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Here’s the deal: a while back I announced that I was retiring one of my bestselling programs to make room for something new, better, and more incredible. Well, the time has come, and just one…


On Bodybuilding, Broscience, and Doing Shit Because It Works

A Brief Discussion of Research vs. Results, and Why Everything Old is New Again. Maybe all those meatheads in the Golden Age were on to something?

Rick Rubin, passed out from training.

The Problem with Metabolic Resistance Training

As fat loss methods go, MRT is one of the best. But it’s NOT perfect. In this article, you’ll see the glaring problem most people miss, and how to fix it.

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Jock Jam: Amplify Your Fitness

Fitness expert and author of Lift Weights Faster Jen Sinkler gives an awesome guest workout to help you get metabolic ANYWHERE.

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Without Moving A Muscle

Isometrics are a VASTLY underused tool. Discover the right methods and exercises that will allow you to use isometrics take your training to the next level.

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Announcing the 2015 RFS Coaching Scholarship Contest!

Once per year, RFS offers a chance to win a coaching scholarship, and receive 8 months of FREE fitness coaching from Roman. This article details how YOU can win.

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How to Organize Your Workouts for Optimal Muscle Building

A Brief Discussion of Performance, Specificity of Demand, and Creating the Ideal Training Session.