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Peptides 101: A Steroid? A Supplement? Can They Help Men’s Muscle Growth?

If you’ve ever talked to somebody obsessed with biohacking, you’ve probably heard the term peptides come up. Perhaps you’ve even heard of them going to a “peptide therapy” clinic that sounds a bit like steroids.…

EAAs vs. BCAAs

EAA vs. BCAA | Who Throws the Best Muscle-Building Punch?

While your body makes some stuff it needs for muscles, it needs certain things from your diet too. A clear and straightforward comparison between amino acid types can help you acknowledge the differences and similarities…

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9 Best Glutamine Supplements for Gut Health and Muscle Recovery (2024)

Today, I’m writing about glutamine. And I’m pretty pumped about it. As the most abundant amino acid in your body, glutamine is a big deal. You need glutamine for muscle protein synthesis, recovery, and fueling…