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copenghagen plank

How to do a Copenhagen Plank: Technique, Benefits, and Variations

The Copenhagen Plank, or the Copenhagen Side Plank, is a side plank variation that, in addition to training the abdominals, targets the adductor (groin) muscles. As such, a better name might be the adductor plank,…

Landmine Rollout

The Landmine Rollout: The Best Ab Exercise You’re Not Doing

The landmine rollout is a progression from traditional ab rollout exercises, and one of the best (and most challenging) exercises around for blasting your core.   Like other rollout variations, the most basic being stability…

11 Things I’m Super Duper Excited About This Summer

Roman drops a list of 11 things he’s really excited about this summer.

Bill Phillips, Moby Dick & the Situation Image

Bill Phillips, Moby Dick & the Situation

I can’t write a description fitting enough for this crazy post. It’s a lot of rambling.