7 Best Weight Sleds (2024) Reviewed and Compared

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Weighted sleds and prowlers can be found in almost every gym and athletic training department. The rising popularity of weighted sleds has taken the fitness industry by storm, and for good reason.

A weighted sled is an effective piece of fitness equipment to add intensity to your workout. Don’t let that scare you off, weight sleds, speed sleds, and prowler sleds are also amazing tools to increase cardiovascular health and develop muscle.

We are certain you will have an amazing workout after incorporating a weighted sled into your training regime.

Weighted sleds are extremely effective at producing results. We have outlined the best 7 weighted sleds for you and your training style perfect for any home gym or training facility.

Benefits of weight sled training

Improve total body fitness

A weighted sled push/pull incorporates all the muscles of the body, making it an amazing addition to a full-body workout. The more muscles we can activate during a workout, the better it is for overall fitness.

Additionally, a weight sled adds versatility to your workout.  This study found that elite rugby players improved their performance by incorporating an 8-week push sled training regimen.

Increase speed and agility

With a lower weight load and higher speed, the weighted sled is amazing at increasing speed and agility. A weighted sled is best done on turf or grass in this case. 

A recent study found that athletes using a low-load weighted sled showed a remarkable increase in their sprint acceleration ability.

Improve cardio

A weighted sled, whether you are pushing or pulling can be very beneficial for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. This is because a weighted sled requires a high demand for energy.

Your cardiovascular system will improve tremendously when you incorporate a weighted sled into your workouts.

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  Rogue Dog Sled

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In every aspect, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is the pinnacle of weighted sleds due to its outstanding performance, durability, and customization of over 15 unique attachments such as the low bar/high bar attachment, Lawn boy, wheelbarrow, and pulling ope to name a few.

With its durable steel body, This training sled is able to be pushed or pulled on almost any surface without traction issues, even when the max weight capacity of 500 lb is reached.

We find that the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 maintains constant traction without slippage. For those looking for an added advantage or to minimize scratches, plastic skis are recommended but definitely not needed.

Within our gym, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 has seen many hours of use and still holds up to this day. We love the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 as the best-weighted sled overall because of its highly customizable attachments, making it the most versatile and durable weight sled on the market.

2) REP Fitness 4-Post Push-Pull Sled

  Rep Fitness Sled

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The 4-Post Push Pull Sled from REP Fitness features an all-steel frame coated in jet black and additional post holes to maximize your workout by allowing you to quickly transition to the other side of the sled.

Each pole has an extended length to allow a variation of push and pull stances throughout your workout. The addition of carabiner holes allows for diversity during your weight sled workouts.

Put simply, the 4 Post push-pull sled is an amazing heavy-duty and plate-loaded weight sled option that includes many high-end weight sled features without breaking the bank.

3) ES-PS, Power Sled

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The ES-PS Power Sled is the go-to training sled for those looking for a heavy-duty speed sled for intense strength and speed training. The lightweight design allows for a frictionless experience when pushing on turf or gym floors.

We love this weighted sled for push and pull designed workouts as well as speed-based work which can be done through the removable 3-point adjustable harness.

We found that this sled excels when used on grass and turf with a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs.


  Rogue Echo Dog Sled

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The Rogue Echo Dog Sled hand-down is the number one best compact speed sled option for any home gym or training facility at a budget-friendly price. The quality steel and economical design allow it to be used on any surface with or without ski plates.

The Rogue Echo Dog is a plate-loaded push-pull sled and has a maximum of 450 pounds with the addition of carabiners for CrossFit pull exercises and speed work.


  Rogue Slice Sled

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The Rogue Slice Sled is the best push-pull weight sled for any home gym because of its compact design and durability. Although this sled may look fragile, it maintains a 300+ lb weight capacity and is easily storable.

The small frame allows this weight sled to be an exceptional speed sled for any cardio or strength training sled workout and includes optional removable plastic ski plates to protect against scratches.


  Torque Fitness Tank M4

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If you are looking for new gym equipment to maximize your push days, look no further. The TANK M4 provides a type of intensity to your workout like no other. The TANK M4 can be used on almost every type of flooring, indoor and outdoor.

Rather than friction-based speed sleds or prowler sleds, the TANK M4 operates with a flywheel design that increases resistance throughout your workout making it perfect for HIIT, CrossFit, and resistance training.

7) Titan Fitness High-Low Push-Pull Sled

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With a weight capacity of 600 lbs, the Titan Fitness HIGH-LOW Push-Pull Sled is a beast. This sled is an extremely budget-friendly option if you are looking to save money. The minimal body design allows for easy transport and storage, perfect for home gyms.

We found that when training at high intensities, the three-slide design made it hard to maintain a straight line, especially when using the low-bar push bar. That being said, the Titan Fitness High-Low Push-Pull Sled is a great option for an introductory weight sled.

Choosing your Weight Sled or Prowler

When choosing between a weight sled, prowler, or speed sled it is important to consider which is the best for your goals.

Here is an overview of the most common types of weighted sleds and their function:

Weight Sled – A large skid with a high weight capacity (often Olympic plate loaded) used for push and pulling exercises. These sleds often come with a variety of attachments: high bar, low bar, poles, push handles, rope, and carabiners.

Weight sleds are the best for indoor and outdoor strength training, resistance training, CrossFit, and heavy loads.

Prowler sled – Designed with metal skids to be used in outdoor settings such as asphalt or concrete. Typically, prowlers are designed larger and often have a heavier weight capacity than traditional weight sleds with a variety of push/pull angles.

Prowlers are best for outdoor heavy-duty anaerobic resistance training, strength training, and sprints with low loads.

Speed Sled – Classified by their smaller and more compact design. These are built lighter and have few attachment options.

This type of sled is best for lighter-weight push/pull training, weighted sprints, and cardio training. Speed sleds can be used both outdoors and indoors and are very often loaded with Olympic plates.

How we ranked

We want to ensure that you make the right choice when choosing the weighted sled that is right for you and your needs.

As part of our research and evaluation process, we have narrowed down and chosen the best-weighted sleds available on the market. Here are some of the requirements we looked at.

Build Quality

High-quality materials are essential when dealing with weighted sleds, speed sleds, and prowlers. We want to make sure you are safe when training.

Let’s face it, weighted sleds are meant to last so it is important to have a durable weighted sled.

For these reasons, we have only included sleds that are made from well-welded steel. The weighted sleds on our list are made with efficient designs to ensure the best results for your intense workouts.


Size is one of the most important things to consider when you are purchasing a weighted sled. We understand that not everyone will purchase a sled for a long stretch of indoor turf. This is why we have included a wide variety of options to meet the needs of everyone.

If you are training for speed, we recommend the Rogue Slice. This sled is lighter weight, and very compact. For those looking to increase strength, we recommend The Rogue Dog Sled 1.2. This sled is the ultimate push-pull sled and our overall best pick.


Fitness equipment can be overpriced and made with poor materials. This happens way too often and can lead to many injuries. 

We want you to make the best decision on which weighted sled is best for you. We considered the cost of each weighted sled on the market to ensure our readers are getting the best bang for their buck.


How do weighted sleds work?

Weighted sleds, prowlers, and speed sleds work by providing a heavy load to be pushed or pulled by the user. This process typically requires a high amount of effort and muscle activation.

Does weighted sled training build muscle?

Using a relatively heavy load on a weighted sled is an amazing way to develop the lower-body and upper-body muscles with a proper training protocol.

What muscles are worked using a weighted sled?

Weighted sled training requires the whole body. That being said, the weighted sled is particularly great at targeting the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Are weighted sleds safe?

Yes. If a weighted sled is used properly and within proper training protocols it is safe.

Is training with a weighted sled good for weight loss?

Training with a weighted sled is an amazing way to lose weight. We recommend a lower load relative to your strength and overall fitness level to target fat loss.

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