13 Best Quercetin Supplements (2023) Reviewed and Compared

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✓ Medically Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Dr. Jesse Ropat, PharmD, RPh, B.Sc.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of a supplement called Quercetin. This potent phytochemical has become one of the most popular supplements for overall health and longevity, thanks to some of our favorite podcasters like Dr. Huberman, who includes it in his daily supplementation regimen. Today we’re looking at the best quercetin supplements on the market.

What is Quercetin?

Bioflavonoids are compounds found in fruits and veggies (among other sources). Quercetin is a brilliant yellow-colored bioflavonoid, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and some other terms you’ve probably heard but may not actually understand which make it sound super healthy.

It’s found in many fruits, vegetables, and wine, though it’s especially abundant in blueberries, capers, onions, apples, and more. In fact, here’s a nice little chart from this study on quercetin.

Basically, it’s a thing in healthy foods that’s partially responsible for what makes them healthy. It may also depend whether the food is organically grown vs. chemically grown – organically grown tomatoes had almost 80% more quercetin. Maybe it’s time to start shopping in the organic section.

Quercetin has been looked at for more than just its antioxidant properties. More recently, there’s been a lot of talk and emerging research on its roles as an anti-aging supplement, albeit one that’s different from other anti-aging supplements like NMN and berberine. It may also present anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral capabilities which we are now just learning more about.

(And if you’re looking for anti-aging supplements, you can also check out our guides on the best NMN supplements and the best berberine supplements.)

What to Look For in a Quercetin Supplement?

The research on quercetin is quite extensive. However, it doesn’t demonstrate show-stopping benefits in all cases. Specifically, there’s a big difference in the effects of quercetin studies that were cell-cultured studies versus living studies.

The cell studies often show amazing results, but they don’t carry over to humans or other animals. One of the main reasons for this is that quercetin has low oral bioavailability.

If quercetin could magically appear in your bloodstream, then the tremendous benefits would translate.

The Best Quercetin Supplements All Focus on Improving Bioavailability

If a supplement doesn’t recognize the difference in cell versus living studies, and plans accordingly by boosting the supplement with something like a liposomal compound, which can act as a shield for the quercetin, then it won’t be as effective.

Let me rephrase that: it’s crucial that quercetin supplements focus on bioavailability, otherwise the quercetin won’t make it into the bloodstream. We’ll talk more about that in a second.

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

Without further ado, then here are the best quercetin supplements on the market right now.

Best overall: Renue by Science LIPO Quercetin

Best combination: Renue by Science NAD+ ACTIVATOR

Best bulk: Pure Bulk Quercetin

1) Renue by Science LIPO Quercetin

best quercetin supplement

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The first aspect that makes Renue’s product our top pick is it contains a liposomal capsule that protects the quercetin during digestion and increases its bioavailability. As we mentioned, if a supplement gets destroyed in the stomach, it doesn’t make it to your bloodstream, and you won’t get any of the effects.

A June 2021 study even found a 20-fold increase in absorption when using liposomal quercetin compared to ordinary quercetin.

Read that again. 20 times increase. Even if that’s higher than what you’d see in reality, it’s still a massive difference.

You will actually absorb Renue LIPO Quercetin.

Second, Renue has some of the strictest and cleanest testing policies. Every batch is GMP-certified AND made in an FDA-approved facility.

Every batch is third-party tested, and they display their purity results.

Each bottle contains 90, 150mg capsules. The dose is lower than some products. But remember, they’re focused on absorption.

For all of these reasons, Renue LIPO Quercetin is our #1 pick. 

LIPO Quercetin is non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and suitable for vegans. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

2) Renue by Science NAD+ ACTIVATOR

Renue by Science Activator

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If you really want to cook with some metaphorical longevity spice, then this might be the supplement for you.

It’s more than just quercetin, it’s a complete longevity recipe.

Packed with a liposomal threesome of quercetin (77mg), fisetin (35mg), and spermidine (3mg), this potent product has everything you need. We don’t have to say much more about how great Renue is, and with this product they’re really trying to flex a bit.

Your body more readily absorbs this supplement with their liposomal delivery system, allowing this cocktail of senolytic and AMPK activator compounds to help your body eliminate those cells that have stopped multiplying, but refuse to die off. It also helps preserve and maintain your body’s NAD+ stores – crucial for cellular processes and prevention of aging. Additionally, spermidine has been shown to extend the lifespan of mice, and as the evidence continues to grow, we believe it may carry over into humans as well.

For $59.95 you get 60 capsules of the best combination product on the market, making this the second best quercetin supplement available today (or #1 if you’re looking for more than a single ingredient to support longevity.)

3) Thorne ResveraCel

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A lot of the research on quercetin has shown that it has a synergistic effect when combined with resveratrol, which was the conclusion of this popular 2015 study. This means that when taken together, both of their positive effects improve.

And, resveratrol in its own right has a lot of interesting research for anti-aging, longevity, and overall health.

This product from Thorne derives its strength because it’s a combination of quercetin and resveratrol. Each capsule contains 125mg of quercetin and 75mg of resveratrol. This is lower than a clinically effective dose, so you might want to take more one capsule for the maximum effect.

It also contains over 200mg of NR (nicotinamide ribose), which is a precursor to NAD. We’ve talked about this in-depth in our article on another NAD precursor, NMN.

Thorne is also a third-party-tested, GMP-approved company with a great reputation.

While the cocktail of anti-aging ingredients is impressive, Thorne’s product isn’t liposomal, so there are concerns about the bioavailability and absorption.

4) Thorne Quercetin Phytosome

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Another product from Thorne contains a form of quercetin called quercetin phytosome. Phytosomes, like liposomes, are a lipid membrane. It’s a different kind of lipid membrane, but it’s the same idea with the goal of improving the bioavailability of quercetin.

A 2019 study, showed that quercetin bioavailability for quercetin phytosome was higher compared to regular quercetin dihydrate (the typical form).

Again, Thorne only makes high-quality products, so this product should also make your shortlist of options.

5) MicroIngredients – Advanced Quercetin with D3 and Zinc

Quercetin with D3 and Zinc

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MicroIngredients has a unique product that checks a lot of boxes for immune health. Each serving (3 capsules) comes with a whole gram of quercetin, a high dose, 5000 IU of vitamin D, which most Americans are deficient in, and 50mg of Zinc.

This can be one of your go-to immune-boosting supplements overall. 

MicroIngredients goes above typical testing requirements, and show all of their lab results on their site. Again, though, it’s not liposomal.

6) Double Wood Supplements Quercetin with Bromelain

double wood quercetin

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In terms of a combination of value, quality, and a high dose, Double Wood’s quercetin product contains 600mg per capsule. It also contains 100mg of bromelain, an additional anti-inflammatory. With 120 capsules for under $23, it’s also a phenomenal value.

Double Wood even goes beyond the GMP certification. They display their certificate of analysis for purity front and center on their website.

Quercetin supplements often include bromelain because some research suggests that their anti-inflammatory benefits are synergistic, meaning that they work best in combination.

7) NOW Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

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If you’re looking for a solid, quality, inexpensive, and simple product, NOW Foods quercetin is a great option. Each capsule contains 400mg of quercetin. Bromelain might even help improve the bioavailability of the quercetin.

For just $18 a bottle, from a trusted, GMP-certified brand, this is a solid quercetin supplement choice.

8) Bluebonnet Nutrition Super Quercetin

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Bluebonnet Nutrition’s Super Quercetin contains 250mg per capsule, along with bromelain, rose hips, a citrus fruit bioflavonoid, rutin, and more. These are all anti-inflammatory compounds, so the “super quercetin” angle is that it includes more than just quercetin to fight inflammation. Competitively priced, this is a great quercetin supplement with extra immune system boosts. As mentioned, bromelain might improve bioavailability, and the same is true for Vitamin C, giving you more bang for your buck.

9) Thorne Quercenase

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Yes, Thorne has another Quercetin product that deserves our consideration. It’s the same as their quercetin phytosome product, except it also contains 100mg of bromelain. As mentioned, this is also an immune-boosting ingredient, and potentially a bioavailability booster, too.

But it’s $10 more per bottle just for the bromelain, so I would go for their simple quercetin phytosome product.

10) Quicksilver Scientific Hista-Aid

Quicksilver Scientific Hista-Aid

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Another benefit of quercetin supplements is their anti-allergy benefits, which Quicksilver Scientific places at the forefront of their quercetin product.

Histamines are chemicals in the body that, in many people, cause allergies. Some research has shown that quercetin prevents the production and release of histamine. In turn, this improves allergy symptoms.

They have other ingredients that can support allergies and the immune system as well: luteolin, diindolylmethane, and vitamin C, in addition to quercetin.

The dose is smaller, with only 16mg of quercetin per serving (four sprays). But it’s a liposomal product, so it has better bioavailability.

Quicksilver also is GMP-certified, and makes only high-quality products.

11) Solgar Quercetin Complex

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Solgar’s Quercetin Complex similarly contains an array of immune-boosting ingredients. You can purchase 50 capsules with 250mg of quercetin for just $12.58 at iherb, making it one of the best deals for capsules.

12) Jarrow’s Formula Quercetin

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This simple product from Jarrow has the benefit of a high dose. Each capsule contains 500mg of quercetin, the highest on our list, at a reasonable price. If you want to take higher doses, which is what most studies use, look into this option.

BONUS: Pure Bulk Quercetin (Best Bulk Option)

best bulk pure quercetin powder

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As a bonus, we wanted to highlight the best quercetin supplement you can buy-in-bulk on the internet. You can buy it in capsules or powder, but the powder is even less expensive. They have various sizes, but their starting point of 25 grams for $15 is already a better deal than any other products on the list on a cost per gram basis.

However, it’s an unflavored powder, so make sure you mix it in a smoothie or something.

How We Ranked

Here are the factors that went into our decision-making process.

Delivery Mechanism

As we’ve mentioned, regular quercetin has poor bioavailability. This means with ordinary quercetin supplements, you’re not actually absorbing most of the quercetin. That’s why our top products often have liposomal or phytosomal delivery mechanisms. These are when the quercetin is embedded in phospholipid molecules, acting as a protective barrier, like the walls of a castle. Of the two, we’ve seen more convincing research on liposomal delivery, in particular, which is the case with Renue’s LIPO Quercetin.

Product and Company Quality

We only included companies on our list that are third-party, GMP certified. However even with this, companies can skimp out on strict quality standards. That’s why we also gave a nudge to companies that go above and beyond, by manufacturing in an FDA-approved facility and displaying the purity results of each batch. 

Cost and Value

This is a simple one. All else being equal, it makes sense to buy the less expensive product. We factored in the cost per gram into this as well. 

Synergistic Ingredients

As we talked about with Thorne’s ResveraCel, quercetin in particular has synergistic benefits with resveratrol. We also talked about bromelain and quercetin together, which Double Wood’s Quercetin has. Other products include other immune-boosting ingredients as well. We factored the impact of these other ingredients into our list.


Here are some of your common questions about quercetin answered.

What are the benefits of quercetin?

Quercetin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which is turn has countless potential benefits. 

Anti-allergy effects. Along similar lines it may support asthma, hives, and other conditions. We live in a world packed to the brim with possible sensitizers, outdoor and indoor allergens, air pollution, cities growing the wrong sex of trees (Toronto, I’m looking at you). Even diet can impact our allergies. Current research suggests that phytochemicals, like quercetin, may play a key immunomodulating role in allergies. It may even stabilize Mast cells, which are responsible for releasing histamine during allergic reactions.

Improve cholesterol. Population studies have suggested that a diet rich in quercetin correlates with better cholesterol levels. However, this is a correlation population study, so we need good humane research.

Improve blood pressure. A review study of all the available research showed that quercetin supplementation can support those with high blood pressure (hypertension). They concluded this at a dose of around 500mg per day.

Support cardiovascular health. Perhaps as a downstream effect of its other benefits, quercetin may support heart health.

Cancer. Quercetin is NOT approved as a treatment for any diseases. However, in test tube studies, quercetin and other flavonoids have helped prevent cancer and tumor growth. Quercetin is a powerful compound which can protect our bodies against inflammatory reactive oxygen species, those highly reactive particles that can damage our cellular and genetic structures.

Support rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. As a consequence of its anti-inflammatory properties, quercetin may support those with arthritis. This study on women with RA showed that 8 weeks of 500mg daily supplementation improves their symptoms.

Immune support. Quercetin is an antioxidant that fights free radicals, which if you remember from the infomercials, are the bad guys. 

Respiratory health. One mice study showed that quercetin limited the progression of a virus-caused lung disease. However, this is early research. 

What are the side effects of quercetin?

Quercetin is generally safe. The most common side effect is an upset stomach. When you start supplementing with quercetin, start at a modest dose to let your digestive system adjust, and take it with food.

Very high doses may damage your kidneys. However, as long as you’re following the directions of the supplement, this won’t be a problem. However, you probably shouldn’t take quercetin if you have a kidney disease.

As always, talk to your healthcare provider (and don’t trust strangers on the internet) before taking any supplement, including quercetin.

Okay, it’s healthy, but is it useful as a dietary supplement?

Nobody here is arguing the power of fruits and vegetables. If you’re pounding blueberries, you’re going to get a good amount of quercetin in your system, among lots of other super enzymes and ingredients, that will support your health.

But something being beneficial and something being useful as a dietary supplement are two different questions.

In the case of quercetin, many systemic reviews have looked at the benefits of quercetin supplementation

Definitely eat your fruits and vegetables. If you’re having a hard time doing so, a quality greens powder supplement can help you cover your bases. Yet, a quercetin supplement on top of that can still be worthwhile.

What is a flavonoid and what makes quercetin one?

Flavonoid is just one of those words we pretend to know what it means, right? They’re a classification of compounds found in fruits and vegetables. They’re grouped together because of their antioxidant properties.

What Is the Difference Between Fisetin and Quercetin?

Fisetin and Quercetin are both flavonoids. Like fisetin, quercetin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also believed to have a wide range of health benefits, from controlling blood sugar and reducing swelling to preventing heart disease and fighting against cancer. Yet, despite these benefits, fisetin has higher senolytic abilities than quercetin. This means fisetin might be a better choice when it comes to eliminating senescent cells.

Is red wine a viable source of quercetin?

No. No it’s not. Wine has trace amounts of quercetin but it’s a terrible source. Do not letthe clickbait articles convince you that wine is healthy.

What’s the best way to take a quercetin supplement?

Capsule form is by far the most practical and popular. In terms of time of day, take quercetin first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but start taking it with food until you know if it upsets your stomach. The best quercetin supplement is the one you find convenient to take consistently, so figure out which dosage form matches your preferences and go from there.

What other supplements support the immune system?

If you’re looking to improve your immune response, make sure you eat your fruits and veggies. Beyond that, vitamin D supplementation and omega-3 fatty acids are tried and true, effective supplements.

How can quercetin help us live longer?

The mechanism is complex, but the concept is simple. Basically, as we age, our body builds up senescent cells. These are cells that have run amok. They start misbehaving and bullying other cells. They’re kind of like that kid in high school who used to be cool, but then went off the rails and just became a total cancer in the classroom. Wow, I’m really mixing analogies here.

The point is, quercetin can clear out senescent cells. This has been shown in several studies, including this December 2021 paper in Nature. It can also block activation of inflammatory genes and proteins, while also promoting immune function.


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