies that go beyond, like Renue, which manufactures in an FDA-approved facility.


As mentioned, apigenin doesn’t have the best absorption. That’s why Renue and Codeage’s products take our top spot. They contain liposomal capsules, which protect the apigenin molecules and increase absorption.

Cost and Dose

The dosage and strength of the supplement are also important considerations. But so is the price. There’s no point in living longer if you’re broke.

We factored in the amount of apigenin, the number of servings, and the cost.

Most products offer a standardized dose of apigenin, typically around 50 mg per serving.

All else being equal, we nudged the more cost-effective product.

Extra Ingredients

We included products with additional ingredients that may support apigenin’s effects or improve bioavailability. This is the case for Teaveli Apigenin with Resveratrol.

Life Extension’s products made our list because they contain more than apigenin to support life extension and sleep. The same goes for LongLiv SleepTrio.

What is Apigenin?

Apigenin is a naturally occurring plant polyphenol known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s often extracted from chamomile but found in other foods and herbs.

Apigenin’s benefits have rightfully attracted global attention.

How Apigenin Improves Health and Extends Life Span

I’ve written a lot about life extension, so I’ll keep this brief. Basically, apigenin increases lifespan through two main mechanisms.

1)  Apigenin decreases CD38 (fancy science term). CD38 may lower NAD levels (another science term). As discussed in our article on NMN supplementation, a NAD precursor, high NAD levels are crucial for cell health. So, high CD38 = low NAD = aging.

2) Apigenin eliminates senescent cells. These are “zombie” cells, which have lost their “identity” and are one of the leading theories to describe how we age. Instead of being replaced by new cells, they linger, causing systemic inflammation. This inflammation, in turn, increases CD38 levels.

Overall, apigenin may help to maintain youthful NAD⁺ levels by reducing CD38 in the bloodstream.

In fact, apigenin research has looked at improving brain health from several angles, including Alzheimer’s disease, depression, insomnia, and more. That’s the power of looking at ingredients that improve the human body, not just specific conditions. This potent molecule has shown potential anti-cancer properties and may even improve components that make up our immune system. Studies on ovarian cancer, for instance, have shown that apigenin can reduce cancer risk.

As a simple antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, apigenin’s risks are minimal. It’s possible but unlikely that you’ll drink too much chamomile tea. The safety threshold is so high that most doses, including anti-cancer doses, can be achieved by eating a diet high in vegetables like parsley, celery, and onion.

In sum, apigenin deactivates a molecule that reduces NAD levels. Higher NAD levels are associated with improved cellular health. Better cellular health means, well, better health. I’m oversimplifying this, but that’s the gist of apigenin’s multifaceted health benefits.


What are the health benefits of apigenin supplements?

Apigenin is a naturally occurring compound found in various plants. It has shown some anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and even some anti-cancer properties. It’s known for its effects on prostate health, with some studies in mice indicating it may suppress prostate tumors.

This molecule has an intricate mechanism of action that we are still unraveling. It involves regulating multiple cell death pathways, crucial for addressing the senescent or ‘zombie’ cells mentioned earlier. Additionally, it triggers cell death in cancer cells and combats oxidative stress by activating antioxidant pathways.

Moreover, apigenin may inhibit metastasis (the spread of cancer cells) and angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels that feed cancer cells).

We’re also exploring its potential in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and its neuroprotective capabilities more broadly. This area of study is ongoing, but current data suggests it could be part of a long-term strategy for protecting against cognitive impairment later in life, including combating depression and insomnia.

Does apigenin help with sleep?

Apigenin is known for its sedative effects, which aid relaxation and improve sleep quality. It’s one of the reasons apigenin-rich chamomile extract is a popular natural sleep aid.

Even experts, like Dr. Huberman, endorse 50 mg of apigenin for its calming effects, particularly in nighttime relaxation routines.

For more detail about apigenin for sleep, read this article we dedicated to the subject.

Can apigenin boost mood?

Apigenin may have mood-enhancing properties due to its ability to reduce cortisol levels — a hormone associated with stress. 

This study in mice found apigenin reduced the severity of depression symptoms.

However, more research is needed to understand the effects on mood.

Does apigenin support heart health?

Apigenin has been shown to regulate high blood sugar by increasing insulin secretion (the hormone that pushes sugar into the cells).

This, coupled with its antioxidant properties, suggests it has cardioprotective benefits.

But we need more research to confirm its heart health properties.

Does apigenin boost testosterone?

Some animal studies indicate that apigenin increases testosterone production (1).

You’re not a mouse, so this isn’t definitive yet.

What is liposomal apigenin and how does it differ from other forms of apigenin?

Liposomal apigenin is encapsulated by liposomes, tiny fatty spheres made of the same material as cell membranes. This allows it to be more easily absorbed and increases its effectiveness.

Other forms of apigenin may not be as easily absorbed and may not achieve the same effects.

Does apigenin have side effects?

This supplement is well-tolerated. There is little evidence regarding apigenin’s side effects, and it has a tremendous safety profile when taken at the suggested levels.

Can I get apigenin from food?

Yes. It’s in chamomile tea, grapefruit, oregano, parsley, rosemary, artichokes, olives, and more.

If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you may well be hitting your apigenin quota. This is NOT an excuse to eat more pizza and dump oregano on it. Apigenin intake from dietary intake doesn’t typically reach therapeutic levels.

In general, flavonoids are poorly bioavailable because they aren’t water-soluble. However, apigenin is lipophilic, so it is better absorbed in our gut.

Natural Sources of Apigenin:

best apigenin supplement

Source: Main foods that contain apigenin, according to the database… | Download Scientific Diagram (

How much apigenin should I take daily?

Most supplements provide between 25 and 50 mg per serving, a typical daily dose.

Most people take apigenin about 30 mins to 1 hour before bedtime. Though some individuals choose to cycle their use, apigenin is safe to take daily.

What is the best time of day to take apigenin?

Apigenin can be taken at any time of day. However, due to its relaxing and sleep-inducing effects, most people take it 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime.

However, that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Does Apigenin interact with other medications?

The answer is a resounding yes. Apigenin, due to its impact on several key metabolic enzymes, can impact how our bodies metabolize and utilize medications.

In particular, women on the hormone therapy progestin should be cautious about taking high doses of apigenin.

Always check with your healthcare professional before beginning a new medication or supplement.

What other supplements support longevity?

For more on life-extension ingredients, we have written similar guides on the best NMN supplements, the best glutathione supplements, and the best berberine supplements. While resveratrol has gotten a lot of media hype, its benefits aren’t as clear.

Another supplement, quercetin, may enhance the bioavailability of apigenin in the gut.

Both apigenin and quercetin have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them a popular combination therapy. One study found this duo was able to significantly delay tumor growth, suggesting their synergy stretches beyond bioavailability.

Disclaimer: Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement, including apigenin. We are strangers on the internet, NOT your healthcare provider.

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