How Results REALLY Happen — In Order..

Fitness and weight loss programs lead to progress in a specific order. Find out why in this article by New York Times bestselling author John Romaniello


Three Completely Obvious (and FREE) Aspects of Rapid Fat Loss You’re Blatantly Ignoring

As the title says, there are obvious things you probably already know, but aren’t doing.


Strength Matters, Ya Big Sissy

Guest post from the one and only Eric Cressey detailing the importance of strength.


PLEASE stop being afraid of the word "diet"…

Roman sheds light on the misuse of “diet”, and warns against fear of any word.

RFS Coaching

I Want To Be YOUR Trainer—You In?

An opportunity to become a BRAND NEW coaching client, and achieve the best physique of your life.


Rising from the Ashes

Roman shares a guest post and a story from a former client. Sad, but powerful.


How I Fixed Lower Back Pain

Roman shares a story about his issues with lower back pain, and how he fixed it.