6 Best Spermidine Supplements (2022) Reviewed and Compared

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While not as discussed as much as resveratrol or NMN, spermidine is still one of the most interesting and possibly effective supplements for longevity and health.

It was originally discovered in the 1600s by Anthonie Van Leeuwenhoek, the guy who invented the microscope, when he decided to put sperm, presumably his own, under a microscope and look at it.

Yes, that’s the actual story.

Fortunately, today we don’t derive spermidine from sperm. We derive it mostly from wheat germ, which is much easier to produce, for a lot of reasons I probably don’t have to say.

What Are The Benefits of Spermidine?

Simply, spermidine may lengthen our lifespan, which it has done in yeast, worms, mice, and humane immune cells. For example, this study in Nature showed exactly that.

These types of experiments are a bit tricky to do on humans, as they take about a century, but there’s compelling research to suggest that it carries over.

A 3-month study showed that spermidine supplementation improved memory in older people with dementia.

Clinical trials on healthy older adults have also shown memory improvements.

It’s also one of the most emerging areas of longevity research. All it takes is a quick scroll through pub-med mentions of spermidine to see an array of research coming out every month.

But, not all supplements are created equal. In fact, most supplements are crap, because they’re not regulated by the FDA. So even if you’re excited about spermidine, make sure you grab it from a quality source.

Every product on our list is third-party tested, and many go well beyond this to ensure quality.

*Note: We do have affiliate links throughout this article, which means we receive a commission if you purchase from any of our links. This supports our mission to bring complicated health and fitness info in an entertaining package. And it keeps us from putting up annoying things like banner ads. Those suck.

Here are the best spermidine products on the market.

1) Renue by Science LIPO Spermidine

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Renue by Science LIPO Spermidine stands out for a few reasons.

First, is the overall quality. Renue has a commitment to producing some of the best longevity products out there. All of their products are products in FDA-approved facilities.

Second, spermidine on its own is known for having poor bioavailability. They may not matter in yeast cell studies, but to humans, it sure does. That’s why they use a liposomal delivery mechanism to improve bioavailability.

This is when the spermidine molecules have a protective lipid coating that helps them survive our intense digestion environment and make it into our bloodstream.

Third, Renue LIPO Spermidine is a great value. Because this is such a cutting-edge supplement, a lot of products are still very expensive. And it has a high dose, with 4mg per serving.

Renue, on the other hand, brings the top-tier, cutting edge quality and technology at an affordable price.

For all of these reasons, Renue LIPO Spermidine is our top pick.

2) Spermidine Life Original 365

spermidine life

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Spermidine Life is one of the companies leading the charge with spermidine research and supplements.

There’s not much to say other than this is a cutting-edge spermidine product developed by a lab in Austria.

They’ve even cut the cost down to under $70. However, the dose is smaller, with only 1mg of spermidine per serving.

3) Oxford Healthspan Primeadine

primeadine review

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This is another very high quality product from a cutting-edge research group. With 1mg of spermidine per serving and monthly supply, this is consistent with other top products like Spermidine Life. They’ve also added prebiotic fiber and resistant starch to support bacteria in the gut that produce spermidine.

While that’s hard to assess right now, this gives the potential for your body begins to produce more of its own spermidine.

4) Double Wood Supplements Spermidine

double wood spermidine

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Double Wood provides the highest dose at the least expensive upfront cost on our list. They’re also manufactured in the USA and have the testing results of every batch displayed on their site.

This makes it a great option to start out taking spermidine. However, bioavailability is a question, since it doesn’t have other mechanisms like the other products on our list so far.

5) Supersmart Spermidine

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With 3mg of spermidine per serving, this is a solid dose and a quality spermidine product. Instead of using wheat germ, they use a rice extract.

(For a 6th product, check out our FAQ section)

How We Ranked

Here are the main factors that went into our rankings. Of course, what may be the best product varies from person to person depending on goals, budget, and more.

So take it all into consideration when making your decision.

Overall Quality

Some products contain various delivery mechanisms that can increase the bioavailability of spermidine, like Renue’s LIPO Spermidine, which has a protective liposomal layer around the spermidine molecule.

Company Quality

We also weighed the strictness of the testing of the product, and the company’s commitment to longevity. For example, Spermidine Life is a company deeply involved directly with the research. There’s little doubt about the quality and efficacy of their products.


Of course, money is a factor for most of us. While I love Spermidine Life’s quality is much more expensive than other products.

Renue is #1 also because they find this perfect balance. They maintain very high quality and strict testing, while also lowering their prices to be more affordable, even if that means cutting into their own margins.

Spermidine Supplementation FAQ

How Might Spermidine Extend Lifespan?

The most well-understood is spermidine’s ability to increase autophagy.

Autophagy is one of those fancy science words that nobody really understands.

Basically “increased autophagy” means that the cell’s clean-up crew is hard at work. This is stimulated by a few well-known longevity pathways, like the suppression of mTOR.

Second, research has suggested that spermidine can adjust epigenetic expression. As the theory for longevity goes, part of what causes aging is genes we onced “expressed” when we were young, get suppressed as we age.

By turning back on the gene expression, we can slow down (or even reverse) aging. Spermidine may enhance this, per recent studies.

Can You Get Spermidine From Food?

Yes. One study on the polyamine content of foods said, “Spermidine content was high in dry soy bean, chicken liver, green peas, corn, shell fish, and blue cheese.

Another option, instead of the standard supplement route, is to buy wheat germ. This is definitely a much more economical route, if you’re on a tight budget.

For example, you can buy this simple wheat germ product from Bob’s Red Mill for under 5 bucks. You’ll have to find a way to use it for cooking, but ti contains ample spermidine.

bob's red mill wheat germ

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Can You Take Spermidine Every Day?

Yes. In fact, almost all of the studies look at daily supplementation. Every product on the market suggests daily use, and there isn’t any downside to regularly taking it compared to sporadic use.

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